On Mark Haines' Double D Gift To Erin Burnett

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Because why go B when DD will do (and double as a gas mask). Or is Mark merely wishing he was part of the Power Lunch crew? We doubt it: for some odd reason, and completely independent of wardrobe, that particular segment continues to have some of the lowest Nielsen ratings on the Comcastic station.


h/t etrader

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What. The. Fuck.

Well if they did make nose bras, Erin 'The Beak' would certainly need a DD cup. Cant someone just put these tools out of their misery?

Scarborough was probably right when he commented on 'too much spiked egg nog', Erin looked hammered as usual.

I have a feeling this will be a ZH featured 'postergirl picture' sometime in Jan when we see the double D dip. 

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Sooner a sexy, real nose than a bobbed-cutted-out-of-all-existence-cosmetic-surgery-job (I speak as someone with a corker of real nose). She's a real woman and appears (as a non CNBC, non American) to be a lot less tight-arsed (assed) than some of the other presenters on that show.


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Fill me in somebody. Who is the blond, complete BITCH showing her age and sanctimony? What a fucktard.

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B-Cups usually acts like such a princess, but man, something about that nose....does it for me.

Black Friday's picture


Erin is now the poster child for the double dip recession.

She is user friendly and homeland security approved.

Instead of the next amber alert, you will see Erin in her "gas masks".

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Boobs and silver, bitchez!


Triggernometry's picture


Everybody loves boobs, technically we've all sucked on them.

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Not sure, but I think Robotrader might have been in on this one.

etrader's picture

Or How did Haines get hold of MCC's spair ...;-)

Sniffing bra's will do noting to nothing to quell those persistent rumors.

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Tough to be bearish on stocks when bras and beds are making fresh, new 52-week highs...


velobabe's picture

i need a good bed, really makes a diff.

robo, been wanting to confirm some things with you. my daughter had to take another shift at the spa she teaches yoga and pilates. so she is working in the in house retail clothes store a couple of hours. she is so excited because they carry LuLulemon and she can get a discount. i told her it was shit clothes and she just yells at me, telling me they are the best ever and every woman buys L O T S to do downward doggystyle in them. figures, white woman.

RobotTrader's picture

Heh, I told 'ya...

Once a women gets her mind fixed on a certain brand, there is no turning back....

Victoria's Secret has some good stuff I hear....

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Ladies will wear uggs shopping rodeo.

The Rock's picture

I need to be a yoga instructor...

Gunther's picture

if you care about function get 5 2x6 studs and make a frame of it with one stud in the middle. Screw together with 8x3 construction screws and cover with 3/4 inch plywood cut to size and screw it to the frame.
Use part of the studs for legs, make them L-shaped, screw to the frame, put a good mattress on it and that's it.
If the plywood is cut in half the width the parts fit in a sedan (with open trunk) for a king size bed.
I made already the second one like this.

Material is way less money then a box spring and effort is comparable to assemble an Ikea-style bed.
Then, have fun!

velobabe's picture

oh thanks for the spec's big GUNTHER. i had a wonderful platform bed with a superb mattress so no box spring needed. i have a tiny rental now, no room for a king probably no room for a male king either†

ronin12's picture

Why in the world would anybody junk this fotolia pic?

yabs's picture

double D for double dip, Burnet bitch

TruthInSunshine's picture

I can guarandamntee it that Mark Haines has wicked gas issues.

This is an example par excellence of the quality of American Journalism, by the way. We have such great media with such relevant, brilliant and unbiased analysis and reporting.


Quinvarius's picture

Do they make those for guys?

MsCreant's picture

If you think about it, they really are for the guys. I hate wearing them.

DosZap's picture

If there were a reason for a 7.62x25 to the head, this would top the list.

China, soon to be full of Trannies.

Long Duc Dong,Inc.

For the finest in mens Bras.(made in India).

knukles's picture

That's good news for the SEC.  Huge pool of potential new employees in austere multi-trillion budgetary environments.  

Go ahead, arrest the protesters again, screw the whistle blowers, disenfranchise anybody who reads a remaining portion of a free press.
Yip, zip, hooray.

MsCreant's picture

Erin go braughed?

etrader's picture

She could  go free & easy if they keep the temp just few degree's lower than ambient :->

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I am watching with the sound off.  Erin "Party Girl" Burnett looked wasted, I can't take any of their voices.  She doing double dirty martini before the show everyday now?

CD's picture

She sounded even worse. Definitely more than just a single cup of eggnog. Mika Brzezinksi was positively mortified...

Guinny_Ire's picture

That picture could have been of any of the talking monkeys at CNBC/MSNBC

Careless Whisper's picture

maybe erin can send mark a jock strap that doubles as a gas mask.

velobabe's picture

what a fcking joke this whole network is. erin is really clueless, and to think she is the exact same age as my daughter. 1976 the year of the clueless (picture of the monkey in the book).

200 years later, celebration of the greatest Dumbing Down of Americans. that may not make sense but you know what i mean :- )

The Rock's picture

1976 the year of the clueless

It gets worse with every decade.  They are considered genius compared to those born in the 80's/90's...

Bring the Gold's picture

I know plenty of people born in 1976 that are brilliant. Also know plenty of assholes born in the 1940's and 1950's. Gee, who's been at the helm the past 20 years? Oh right the boomers. Those of course being the most free and economically sound 20 years in the past 234...right?

False_Profit's picture


13ers are going to have to pull the boomers' fat out of the fire and wipe their financial ass...shove the old frauds into the rest homes already, pull the plug on their pudding machines and flush their stanky shit derivatives already...let's get this biatch overhauled and on the road again...


"i wish a buck was still silver, back when the country was strong..."

Gott mit uns...



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Now that we are talking about sex, I am 53 or so and have been happily married for like 20 years, yet all I can think about when I am out and about is ravaging every young bird I see. Does anyone have any idea what is happening biologically in that regard?

Spaceman Spiff's picture

Biologically, it is a common occurrence with our gender.    I'm only 30 and I think of the same thing.   It is weird, I was the same way when I was 18.    

tao400's picture

It's getting worse yearly.

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Ooh, I came this close >  < to hitting Ctrl-D for that site, but I like better-upholstered babes!

Uncle Remus's picture

Congratulations, you're still alive.

Rainman's picture

....answer depends on whether young bird is a rooster or a hen.