Lou Dobbs Is Probably Running For President

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President? Unlikely. Congress, maybe.

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Dobbs vs. Dodd ... watch for a move to CT prior to the Senate run.

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The AP article I read included this snippet: “His persistent advocacy against illegal immigration angered many.

Well, lah-de-dah -- Persistent illegal immigration angers many more!

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I credit Lou for beating the illegal immigrant mantra. Despite being lamented by the whacked out PC crowd that's hijacked this country. A proper analysis, IMO, will show that the majority is in agreement with Lou on the illegal, repeat for the moron crowd, ILLEGAL immigrant problem. I'm quite sure Americans don't have an immigrant problem, it's the illegals.

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They say he quit CNN but I hear he lost his job to some Mexican

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Bernie Burrito is taking over.

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They say he quit CNN, but I hear he lost his job to some Mexican... Marla, this is racist...


Illegal alien...or Immigrant... The PC Police are in recesses... News at eleven...


DJ  Be careful as SOME MEXICAN can be considered as violent accusation by default..

What is SOME MEXICAN??  Please explain.. DJ


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"Winds of change" by the Scorpions or am i missing something here ...

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I thought that was about the fall of Communism not its precipitous rise? 

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communism never fell.

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umm who cares?

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Sounds like the "winds of change" out of Lou Dobbs is nothing more than a bag of hot air coming from a different direction.  Dobbs simply misses the mark in properly identifying the "important issues of our time", and does so badly.  Doh!

Yeah, yeah, Lou... we hear you loud and clear-- change you can believe in.


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Utter nonsense. Dobbs has been the only one in the MSM who's been standing up for the middle class, and doing a superb job of smacking down the lies of the racist groups like La Raza.

I had given up on our political system and stopped voting for the liars years ago.

I'll come out and vote for Dobbs.

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Agree. He's better than Obama or McCain, at least. Not that we're presenting a very high bar....

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If Lou Dobbs is, indeed, a true supporter of the (shrinking)middle class, he much better off exposing fraud and decipt occuring at the highest levels of government and the financial oligarchy-- and make political and financial reform a cenntral part of his platfrom.

While illegal immigration and racial discrimination are "hot button" issues, I can guarantee you that the Federal Reserve is doing more to the erode the standards of living of the middle class than anything going on with immigration policy.

The sad thing is, we really ARE operating from a very low bar.  But Lou Dobbs really hasn't said much that terribly excites me, either.  So far I see more fluff than substance-- but he has every right between now and 2012 to prove me wrong.

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That's not really a strong argument. While I agree that the financial system is an important aspect, Dobbs has been poking at many of the issues over the years, including the financial system.

The Illegal Immigrant issue, and H1/L1 abuse is just one area that touches people in a way that they can see directly. Financial issues are more abstract for your average person.

But Dobbs has been the only one explicitly highlighting the importance of the middle class. And any one with an understanding of Economics knows how important that emphasis is.

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...not sure what is wrong with his little farewell speech. He seems to be making some perfectly legitimate jabs in there. I like it. I don't care for the "god bless you" at the end, but that's certainly not out of the ordinary.


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The "God Bless You" seals it. He is running for President.

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Wonder if he's going to run for Senate in the spot Kay Bailey is vacating.

Given that its Texas, he'd win easily.

Would be awesome to see him in Congress.

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Hey...once he's in the Senate for four months he can then run for Pres. like the Bamma man did..........

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And he would make a far more honest and respectable senator than Hutchinson, too.  There is something greasy or shady about that woman...but who else should get my vote?  Kinky Friedman?


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Over the past six months it's become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us.

Well, he's got the level of insight necessary to be a politician.  Just noticed that in the last six months, did you Lou?


Gratuitous "winds of change" quote I've always liked:

"When the winds of change blow hard enough, the most trivial of things can turn into deadly projectiles."


Um Lou, before you drape yourself in the flag to run for...whatever, you may want to acquaint yourself with the reality (see above quote) that the rest of us are dealing with in our lives.

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How 'bout a Lou & Sarah ticket... can you buy stock in SNL?

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No, we don't need another freaking' memoir!

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oh man.  i hope he doesnt do that.

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All I know is he wants the illegals out of here and he's one of the few I've seen take a stand on it.  I'd vote for him.

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Good way to reduce unemployment: "The illegal immigrant squad".  Squad "agents" are paid slightly more than the TSA folks because its "field work".

Hmmmm, where have I heard of something like this before???

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Occam's Razor moment:

You don't think that this had anything to do with it, do ya?:

October 29, 2009

"A gunshot was fired at the New Jersey home of CNN's Lou Dobbs after a series of threatening phone calls earlier this month, the host told listeners on his nationally syndicated radio show."

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Its NJ dude, someone probably just harrassing him. (We save batteries and ice for the tri-state football teams)

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LD knows exactly jack about economics. I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher.

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IIRC, he has a degree in Economics.

Perhaps you should vote for Ben Bernake or Alan Greenspan?

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Maybe. I imagine he could win even a Senate seat in the right state. A lot of people agree with Dobbs, despite the continual smear campaign from vested interests. I'd vote for him.

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You guys are too brilliant.  Sweet as.

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He's been watching that Robin William's film "Man of the year" but I don't want to damn the film by association - its not bad.

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God I hope this is true. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.


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President? Ha, not after that whole birther ordeal

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Lou was born in a banana republic too?

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Relative to the rest of the TV anchors Lou was the most independent most likely to advocate for the middle class and for traditional American Values. And Relative to the whole of our national Legislature he is head and shoulders above them in personal integrity and vision of what the problems are and the solutions might be . . . except for Ron Paul and a few others.

Good for you, Lou

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Maybe he's decided to launch another website... space.com hasn't worked out quite the way he thought..

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Relative to the rest of the TV anchors Lou was the most independent most likely to advocate for the middle class and for traditional American Values. And Relative to the whole of our national Legislature he is head and shoulders above them in personal integrity and vision of what the problems are and the solutions might be . . . except for Ron Paul and a few others.

Good for you, Lou

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Unfortuntely, Dobbs sounds more like Sam Brownback than Ron Paul.

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He doesn't have to run. I promise I won't chase him...

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regardless his qualifications for high office he understands the wants and needs of the middle class. he's held thousands of interviews and debates over the years on tv and radio. he knows the issues. i see him more of a populist, man of the people (research his background) type guy than an elitist snob that we've all come to hate. mea culpa: i secretely watched his show on cnn (stench) for years just for the immigration segment. 

if he were in the mix he would frame the debate, and make a lot of folks uneasy. 

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He understand the wants and needs of the middle class? What does that even mean? Who cares? We don't need another Ivy League fuckwad 'framing debates' on anything. Go away Lou Dobbs, and just stay away. Do us all a favor.

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"if he were in the mix he would frame the debate, and make a lot of folks uneasy."

Now you're talkin'.

...He'd be like a white Al Sharpton, but taking it seriously (because he'd have a legitimate chance). XD

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Sounds like CNN's broke ass doesn't want to pay for his inflated ego!

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Enjoyed reading many excellent comments here.

Isn't Dobbs just another immigration demagogue? What makes him any different than those California politicians of the Pete Wilson era that were roundly defeated at the polls on the same anti-immigration platform? He's pandering, doh!

Americans aren't ugly about immigration. Dobbs hopes to change that.

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Deflection.  It's not about immigration, it's about illegal imigration being an official policy of the U.S. government, to lower the average wage (and living standard), and to vote for more government.

Nice use of words in your brief post, though.  I see you were able to use "demagogue", "pandering" and "ugly".  And you were able to place "ugly" and "demagogue" within 4 words of "Dobbs" twice!  Kind of like Scrabble where you get extra points?