March ISM Prints 61.2, In Line With Expectations Of 61.0, Lower From February 61.4, Prices Paid Surge Continues

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there go the P/Es even higher as margins squeezed but who cares... only computers trading this

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good thing i didn't have the data beforehand, i might have made the mistake of thinking its negative

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The wonderful thing is that you can't find what you're not looking for. As long as the Fed doesn't actually look for inflation, they won't find any.


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Gee Tyler.  Why so glum?  Embrace the is the only thing we need anymore.

"Computer...lower prices paid 78.  Raise New orders to 104."


Why is everyone so worked up about stuff today, man?  Cocktails started 30 minutes ago.  Buy the SPY and let the wealth effect take if from there.  For all other things, ask the computer in the room next to where Duncan Niederauer has his afternoon constitutional.  But be quick...'cause I understand the Germans are buying him out.


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Why not?  Insure you have a hand or two around their neck...keep them in line...and most importantly...keep them on that dollar standard.

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guess we both had the same focus

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How much more obvious can it be that the WORLD is owned by someone(s)???  Countries like the good 'ol US of A are NOTHING more than a bankrupt corporation.  There are no countries only corporations posing as nations.  Do your homework people.

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You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale....

(this perfectly sums up what you are saying.)

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I've seen that, was looking for that before.  Nice!

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That is a truly GREAT film. One of my all time favorites.

The "Mad as Hell" monologue is the perfect anthem for our times.

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Construction spending is tumbling down as well.

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Meanwhile, investors are celebrating this news, and they are pushing travel and leisure stocks up.

PCLN and WYNN now printing world record highs.



Who would have guessed that William Shatner would have outwitted:

- Jim Sinclair

- Eric King

- Jim Rickards

- Peter Schiff

- John Williams

and the rest of the perma-gloomer crowd???

No wonder Shatner is getting in the sack with Hollywood superstars lately....

Move over Jesse James....


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"Computer...end Robo program.  Divert power to S. Bullock's botox injections."

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Damn she looks good for 50.

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clearly none of this is preventing the DOW from printing fresh new multi year highs. Why?....WHY NOT?!

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The more i participate in these markets i have accepted something over the years as nothing but the stone cold truth; we dont have the slightest clue as to whats actually happening.

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oh...I think you and I and many people know exactly what's happening...but it's just too horrible to admit. It's almost like saying "MacBeth" in a theater...none dare speak the name.

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and once of the opening bell...the $DXY goes straight down without interruption.

you gotta hand it to them...they are consistent if nothing else.