LulzSec Hacks Senate Server, Asks Rhetorically "Is This An Act Of War, Gentlemen?"

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Tyler you catch this? 

In 11th currency swap deal: 


China builds Kazakh ties, bypasses USD with FX swap



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Just like "they" can implant whatever "evidence" that feel is necessary, the lulz boyz most undoubtedly can implant all sorts of "words" for takedown purposes if they so choose.

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I definitively love Linux!!

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wow indeed.  the computer, which looked circa 1965 as if it were the perfect tool for big brother, has bred its/his own nemesis.

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Eric Blair never wrote anything about that!

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

J in Vegas

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If any of you have a few days to spare, attend the DEFCON conference.  It's an eye opener.


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Capture the flag bitchez!

The key takeaway from this conference is that the only secure computer, is the one that is never built.

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 their lulz are low

we did it 4 teh lulz

And people were bitching about Wikileaks? Anon are your daddy now. Get your game on for some serious shit-slinging.

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It's always 4 da Lulz.


With the SummerFags coming online it's going to get more interesting.

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These are CIA-NSA-US Security Apparatchik, false flag operations...

Phony "Hacks" and The Wall Street Puppet
Obama Bin Lyin'

These psy-ops are designed to give the puppet Obama Bin Lyin' the excuse to shut down the internet and alternative media that has been broadcasting the truth and eroding the worthless corporate whore media...

And eroding the legitimacy of the much more worthless bought and bribed US political class of fools and useful idiots...

Wake Up Amerikan Rable
The next move of the corporate power structure will be to use these phony "hacks" as an excuse to shut down internet dissent...

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if this is obama's idea of a false flag operation, he's not very good at it.  i think he's making more of them than he's killing (cf. rummy).

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if you were ever able to explain what a 'real hack' was then maybe someone might dig a hole next to your buried head and listen to your..  after getting past the tinhat..  crazy ideas

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Won't happen ... they need it more than we do!

They will try individual country censorship schemes to limit our access, but those require voluntary participation by all ISPs and are easily skirted.

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Since OBL is feeding fish somewhere in the Persian Gulf, Anon is to become a bogeyman #1.

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Looks like Operation CTRL-ALT-BERNAKE has broken out of the gate.

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Did they find any Weiner photos on Nancy Pelosi's computer yet?

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...I've been staring at that and trying to figure out how to put "Uranus" into a retort.


I got nothing...

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Oh I don't know, "putting Uranus into a retort" works fine.

Actually anything involving Uranus is lulz.


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That and's pure win all around.

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Astromers have discovered Klingons in the gas rings around Uranus.

I better stop now. I'm at actual work.

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Just don't be puttin' a retort in Uranus.

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But, is lulz marklar...ooops sorry, meant is marklar, marklar?

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no, but they did find a weiner in nancy pelosi!

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Is a fossilized weiner still a weiner?  I suppose...

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To prevent premature ejaculation I used to picture Yogi Berra, then Hillary Clinton in my mind but Pelosi has now taken their place.  I have to warn you though don't hold Pelosi's image in your mind for too long, otherwise you will be taking a drive to the pharmasist to get that other blue pill:)


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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uh oh.  imo hillary and nancy are both hot, at times.  but then yogi berra's not so bad either.  cute in a witty way.  lotsa rings too.

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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Maybe we should detain these guys, torture their ass in guantanamo for being 'terrorists' and never charge them!

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Forget Guantanamo, move straight to Predator drone strike.

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they should have used the drones on Goldman Sachs or other AAA Rated Corporations! not kids bustin Ballz for LuLz!

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Some (most?) of these "guys" are 17 yo hacking from the school library.

Good fucking luck with that one, Sparky.

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I thought he meant the other guys in the senate; the 71 yo hacking the school library (so nobody learns how to read the bills).

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Even better, as we have done before let's torture their children in front of the suspected terrorists.  This is what we have done before at GiTMO.  These are brave men that do this for our country.


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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Oh man....I'm jiggling again.  Could someone please ping me and let me know that this is not some red pill/blue pill thing.  I'd really appreciate the reality check.



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I'm so excited that any further hardening of my nipples would result in warping of the space time continuum. This is why hope is so dangerous. 

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I feel time around my nipples slowing down as well.. 

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Ummmm....excuse I was pill or blue?

Everyone's nipples not withstanding, I am becoming more confused, not less.


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Ah! Then perhaps you are ready to actually begin your spiritual journey into knowing, grasshopper. The first step is always taken down the rabbit hole ...

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WTF are you talking about?  I have been squatting in the cosmic bunny hole for months, and using my nonmortgage payments to finance short positions against ALL OTHER PEAKS in Austria, and now SHORT ALL OTHER SOLAR SYSTEMS.

I thought we were talking about those other guys' nipples?

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Mountains. Nipples. The universe is fractal!

I think I just had a religious experience.

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Now this is funny. Excellent exchange. :-)


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I am not sure if it is possible to know the "intent" at this time, perhaps for a long time.

"Hackers" are a spectrum, with "kids" at one end just running software they download from hacker sites and such. At the other end of the spectrum are pedantic geniuses probably motivated by an inner passion to know every itsy-bitsy detail of complex information architecture. Invariably, when you know every itsy-bitsy detail and how it all fits together, getting around is a lot easier than it seems.

I am pretty confident that script kiddies are not hacking into the Senate and bragging about it which puts us at the other end of the spectrum. So again, it comes back to intent.

One one hand, the groups could be legit, pissed off citizens (of many nations most likely) with a geniune desire to put an ice pick in the tires of the machine. On the other hand, this could be a complete shit show designed to destroy the competition through specific releases (every power has a list of close enemies they would love put out to pasture) with the culmination of internets as we know it getting the plug pulled. Ya know, to "protect us".

I am worried...



Cdad's picture red pill guy...which really sucks, as I have been eating red pills my entire life, and I was actually looking for a little blue pill relief on this one.

But I appreciate your straight answer, and I extend my respects in return.