M2 Surges By Biggest Weekly Amount Since 2008 As It Hits Fresh All Time Record

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Desperation kitchen sink anyone? The M2, which up until now was merely diagonal, is about to go parabolic. In the week ending 1/17/2011, Seasonally Adjusted M2 surged by $46.6 billion, the biggest weekly increase in the broadest tracked monetary aggregate (ever since the cost-cutting associated with discontinuing the M3) since 2008. One look at the chart below indicates precisely what is fueling the endless market ramp. Furthermore, for those who realize there is a 93% correlation between M2 and gold, we would certainly recommend putting on the M2/Gold convergence trade on.

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Just got back from the mailbox - no M2 there.  Cit!

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Nice +1 = The Bernank needs to show mynhair da LOVE

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So Egypt has shutdown the internet in advance of tomorrow's mega protest and now:

US Senate to reintroduce Internet "Kill Switch" bill...Somebody's taking notes....



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Totally coincidental -- either that or it's the fault of jews or boomers or both.  Maybe jewish boomers?   ;-)

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Now hacker group Anonymous joins the fray and launches "Operation Egypt"

Here's the video of their announcement:



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Privacy Invasion

photos reveal location when posted on the internet


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El Baradei is the shill pawn of US Dept of State posing as a concerned Egyptian. He's there to try and convince moderate groups and spread the gravy around to get a pro-US government elected

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And debka now reports that The Muslim Brotherhood is joining the "rebellion" tomorrow.


This is about to get really interesting, really fast.

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What do we ZHers do if they nuke the iNterWeBZ?

Do we communicate by carrier pigeon, or Native American smoke signals?

Dave's picture

Might consider a single sideband radio stashed in the closet. Just in case.

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So much business would be shut down, including the supply systems, that getting your internet fix will be the least of your problems.

At the same time, it would give rise to hackers building new communication technologies, or re-using old ones, over whatever communication medium is still available.

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  • No web, no money, no comms, no GS emailer selling AAA-rated fraud, no brainer  

Watch Egypt, should redefine the record books for dumb unforeseen consequences for Govt intervention 

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I had some M3 in a CD, but it evaporated somehow.

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It's because they sucked it back in overnight. Just takes 15 min according to the Chairman.

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Gooold Bitchez....!

It's on like Donkey Kong!

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 Tax refund direct deposits bitches!!

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Exactly.  Notice the corresponding spike last year at this time.


Nothing to do here.

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Yeah, quite a few folks at work are complaining that they got back less than last year. Cc's to be paid down this Q?

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Binary database fiat dollars BITCHEZ!

As valuable as that hot babe you are chatting up who is gay.


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All you that picked up NEM at 55.05, junk away!

Where's that crazy potato?

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Will M2 affect my SNAP card?  How about my EUC checks.  Been without work for over 2 years now.  Plenty of jobs around, I just want other peoples money.  It smells like......victory.

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plenty?  that seems a stretch.

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So we have M2 going parabolic and Gold going the other way. Hmmm the faster something in a bull market goes down, the more it tells me we are close to capitulation and a wicked catch-up rally is a coming. I love me some good ole fashion bearishness. Where did all the gold bulls go?? I think those guys are called the weak holders. Buy buy buy

mynhair's picture

Gold bull present!  Well, at least for the miners.  Capitulation is not allowed - just ask the JP Morgue.

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I'll sit it out. Someone's got to remember the Alamo.

AUD's picture

I think those guys are called the weak holders


Fools & their money are soon parted? Actually a 'convergence' trade may be a very good bet here. Gold futures spreads are showing some very deja vuish patterns.


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Care to extrapolate?

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Where did all the gold bulls go?? 

to the coin store, of course.

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turning some more paper into some real currency -- by the way, did they take the nickel out of the nickel yet?

rocker's picture

FYI, Just the facts. A U.S. nickel is only 25% nickel, the other 75% is copper. But your point is very valid. It's melt value is almost .07 each.  Copper pennies are almost worth .03 each. Copper pennies are from 1981 and back. In 1982 they actually made both copper and the copper coated zinc variety we have today. Nickels also had a wartime variety which was made from 1942 to 1945. These had 35% Silver, 9% Manganese, and 56% copper. I'll stop here or it might be TMI.

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1942-1945, wartime variety, 35% silver nickels FTMFW!!!

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long as M3 doesn't get revealed we got every tin pot dictator in the world with a bank account full of dollars.

You would be amazed by how many sell outs there are.

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This would worry me if I didn't know for an absolute fact that there is no inflation.  That's what Uncle Ben told me and I'm sticking to his story.

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Benny Bernutty can sop that up in  like 15 minutes! He just has to sell the PD bonds he's been buying for a huge premium and all that very tasty Mark To Model MBS he's got stuffed in the vault...Everyones gonna buy that crap when the Feral needs to sell it right?!?! Right??!??!??! Anyone??????

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Right and 15 minutes is by Ben's definition an "extended period."

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That's sure a lot of fiat sloshing around....enough to cover all the bets on the crap table.

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When ya wanna reach out and touch someone... :>D

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Everything is bullish.

The pig Market never goes down.


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Well, isn't that the point, print money to expand the money supply?  Let's get Ben a "Mission Accomplished" sign.

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Let's get him a "Heckuva job, Benny." T-shirt as well.

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I know parabolic is a word, but it surely doesn't need to be splashed around in every damn article, does it?  Really?

mynhair's picture

Ok, how about 'hyberbolic'?

MaxVernon's picture

One week up does not a parabola make.  Now if it does the same next week, and week after that, and the week after that, then you're talking para-fucking-bolic; until that happens it's just para-bollocks.

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  1. Money supply growth has gone parabolic. It took us from 1620 until 1974 to create the first $1 trillion of US money stock. Every road, factory, bridge, school, factory, and house built, every unit of economic transaction that ever took place over those first 350 years required the creation of $1 trillion in money stock. But it only took 10 months to create the most recent $1 trillion and I don't recall seeing an entire continent's worth of factories, schools or bridges built during that time.

  2. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article258.html

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Setting the chart to start at 1995 made my hemorrhoids flare up.