Mainstream Media: Presstitutes for the Rich and Powerful

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I'm totally with you, GW. I haven't watched TV for years.

HOWEVER: I think we need to acknowledge that this whole "propaganda" thing is not so simple. Your point of view (which I and most of the commentators above agree with) is that there is a "real", objective truth, which propaganda distorts. You probably know where i am going now?

If I talk with a right-winger, we will agree the MSM is biased; however I will point to Fox as one of the worst offenders, whereas s/he will point to HuffPo. A ZHer will say fuck 'em all--read ZH; whereas Breivik will insist that only a certain right-wing radio station has the real story, ZH just doesn't get it. And then there are the people who believe the world is ruled by 12-foot lizards, any any media avoiding this is covering up (seriously!).

Is propaganda in the eye of the beholder? I say no, but usually the perception of propaganda is. Let's not be too self-congratulatory about avoiding propaganda unless we acknowledge this stickiness. Our own distortions are almost impossible to see, because they are the lenses through which we view the world.

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This is what happens in kondratiev winters or the austrian downside to the business cycle.

There is huge over capacity in media relative to demand and even traditional media is desperate for ad revenue.

They dare not offend anyone, and they are becoming more and more like those fake magazines that were 100 percent advertisements thinly disguised as news.

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Historically print, radio and tv news have been controlled by sponsors and the government. Average people trying to have a life take the news stories as gospel. In the old USSR they called it propaganda utilizing Pravda which was an offical organ of the central committee of the communist party 1912-1991.

Long live the Internet bloggers and ZH. We are the bane of MSM.

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Why even waste your time and money with MSM anymore ?

Anyone with half a brain should boycott MSM.

We don''t need them.

They provide nothing of value !

They provide no information !

What are they there for at all ?!


A tie-wearing asshole on the tube telling me unreflected propaganda bullshit !




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media gets peoples minds by a great illusion.

check some further insight on Media and power-Starsuckers

things are somewhat different than "we" think....

Joseph Jones's picture there a delete button? 

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I'd like to share two pertinent "views from the pews" of modern "churchianity".  First, I hate church and doubt I'd ever have reason again to visit one.  But prior to making this decision, the spouse convinced me there might be some merit in visiting one of these hell houses over the past year.

So what kind of video did we watch for about 5-7 minutes at "church" on a Sunday some months ago?  The professionally produced video, with full sound effects and music tracks, compares two ships with video of each.

One is a cruise ship, the other is a battle ship.  The people on the cruise ship only have fun, and the Captain cares only to make his patrons happy.  Converesly, the battle ship Captain takes orders from the next person above him in rank. 

The narrator sternly asks his captive, unthinking audience in the pews: "Which of the two Captains is better?"  Why of course, he replies, the battle ship Captain is better "because he takes orders from a higher authority", the implication of course being God.

So we all learn in this lovely little Sunday video that God of course loves war.  Just forget the little part to "feed your enemies", "love your enemies", "Prince of peace", "forgive your enemies", give more to a thief than what he steals, etc, etc, etc.........forget it all and go get a gun and kill those god-damn dark skinned people that don't look like you, kill them all, and kill them right now.

The spouse's friend tells her that her little Satan-loving pastor gave a "sermon" (unknown in Scripture, a copy of the Greek oratory invented 3 C after Christ) in which he tells the soup for brains attendees that our military members imitate Christ because "they sacrifice themselves for us".  More lies from the pit of hell, brought to you as always by your local "church" (word does not appear in Scripture, but that's no problem for these lying graduates of the church-pastor complex).

Even a local guy considered the religious guru in this valley tells everyone they must love their neighbors, their spouse, everyone.  But try to convince him that war is not for lovers of God and you might as well ask George Bush to reject his membership in the local synagogue.    

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George Soros has bought quite a few, too. Oh, and he grants "Fellowships" and all kind of pricey honoraria to purchase his whores and traitors. Now why would he need to manage a message and get rid of Beck unless he meant someone or something harm?

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This is a message that must be told.  I had heard murmurs up until recently, but now the truth is revealed.  Other fine source of such ideas:  The Death of the Liberal Class, by Chris Hedges

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Post Links Please! for GREAT!! Info!! make it easy for people and they will be more likely to open up and take the time!

Thank You for the Great Heads Up!!

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hedges, pilger , not fake.

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Thank God Almighty that the Government blew up the twin towers so they could force these "Thought Crime Laws" down our throats!

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i can give you so many examples of elite media usage, ..


chris mathews knows who he ca ntalk down to, he makes 5 mill a year, when he is interviewing freshmen repub congressmen who make 200k per year (not senators obviously the billionaires club) he completely talks down to them.


on both sides its rampant.  i dont know how people dont see it . msm.  internet more sophisticated, subtle.


jaques ellull 'propaganda', chomsky/herman, lewis mumford, original sources lippmann, bernays,


youtube john pilger on obama


spend some time watching that,





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I am stealing your links! and I am sure you dont mind the information being passed around to even more people.. but I wanted to say Thank You for making this information available to me to share with others.


this is one of my favorite new video's.. take it for a test drive and see if it moves you.. it is not really a great people mover as much as it is personal to me and was once again a great person mover.



Thank You! You are a GREAT! Resource for me!


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this is another of my Favorites.. it will take a certain mind set to find it attractive.


RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation

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aesome 10 minutes


also see Godels' impossibility theorem, and, Bell's theorem!


and connect,


advanced, not me,

or just google it

'money' is a pure POLITICAL construct.



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Maybe we are not so far apart in views..

dont let my fishing trips! sway your judgement of me. I do enjoy poking and proding people, or some times I allow myself to be a punching bag so that a point can be driven home. Not everyone is willing to be the dummy to help get the facts across to others, I am!

I am anti Corporation, not all of them.. just the ones that shit on the Unties States and more importantly the people of the Untied States.

I love ALL on my fellow Citizens. If they burn the flag? I Love them! if they hate the United States, I Love them! if they want to kill their fellow citizens for burning the flag, I Love Them!

I Love them ALL.. but that's the difference between me and more than a few others. They only Love their Fellow Citizens IF! they agree with what their fellow Citizens are saying. I am more Roman in my approach. I Love ALL my fellow Roman Citizens! which, dont get me wrong is a problematic logic to say the least.. from everyone's perspective.

I am not liberal, I am not liberal enough.. I am to right.. I am not enough right.. who cares, as long as everyone understands that it is "We the People" verse the Corporations.. I have been working on, trying to hone my delivery so that I can reach as broad and audience as possible.

You or I or Someone else can be right as rain.. but if we can not get the message across in a way that reaches the most people.. we have failed our fellow man as well as ourselves.

Either we want to make the World a better place or we want to ignore the problems and just be blind. Some people prefer the Matrix, it is more comfortable for them living a lie. But NOT! Me!

Any who! Bro! I think we share more in common than you realize, I think my Fight Club Bullshit may have lead you away from who I am as a real person or what I as a real person stad for.

I think almost all of the real people here.. (although they would deny it) and I mean real people not Professional republican / democrat plants.. have a HUGE amount of common ground, regardless of how they brand themselves. I am willing to back that up with anyone who is willing to give me an honest shake.

Any way! thanks for the GREAT info! Please NEVER, EVER stop sharing!

Fight the Powers that Be! they are EVIL!!

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check out fabbionacci sequence and ..


more than that,






and always!

ask why?


how or what is ez, it's the why


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Open question:


Does neoliberalism lead to nationalism or even hypernationalism? Thanks.



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You WILL! put down the Holy Bible!

You WILL! put down the Constitution of the United States!

You WILL! Pledge Allegiance to the United Nations and Procedural Law!


You WILL! need to be harassed by Para-Millitary Police! who swore to uphold the Constitution they are demanding You put down!

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1) House and Senate Renew PATRIOT Act With No Modifications
National Security Letters Increasingly Used on Americans
Proposed Senate Bill Would Add Civil Liberties Protections
Senators Raise Concerns on DOJ's Interpretation of PATRIOT

1) House and Senate Renew PATRIOT Act With No Modifications

On May 26, the House and Senate renewed three controversial provisions of law related to the USA PATRIOT Act that were set to expire the next day.  The renewal was passed in the form of an amendment to an unrelated bill, S. 990, that itself temporarily extended authorities of the Small Business Administration.  Despite efforts by individual Senators to introduce modifications to the Act's intelligence authorities, the final bill simply renewed the expiring provisions until June 1, 2015 without changes.

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ill take that as a tentative 'yes' from you jdub.



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oh btw you forgot, the military commissions act AND more importantly the 404 passed on the shelf:   wait for it.....makes huac look like chumps...waiiiit....

H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007


just read it, makes huac look like childs play. read the act and what happnes if you dont show up, and centers of ecxellence, already underway tax money at work.


(notice i did not post 1 link from alex jones or prision planet)



so next time they talk about unitary presidency and congov and executive orders, fine, but dont forget CONgress.




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You are providing information from the Horses mouth which makes it that much harder for those.. (Like YOU! oer ME! not so ling ago who wanted the Government to be the Good Guys)


I sincerely thank you for your time and effort in making arguments that people just can not wiggle out of based on they dont like the source or link provided.. DOT GOV BITCHEZ!!


People need to understand what has happened and what is continuing to happen to the ONCE Great! Country!!


"We the People" are NOTHING more than "We the Sheepish Consumers" to Corporate Owned America!



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I dont have to always agree with you to feel you man.


stay up,



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dont let me stirring the pot get you down! I have to let lose every once in a while to piss people off! it is Fight Club after all!

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i really do just appreciate that there are folks like yourself on here/out there.

I feel you man.

you know what i mean. I may not agree intellectually or whatever, but i do respect and on some level do feel you man.

it's like that homie.


wayside, bahahahaha.


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GW I'm totally with you and have seen this occur with my own eyes.  Dan Rather's career was ruined because he spoke out on "W"s military service timeline. Sibel Edmonds story will NEVER be told in the MSM.  Sad thing is, what can "we the people" do about all this?

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"Dan Rather's career was ruined because he spoke out on "W"s military service..."

Well, no, not actually.  Dan Rather published a document that would have been written on a real typewriter (messy, you're prob too young to know about them) or, at best on a Selectric (the USAF did pay for the very best).  The document was produced in Microsoft Word in the wrong typeface with the wrong formatting.  It was discovered to be a forgery in like 2.3 milliseconds by some guys in MN in their pajamas--they didn't even break a sweat.

Dan Rather's career was ruined by Dan Rather--he had a sweet gig sucking up to the Ruling Class but became excessively careless to the point that even a junior high school student could figure out the fraud.

- Ned

{And being "totally with you..." == GW is so sweet ;-) }

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And then there's Dan running around Nam with pearl handled pistols...gets put in with a bunch of Marines, gets shot at and hauls ass saying something about they don't pay me enough for this shit...ROTFL!!!

New_Meat's picture

something about pearl handled pistols and whores--somewhere in the archives ;-)

- Ned

And I hope that your baseball playin' is only giving you good quality pain!

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Its all good, lets me know I'm still kickin ;-)

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By creating a mass sense of normalcy.. Through the sharing of feelings.. Individuals have relinquished control over themselves.. To those that would use those true feelings to better guide the herd(s).

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"And truth will set you free." It is untrue in this US driven world for journalists. 

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"And truth will set you free." It is untrue in this US driven world for journalists. 

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Only a restructuring of the international monetary system and its underlying economic theories will help resolve the sovereign debt crisis in the US and Europe.

Check out the latest from the Capital Research Institute (CRI):

The Financial System - A House of Cards

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I agree with you George!  And the MSM has gotten much worse the last few years.

Could it possible be the $60 billion/yr vested interest in taxpayer subsidies that keeps the MSM on the statist plantation?  Amusingly, TPTB squids are also some of the largest institutional owners of the media conglomerates.

The MSM is supporting the statists that they hope will soon $upport them. This is their trial period so their future statist owners can assess their usefulness.

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Great article GW. Although this is not news to me, it might be an eye-opener to someone just awakening. Thanks!

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It's back to the roman coliseum culture...Rupert Murdoch is the coliseum whip-master putting up the spectacle for the sheeple to keep them voting thumbs up to Caesar and thumbs down to the gladiators, their own kind of sheeple, thrown to the lions... We are there in western civilization. No wonder there are rumblings amongst the barbarians.

But the show must go on! Whatever the cost!

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The canning of Cenk was coincedent of more time for Buchanan, and other new right wingers additions as guests who have no restraint on lying. And it looks like, no one can call a lie a lie.

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Candidates for national election are 'chosen' by the media as well (and the media is owned by TPTB). They are chosen based on who poses the least risk of going rogue against the wishes of TPTB. Beyond that they need to be popular and create the right perceptions. However, once TPTB have their 'team player' in office then he/she is most likely to get reelected as long as he/she didn't shoot themself in the foot. TPTB feel that 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't know'.

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Sad...but true. In addition to being a useless time-suck, TV (and MSM in general) is becoming a mind-fuck for the masses. My TV serves only as something to play DVD's, that is if I ever get around to plugging it in again.

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when I watch bloomberg I have most of the screen covered with a sheet except the very bottom where the ticker and news flash is. Muted of course. No more CNBC. I go online quickly for breaking news. Otherwise the tv is off except for when I want to watch a DVD.

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Greatest social commentator of all time: