Low Level Radioactivity Found In US Milk, Despite Obama Promise That "Radiation Will Not Reach" America

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From the AP:

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration say that very low levels of radiation have turned up in a sample of milk from Washington state. But federal officials say consumers should not worry.

The FDA said such findings are to be expected in the coming days because of the nuclear crisis in Japan, and that the levels are expected to drop relatively quickly.

Results from a March 25 milk sample taken from Spokane, Wash., show levels of radioactive Iodine-131 that are still 5,000 times below levels of concern set by the FDA, including levels set for infants and children.

The EPA said it is increasing the level of nationwide monitoring of milk, precipitation and drinking water following the crisis at the Japanese nuclear power plant.

That's the bad news. The good news is that Obama promised radiation will never reach the US. And Obama would never lie.


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Non-dairy creamer, bitchez.

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 All cow's milk and all human milk has been contaminated with radio-isotopes since the era of American above ground atomic testing. The thing to struggle to keep in mind, while being bombarded with this endless stream fear-mongering propaganda, is that radio-iodine has a half life of five days. A month from now you'll have to find something else to get excited about.

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After being repeatedly lied to, a rational person distrusts the source. Small amounts of iodine-131 may become larger amounts as time goes on.

Also, FYI, Iodine-131 has a half-life of eight days. From Wiki:

"Due to its mode of beta decay, iodine-131 is notable for causing mutation and death in cells which it penetrates, and other cells up to several millimeters away. For this reason, high doses of the isotope are sometimes paradoxically less dangerous than low doses, since they tend to kill thyroid tissues which would otherwise become cancerous as a result of the radiation.


These cancers happen from residual tissue radiation damage caused by the I-131, and usually appear years after exposure, long after the I-131 has decayed.

If there is anything else that might help keep you from winning a Darwin Award, please let us know.

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Obama promised campaign finance reform.

Obama promised to end the war in Iraq.

Obama promised to bring troops home from Afghanistan.

Obama promised greater "Wall Street accountability".

Obama promised a clearer and more domestic-centered energy policy.

See a trend?  The trend is your friend.

That man is Full-O-Shit.

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Are you not fluent in Fed Speak?

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Way down here in Georgia us gun totin' rednecks call it a "blivet."

20 lbs of shit in a 10 lb sack.

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well I think he dresses quite well...

bound to make a good president if you ask me...

policies suck, but then why spoil a good story for the sake of a few simple facts...

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 Yeah, the FDA say it last about 8 days but that is assuming the flow stops coming. I have a lot of faith in our younger people rising up against this crap. Like with protests in the M.E and across europe. The internets allow us to read the truth about bailouts, democracy/federalisation, war and pollution, etc. Money printing, taxation and wotnot. Politicians who don't get a grip and start representing their constituents better look for a new job I say. 'Enough of this sort of thing'

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silver gave us the internet.


as it kills viruses and bacteria, it shall too disinfect this planet from banker scum.


entomb fuckyoushima.

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silver gave us the internet.


as it kills viruses and bacteria, it shall too disinfect this planet from banker scum.


entomb fuckyoushima.

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Who's testing for plutonium and other harmful fallout here?

Of course it will never be found if all we are looking for is iodine.

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You hit the nail on the head:  iodine has the shortest half-life.  You think they want to tell us if they found some trace elements of something with a half-life of 24,000 years like Pu-239?

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 A responsible gov would be testing all over the US, and releasing the data.

  With good data one can make good choices.

 Of course, our Gov is responsible only to the corporate/mil/intel overlords.

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I'm not keeping a half-gallon of milk in the fridge for 24,000 years.

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Honey, I know it's dark, but have you seen the baby's bottle?  Ahh, there it is.

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There is no radioactivity anywhere! All the levels are safe across the board. Continue to consume and produce. /sarc

Sounds to me like these CEOs and Gov. 'experts' have taken a note from the beloved Baghdad Bob: We have them surrounded! 


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You mean if they stop the ongoing release of radiation from Fukushima of course.  Otherwise fresh iodine 131 will keep contaminating the environment. 

Don't forget the details, genius.  ;-)


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please forgive us, we don't publish our IQs. Don't have a cow, we're just milking the subject.   

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Don't have a cow, we're just milking the subject.

Well, that statement is just udder-ly ridiculous!

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how now?

With jokes like this, I'm afraid we will have to put you out to pasture.


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Apparently, IQ is no substitute for a sense of humor.

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If I could "unjunk" this comment I absolutely would.  You've got more to worry about with the radiation you get flying to your vacation than you do from milk.  ZH'ers ought to be smart enough to not get their panties in such a wad over this.  How many of you refuse to let the dentist irradiate your skull and an annual basis.  How about that x-ray when you crap up your wrist skiing at Aspen?  Come on - at these levels it's a waste of time even worrying about this.

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I don't get teeth xrays.  It is just a way for the dentist to make extra money.  How many times have you had your teeth irradiated and the dentist said "aha. I found something I wouldn't have known about and we need to change our treatment because of the xray"  How about zero?  Why take a treatment that has virtually zero chance of finding something that changes the dentist's treatment if it has some risk?  And no there is no reason to get an xray on a probable non displaced wrist fracture.  If it is displaced then it will be obvious.  If it is non displaced you are just going to protect it in a sling and soft cast until it heals.   We xray too much

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so I'm not going to become the newest memeber of the fantastic 4 then?...


that's my dreams of being 'Captain toothless bald twat' gone for a shit...

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Didn'cha hear? Bald twats have been all the rage for years...started in Brazil or something...

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Hey moron.  Is the flow going to stop in a few half lives?

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IQ145.....you may not be worried about the radiation now, but give it a month....and when it hasnt stopped spewing ,give it another month

this will not have stopped in two months....in fact, if it goes anything like chernobyl, it will still be leaking in 25 years....and there will still be no real permanent solution

so drink your milk, kool aid or what ev..

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I like Obama he's some smart

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endless stream fear-mongering propaganda, is that radio-iodine has a half life of five days. A month from now you'll have to find something else to get excited about.


Great does that mean that the textbook you read tells the truth? Or the guy who works for the reactor firm is nothing but top shelf?


Dude - get out of your dorm, head out onto the street, grab 30 quarts of milk, swallow large and then tell how you feel.


Nerds get more goddamn stupid every day.

Take that 1 off your avatar you don't do it justice. In my world that let's you be my janitor.

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Wrong. Radioactive iodine-131 has a half life of almost 9 days not five and radiation is cumulative meaning it continues to builds up in your body's organs like heavy metals such as lead, until you die a slow painful death of cancer. Worse, just simply injesting a micro particle of radioactive iodine a whole month later means that radiation is now only a micron away from cellular damage.

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@ IQ145  I-131 has a half life of 8 days moron, as a matter of fact no radio iodine has a 5 day half life you retard!

  • I-123 - 13.2 hours
  • I-125 - 60.14 days
  • I-129 - 1.57E7 years
  • I-130 - 12.36 hours
  • I-131 - 8.04 days
  • I-132 - 2.30 hours
  • I-133 - 20.8 hours
  • I-134 - 52.6 minutes
  • I-135 - 6.61 hours


And why don't we do atmospheric atomic testing anymore? It is because of the undeniable health effects it was causing. The government was successfully sued by downwinders and in 2005 the National Academy of Sciences has recommended extending the downwinder compensation to people who were in hot spots outside the geographic boundaries originally set.

"Groups concerned about the health effects of radioactive fallout welcomed today's release of a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report recommending that eligibility for the federal compensation program for people suffering from cancer connected to U.S. nuclear weapons tests not be limited to its current geographic boundaries and urged Congress to move quickly to assist sick downwinders. The NAS study said that Congress should implement science-based changes that, in effect, would extend coverage of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA), which is now limited to residents of parts of Nevada, southern Utah and Arizona as well as workers who handled uranium.

"The National Cancer Institute has shown that there were hot spot areas all over the country where milk was contaminated. People with a high risk of thyroid cancer should be compensated without delay wherever they lived without having to jump through hoops," said Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D., president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER), referring to a 1997 National Cancer Institute (NCI) report on radioactive iodine doses from fallout. "The cancer risks from fallout other than thyroid cancer still need to be determined by careful study. The available science on other cancer risks from testing is inadequate because scientists have not talked to the downwinders carefully enough to determine all the pathways by which they were exposed. For example, radioactive ash deposited after test blasts on laundry as it dried outside could have led to higher exposures than what has been accounted for.""



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And if you think the US government is playing down the health risks, you should look at the Canadian non-government. British Columbia is on it's way of becoming inhabitable, yet there is no news of this. The smart money keeps dumping B.C. real estate at full speed.

thegr8whorebabylon's picture

hey Ahmeexnal, how bad is it in BC?  Do you have a source?  thanks man.

Ruffcut's picture

Vancover real estate was WAY over priced.

Smart money? Only 4 years late.

NOTW777's picture

you mean UNinhabitable?  if so why? any links

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Ah crap that means the asian gangs, Asian real estate specs, tree huggers, trannies and every other peer group is heading out to my Maritimes.


Great, just great

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Let them eat cheese.

- Tepco Antionette

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Are these the "Newly revised" safe levels? I don't believe a single fucking thing any gov't agency is saying about any aspect of radioactivity any longer.

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 My soil is now warm.(North Carolina)Beta activity that was not there before.I have no way to tell if it is Iodine,Strontium, Cesium or all or some of them.No more fresh milk for the children.

  Pennsylvania found Iodine in their rainwater.Damn.I am loving the dearth of news on where hot spots are in the US and general ignoring of the impact here.


 Evil Bastards.

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SWEET - the hits just keep on comin'

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what about breast milk? anyone?

Cistercian's picture

 Unless your wife grazes large areas or otherwise gets exposure, it is fine.

  Cows are like grass vacuum cleaners...they cover a large area.This is how the concentration effect works..crudely put.

 I hope this helps.

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they cover a large area.....you should see my WIFE! (rimshot)

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You will only get breast cancer by the time you are fifty. Don't worry.