LulzSec Is Back After Hacking The Front Page Of The Sun, Redirecting To Story About Rupert Murdoch's Death

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It was only a few short weeks ago that we reported that the hacker group LulzSec which among others hacked the FBI, Sony, and who knows how many other security agencies, has decided to shut down. That didn't last long. As of a few minutes ago, The Sun's front page redirects to a makeshift website called which carries a headline story titled "Media Moguls Body Discovered" which reports that "Rupert Murdoch, the controversial media mogul, has reportedly been found dead in his garden, police announce." Readers can experience the hack for themselves by going to Naturally, that this is like poking a stick in an already angry hornet's nest goes without mention. As for the masses, we expect the distraction should be quite welcome.

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ohh the inhumanity.....

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Page was redirected here:

Looks like CSS sploit to me. The bottom of the page was pretty funny.

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Too bad it's a hoax (even better if O'Reily and Hannity were along for the 'ride')...

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Actually, it's the prime whistleblower in the Murdoch Infamy who has been found dead. Brit police say "accidental". So it goes, in the land of ZOG.

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What can one say but, "lulz?"

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south of the border:



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I got there too late and found this story: "History made as nipple is found on foot"

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That's almost as good as "Headless body found in Topless bar".

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His Majesty was not amused ?

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Anyone heard from CPL lately?

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hahaha, the link is going to their twitter page. 

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Muahaha, they just redirected to their Twitter feed!

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I just love visiting for the music.  

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They could at least put a link to page 3 on their hack.

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Post this or that Jersey Shore is starting a new season on facebook, and all of America will check it out and will have something to the fact that America is falling off a cliff and is going bankrupt, and people on Facebook wil not even acknowledge it...the ignorance of the masses is nauseating!

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Love that tent at the bottom of the page.

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Woulda been funnier if it were the Squirrel.

Biden for prez!

Biden - the dumbest SINator out there - made jack out of his stint as a laughingstock.

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Love the irony: 

#AntiSec Hackers Spill News of the World Chief Rebekah Brooks’ Email Login to Entire Internet

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Sweet, sweet Jesus!

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lol... any bets on when Rupert's cellphone number is psoted to Twitter?


Srsly though... part of this is that @lulzSec (and the #AntiSec folks more generally) are pissed off that the cell-phone hijinks are being called 'hacking' as if there's any technical expertise involved.


What actually happened was that people on Murdoch's payroll got hold of cellphone numbers of some group of targets, and then checked their voicemail using a 'remote voicemail' mechanism... hoping that the numpties had not changed their password from the default ('0000' or '1234' depending on the provider).

Calling that 'hacking' is a bit like calling a burglary 'espionage'.


Also - Mudoch's empire is built on sand, and but for one bank in the mid-80s, News Corp would have gone the same way as 'Townsend, Greenspan' (Mr Magoo's failed economics consultancy - the failure of which resulted in Greenspan resigning himself to a sinecure on the public tit).

And isn't it FUN to watch politicians - who would suck Murdoch's cock if he so much as hinted that he liked blowjobs - turn on him? If you're a student of the history of failing Empires, you ought to be able to make connections to compile the "Who's Who" of who will line up to kick the US in the balls as it slides...

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They should hack Ruperts cell phone

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Serious bankster infighting going on. Nobody here speculates on anything. Paul Watson at infowars says lulzsec tried hacking them.

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Well I don't know why they would attack infowars. Makes no sense. At least they are reporting what is going on.

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Anyone notice how UUP was previously channelling, and now it is being drawn into a wedge?  Up or down when it gets cornered?  When?

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A 'box of vintage wine'... the laughs just never stop with @lulzsec.

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So these guys are next up for a Pulitzer Prize. The Hacker Murdoch gets fitting.

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Ya mas!  Oops, sorry, Murdoch isn't Greek.

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come on jackasses who thought LulzSec was CIA.. show your moronic asses