Major Inversion In GBP-JPY Correlation, And All The FX Charts That Matter Next Week

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I love this trade. Have a core position starting @ 130.045.

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Thanks for posting John's notes :-)

We see a lot of whats going on with GBP crosses directly correlating with the mid east situation.

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 My interpretation of the recent post concerning the significant EuroDollar trade, is short the trade known as Cable, GBP/USD. remember, I'm frequently wrong about FX trades; but so is everybody else.

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Hi IQ. GBP/JPY is a hybrid of usd/jpy and cable. If you look @ the usd/jpy leg of the trade it should help you out. Cheers.

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We probably wouldn't be so wrong if They would stop throwing all this money around.  I haven't been this wrong in years.  At the same time, I can't imagine that it would last much longer.

The entire existence of the QE II is designed to prop up the GBP.  I thought they had given it up after the latest "good news" on inflation targets out of Great Britain.  I was wrong.  Again.

I have no clue what they're doing now.  It is just a waiting game because something is going to have to give some time.

I have a sinking feeling that things are even worse than we have imagined, hence the prolonged agony.

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I love Marc Chandler at BBH but his post on SA that the "Pound get's Spanked" was more than just premature.  How can the Yen still be considered a funding currency for speculative commodity bets anymore?  Interest rates have been on the rise in the Anglo world for years now--and now the British War Dogs are on the march.  No less than the Queen herself has "summoned" POTUS for a little "chat."  Love to be a fly on that wall.  Talk about a history lesson.

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 She's going to be horrified; with out a teleprompter, he can't even speak in coherent English sentences.

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5 bucks he makes a curtsy.


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The Seven Samurais are badly needed.

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Risk on target 114.5 area (eur/jpy) Don't waste your time on a/j. The carry trade distorts the trade as a whole.

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Good notes as always from Noyce . Agree with his EUR/USD analysis . Prudent to start looking at a large leg down in the medium term . At the moment we've got nothing but consolidation . As a euro bear I'm just relieved that the swap spread has compressed after that mighty spike a few weeks ago .

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GBP/USD daily has a nice size inverted H&S. Went long at neckline. kind of an obvious trade. That was +350pips ago. Target area would be around 138.80 , not being greedy stop will be moved to right below 1.618 ext. at 137.50 with a 50pip downside stop.

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Sorry..was talking about GBP/

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I know what you meant. Good Job I'm targeting the high 137's as well. Keep up the good work.

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Who cares about fiat currencies prices, just go long goverment/cb's independent currencies short fiat

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Nice tea leaves.

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GBP always surges in times of instability in the developing world as London is a haven for  despots and oligarachs.  They can bring their fortunes here, live in luxury, send their kids to the best schools, and pay almost no taxes.  There are virtually no immigration controls.  Racial, social and religious tolerance are all favorable.  Watch for central London house prices in the better neighbourhoods to start rising . . .

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Higher rates can support this trade, as JPY is most vulnerable to higher rates in cross currencies, but I will have my sceptical glasses on, and look for GBPJPY to top before 138,00 and head straight down to 125,00. Dont be fooled by higher inflation, Neither UK nor ECB are able to raise rates anytime soon. Fo God sake, stop chasing higher yields at the short end....