Mail From Japan

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A reader writes us from Japan:

I wanted to give you and the team a big thank you for your Fukushima coverage.  I have lived in Tokyo for over 15 years and made the difficult decision to leave after the earthquake.  Your reporting on the disaster has been invaluable.  Some years ago, I turned a fellow colleague on to ZH, he's been equally enthusiastic about your coverage. 
Just wanted to say "Thanks!" and ask you to keep the focus on this topic as the MSM has the attention span of a gnat.

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Agree 100%.. and this reminds me that I am a bit behind in my donation to the site... (Sorry TD) Fixing that now. Keep up the great work ZH.  (Almost feel bad paying in FRNs... hope it has a decent value buy Monday. LOL You guys have to figure out how to accept PMs)

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yeah I would send you a tenther if you had a mailing address.

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When you by a ZH t-shirt does the money go to the website or the people who make the shirts? I have two btw, one black one white. Occasionally people will stop and notice, they know and I know we're both "in the know".

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Almost all the markup above the cost of the shirt and the printing goes to ZH, we just keep a few bucks per order for the time and cost we spend sorting out all the logistics.

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100 shingles of toilet paper as valued in "owner's equivalent rent"...

And other absurdities from PhD Economists from the "proper" schools...

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I join Gold 36000 in wanting to send a contribution at a mailing address.  FRNs.  You have my email address somewhere Tyler(s)...

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How many times have you posted this?  What would stop ZH from having a PO box?  I wonder, did Mere ever send his silver to ZH?

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Thank you for the gentle reminder.  I just donated too.  Love this site.  One can not live on ads alone, nor would we want Tyler to be beholden to his advertisers.

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Ditto guys thanks, Tshirt ordered as well. Without you the world would be without you.

or something like that.

i'm gonna have a cry now

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Picture of concrete pump heading to japan.....they say its for pumping water, but my guess it is to bury the plant in concrete...pretty obvious...

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Fine, I'll buy another t-shirt (this time large)

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Why large?  Tight is the way to go.  Got to show those puppies off to their best advantage.

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I really wish people would quit insulting gnats.

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the span of a gnat, not the gnat itself, pussykat.

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Oh contrare, it assumes gnats have no nervous system.

Does not Steve LIESman remind you of Charlie McCarthy?

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He reminds me of Pinocchio.

Problem Is's picture

LIES-man reminds me of Joe... the 3rd replacement Stooge...

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Liesman is at home right now reading all these hurtful comments, sharpening his knife, and continuously repeating, "I am the angel of death..." 

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anyone see gnat king cole?

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+1. And how about gnatalie?

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+5 &+5 I give each of you +5 for making me laugh. That's cute, I like it.

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come on guys...gnatk it off.

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Yuck brush those teeth! It's spelled Cat. Thilley.

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Adult gnats live 4 hours after they pupate, 3 hours of which is spent locked in intercourse.

A gnat thinking about anything for more than 30 minutes is on a scale with Buddha meditating for 20 years under a tree. When was the last time any of us spent 2/3 of our lives fucking and meditating? Never happen.

Most gnats I know are highly evolved creatures, with great soaring dreams for themselves and the world. Of course, they die in a few minutes usually. But for those moments I am greatly moved.

I plan to approach my wife about this fucking-most-of-your-life-for-great-justice thing. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

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When was the last time any of us spent 2/3 of our lives fucking and meditating?

Speak for yourself-

Bill Clinton


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Finally, a lifestyle to which I aspire;)

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S E X is over rated.

where is ORI? mia†

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i thought you were the wife.  darn it!

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When was the last time any of us spent 2/3 of our lives fucking and meditating?

I know what you mean.  I've been trying like heck to cut back, but something unexpected always comes up.

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I wish they would share their stories.  We don't get much of any information on what is going on in Japan anymore.  What happened to the water?  What is the food situation?  Are people still going to work?  Etc.

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People continue to live like nothing happened. The Japanese MSM has lured them into thinking little doses of radiation were inoffensive. 

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one could argue "radiation doses indeed do not offend." they fully announce their attention to invade, they speak of "many others such as themselves who are found routinely to be inoffensive" and then they remind us all "there is nothing you can do about us anyways."  So there you have:  "not offensive."  Still--"you could end up with an attitude problem inside you" once this particular variant arrives.  When I think of a Japanese word  for "attitude problem" the word "Samurai" comes to mind.

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rolling blackouts for several years is the only thing they will admit to.  Those going long japan I believe are foolish.

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those going long mutated radioactive monsters from Japan however...

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I have to join the chorus of those angry at the japanese.  They are doing the bare minimum of testing. 

We could have actually followed each specific radioactive cloud to see where it was going to rain down and warn the area about a pending hot spot, but that would create too much hysteria as the MSM watched the "cloud of death" like the weather channel follows a tornado.  In any event it would have been more honest to track these radioactive clouds until they precipitate or dissipate.  I am pissed that we now have radioactive strontium and cesium diffusely spread all over the united states.  They keep talking about iodine and then say it has a short half life.  they won't talkabout the others.  I don't care if the strontium and cesium is barely detectable.  Nothing is spread out perfectly diffuse and we will have some spots of relative concentration in the USA, but I suppose knowing about those would just piss off joe sixpack and it is better just to keep him ignorant the way he wants to be.

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Gold36000, you are naive if you think the Japs are in charge of this. DYODD re: the Black pope, the Jesuits, the Illuminati, etc. The Nipponese have been patsies for the Cabal for a few hundred years and the beating goes on.

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Not to worry -- Cheney and the Bushes are safely at their ranches in Paraguay.

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Zerohedge - saving lives since 1998.


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Sorry to go off-topic but there goes netflix about to have their bandwidth neutered.

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WTF, Did they really believe bandwidth was free.

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 Main Stream Media is a spin machine. Fukushima is contained the situation is stable. Reactors are under control. CNN says so, why doubt the most trusted name in the news business?