Man U Player Of The Century Eric Cantona Appeals For Peaceful Revolution Against Banks, Calls For Europeans To Pull Their Money

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A few weeks ago we noted that December 7 is becoming a grass roots "banker mutiny" day, in which citizens across Europe will pull money from their banks and thus force a pan-European bank run on what is already a bankrupt financial system, which survives each day only at the expense of the continent's increasingly indebted citizens, their life of increasing austerity, and of course, the US Federal Reserve and its final backstop. In some ways we discounted the potential reach of this movement. Enter Eric Cantona - just ask any sport afficionado who the most entertaining, flamboyant and skillful football player of 1990's Manchester United was and 9 out of 10 times you will hear that name. The icon (both in England and France) whose on field antics were only matched by his kung fu skills, and who has a massive popular following, has been recorded agitating viewers (many of them), to enact a bloodless revolution against French banks: "We don't pick up weapons to kill people, to start the revolution... the revolution is really easy to do nowadays. What is the system? The system revolves around the banks. It's based on the power of the banks... so it must be destroyed starting with the banks. This means that the 3 million people with their placards on the street... they go to the bank, withdraw their money from the banks and these ones collapse. 10 million people and the banks collapse and there is not real threat, a real revolution. We must go to the bank. In this case there would be a real revolution. It's not complicated. You simply go to the bank in your country and withdraw your money. If there are enough people withdrawing their money, the system collapses. No weapon, no blood, or anything like that." A peaceful anti-banking revolution, brilliantly explained so that everyone can understand.

But comprehension is only have the battle. The other half is getting of your ass. Which is why this will never work in the US. As for Europe, we will find out in 3 weeks...


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Sorry, off topic and jumping the queue.

Will Ferrel Loses Lawsuit Against J.P. Morgan, Slapped with $600,000 Fine

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Because the arbitration board is stuffed with Ass-Hole Wall Street Bank-sters...

"A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitration panel not only ruled against Ferrell..."

Max Keiser says you agree to arbitration when you sign the JPM investment contract... If you are ripped off and file a complaint...

You LOSE everytime... <RICO>

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Thanks for the HuffPo link. 

I just keep forgetting that they have a planetary atmosphere 80% higher in helium and that all comments contained therein have to be read in a voice accordingly...

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Typical European reaction

Bring down the system --- blind faith that the system that replaces the present corrupt system will be better ----- it has to be

Oh yea, my naive Euros

How bout the Bolsheveks vs the Good Tsar Nicholas

How Bout Hitler , Mussolini

Will you ever learn?

Learn from Glenn Beck




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I have a sudden admiration for all things soccer and Eric Cantona.  Looking forward to the day.

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Man U is owned by Malcomb Glazer, a member of the brothers in good standing. Oh by the way, Tyler was talking about Harbinger and Phil Falcone , in another posting in reguards to Zapata, a oil company front company created by the CIA and George H. W. Bush. Our little old buddy, Glazer also owns the Tampa Bay Bucks and is a billionaire and, he owns Zapata Oil. Isn't that special.

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HPD, the wheels with-in wheels with-in wheels are truly stunning.

Anyone who says "no way dude, too complicated for any group of humans to pull off this vast conspiracy you talk about", needs a swift kick in a the ass, a bucket of ice-cold water over their head.

It is hidden in plain sight and everyone is glued to dancing with the stars.

Such a shame.


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GHWB started using CIA to generate his own personal wealth while he was DCI in 1976 and to pump up his allies.

From Wiki: "The CIA had been rocked by a series of revelations, including those based on investigations by the Church Committee regarding illegal and unauthorized activities by the CIA, and Bush was credited with helping to restore the agency's morale." Translation: Bush minted dozens of licenses to steal.

BTW: the Enemies of the People, here, aren't so much local banks which are ordinary busineses. The big national banks are hard-wired adjuncts to political machines, similar to NewsCorp. Remove all money from accounts and take no loans from:

-- Bank of America

-- Citicorp

-- JP Morgan Chase

-- Wells Fargo Bank

Avoid them like the plague that they are. Use the smallest and oldest bank or S&L that you can find.

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Thanks for your comment.  I've never had any dealings with those institutions, but I did deal a blow to Regions Bank recently.  (Snicker...)  A local S&L now has the benefit of my meager checking account.

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Jewelry hustler, to trailer park slumlord, to sports stadium scammer.


Immediately upon purchasing the Bucs in 1995, Glazer declared the team's home field, Tampa Stadium, inadequate and began lobbying local government for a replacement.[7] Glazer entertained relocation offers from other cities, but kept the Bucs in place after the local government agreed to build the franchise the $200 million state-of-the-art Raymond James Stadium, construction of which was funded by a local sales tax increase. Due in large measure to a very favorable lease agreement in which the team collects most of the revenue from the stadium while the local government must pay almost all of the expenses, the franchise was valued at $963 million by Forbes magazine in 2007.[8]

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A third illegitimate Bush brother ???

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Excuse me sir, that would be



bitchez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is something the average person can get behind.

This is great.

Pull out your money.  Buy a few silver dollars too

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I hope you don't think American citizens will do this. Not. They have NO clue.  I have already built a cash reserve. My bank WFC, taken over by WFC from the TBTF and now bigger, could not believe that I was withdrawing 10k to 30k in distributions from other accounts on a weekly basis for 6 months. They wanted to talk to me about saving with them. NOT. NEVER.  Americans better wake up soon. Your money is NOT there. It is all digits on paper backed by nothing. HELLO.  Buy any PM's and hold in a safe box.

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Absolutely beautiful. 

I am all in.

Hedge underway.

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Wow. We are inside the event horizon.  Bretton Woods II is over.

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Sounds good...

But, if the banks know the day, they will be closed, they may close for weeks.

And if the people do take their fiat out, could it go to ZERO VALUE (in terms of what) it will currently buy?.

Hopefully they have put some thought into how they will survive, if the Banks, or the fiat goes to Zero.

Better be prepared for more than a bank run.I smell blood, and lots of it.


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Yes, unintended consequences indeed.

Also, if European banks are anything like US banks, they keep very limited amounts of cash on hand. To effect a bank run, I believe it will take a concerted effort for more than one day.

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No, a bank run HAPPENS when the bank runs out of cash. Word spreads that the bank doesn't have people's money, and panic ensues. Often times the bank is overrun, torched, goes bankrupt, or all of the above. EVERY currency system MUST fail eventually.

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Once word gets out that customers are getting turned away with no cash, then the "Real Run" begins...

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I'm not waiting for the 7th to do this. If enough people start thinking about this, they'll know there will be a good chance they won't get their money on the actual day, and will start withdrawing cash beforehand.

IMHO, if this starts picking up steam we can expect to see the results before the 7th.

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Absolutely. I'm doing the same.

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You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. If this does happen, those who immediately put their cash into PM's can mitigate some of the pain. Those who wait and do nothing will feel it full force. The lesson, in my opinion, is to not let the system get to this point. Still, the longer we put off the pain, the worse it will be.

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I am OK with it too.

But I bet that if it works, it won't be bloodless, I think that is just plain absurd and foolish thinking.

But hey, if your Karma shield is charged up to +100 I guess you might be just fine..... TeeeHeee. Just Kidding.


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Precious Metals will rise into Dec. The options expiry may be the only glitch.

Max out your card,

buy precious metal,

sell at a profit,

pay off credit card,

destroy credit card,

fire your bank manager,

and keep free gold.

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part 1 is done.  silver bee snatchers!

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Sorry, I can't watch some random guy speaking in French and try to scan the subtitles of his unprepared thoughts as they fly by at the bottom of the screen.  No matter how much I agree with the message, this video is unwatchable.

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well good thing this article gave a good summary of this video then huh?

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Don't be sorry, maybe someone could super impose a naked woman in the background. Would that help? How about some midget wrestling?  What a tool.

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where's robot? get some breasts moving to the sound of that music in the background

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I listened without the naked woman in the background, but I must say it would have added to my enjoyment of the video. Midget wrestling I could live without.

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Are re-runs of The Hills competing with your attention?

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I am glad the Internet is available to make it so easy for you to tell everyone how much of a pussy you are.

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my favorite comment of the week

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Proves my theory that junking is for trolls and pussies. Peer reviewed even.

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With the vary rare exception for a post that is so fanfuckin'tasticallyfabalicious that no other means of expression is possible. Especially since ZH doesn't have a digital blow job option for this very reason I suspect.  Sometimes a quality fight club head blow requires another.  Bitchin' about subtitles ain't it tho


And wtf is the deal with dissin' pussi .. 

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Missing_Link: was going to write a sincere rebuke and explain King Eric to you, but instead, I say this: f*ck off and die. 

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There are different forms of anti-bankster protest videos.  This one is directed at soccer fans. There are a lot of soccer fans in the world.

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$500 silver break JP Morgan  ala max Keiser

(going viral on the net today)

the war is on..silver bullets will kill a vampire bank..

join the battle buy it do it now.

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Must be nice to have money to take out of a bank. :-(

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Not really. Just one more thing to worry about.



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Great idea in theory. No blood, no violence....until 20% get their money and the bank either closes or tells the other 80% that they are shit out of luck because they don't have the money....than I think there will be blood and violence.

Violence or not we need a change.