Mark Pittman, A Close Friend, Great Reporter, And The First Person To Sue The Fed And Win, Has Died

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wtf? 52? hear-related issues? too young, may he RIP.

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I am sad to hear of this loss.  My thoughts are with his family.

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sincere & respectful sympathies to you on the loss of your friend.    

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May he Rest in Peace...he will be missed..;-(

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The is a profound loss for those who believe one man, with access to a bloomberg terminal, can make a difference.  Mark Pittman defined intelligent financial reporting. 

For those who want to read his thoughts on the crisis and financial journalism I urge you to read this story from Columbia Journalism Review.

MP: They were buying it themselves. Yeah. And not every deal. But you know what—it happened enough. We don’t have enough journalists in America who understand what a spread does, which is the essence of banking. I just finished Dean’s piece in Mother Jones recently. We’ve got 9,000 business journalists and maybe twenty of them know what a spread is. This is not business journalism’s finest hour. But it is our biggest opportunity ever.  

MP: It is huge. Most reporters, it’s shocking how few of them actually understand the difference between price and yield. Hardly any business journalist actually covers the financing. If you cover a company and all of a sudden their borrowing costs go from 100 (basis points) over to 250 or 300 over [meaning investors believe the risk has increased substantially], and no one asks a question. There’s a problem there when that happens and nobody asks a question. I think we have training issues in a huge way in our profession. We brought a knife to a gunfight.

MP: It kinda bums you out, because you want to do things that have big (impact) because that’s why you’re in the business. And public policy would work a lot better if they actually understood what the hell was going on.


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The best Zero Hedge could do is to "pick up the torch and bring his last opus to closure."

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Thanks for providing that link Lizzy.

I'm sorry to learn of Mr. Pittman's passing.  We need a lot more business reporters with his knowledge, skill, tenacity and access to resources.  As the piece in Mother Jones references, we're going in the wrong direction.  Hopefully Bloomberg will pick up the slack from fading publications like the Wall Street Journal and Fortune.

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You guys! Your too close to the singularity!

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Quite possibly the reason for anonymity. Unreasonable things can happen.

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Sincere condolences on your loss, TD; and indeed the loss for us all. Does anyone have a different/more recent photo?,1241403275,1/stock-photo-new-york-may-mark-pittman-attends-the-th-annual-tribeca-film-festival-american-casino-talk-29637565.jpg

On a darker note, is he in Valhalla or Fólkvangr?

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Valhalla - see below, Bitte.

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Sorry dudes (dudette).

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sorry to hear this. I didn't know Mark but he was a great reporter. Having experience the death of my sister this year (41 years old), I can only feel sympathy for his family and friends.


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Financial expose? Do tell

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God bless his family. God Damn the MF pricks who did this (and are still doing it) to our country. You guys need to pick up the torch so that the rest of us can pick up the axes...

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Mark Pittman , RIP

52 is very young for a heart attack.


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Ok, allow me to ask the horribly obvious question of the true nature of his death.  Someone capable of moving the entire system passes within +/- few month margin to when it matters most?  I'm no conspiracy nut, but c'mon...right?

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Thanks for saying what I was thinking.  My worldview and understanding of history include powerful players viewing major "troublemakers" as better off dead.  Is Mark Pittman our generations' Louis T. McFadden?!  To put it another way, did the DC Madame commit suicide mere days after going on air saying she would never kill herself and if she appears to have committed suicide then foul play is involved?  Just wondering aloud . . . 

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You cannot help but speculate whether foul play was involved when dealing with the most powerful criminal enterprise in human history - the federal reserve.

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The only man who successfully sues the Fed and wins, dies of unexplained causes within months of doing that ?


With all the comments here about Barofsky et al having people taste their food and start their cars, I'm surprised not to hear more about ZH's take on the cause of death.

I hope we find out who caused this...........

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"I'm surprised not to hear more about ZH's take on the cause of death."

You and I are free to speculate as we like on a comments board. Reporters have to report what they know (they might do it with some "tude," but still...), it must be verifiable. Very deadly business, on so many dimensions, for them to type suppositions up there.

On the flip side, if they knew for sure that no foul play was involved, I would assume they would modify the post above or set us straight here in the comments section.

That silence, thus far, is speaking the loudest to me.

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I agree, about this poor man's death being quite suspicious given the fact that he was looking into the eye of the devil--

but, not surprised about ZH not spinning.  This poor man is gone, and it is proper for ZH not to comment, just yet.  However, i am not so proper, so i hope to be forgiven.

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Yes, I think it would be naive not to.

And whoever is flagging this whole discussion as junk needs to get a life.

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Oh Max, I'm so excited, we got junked too!

I gots some junk in my trunk.

[Insert lewd butt swaying gesture about here].

For the cowardly junker only:



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instead of "Got Milk" we can wonder "Got Junk"?

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gosh, I don't think I've been junked on ZH before...........


I think I feel........honored  ...........


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seems like dark times soon ahead indeed since a/(the most) powerful light-bringer has fallen at the end of the 6th day (approx. Nov8,09). should be a magnificent struggle as the financial (aka control) system collapses during this next 360 days or so.

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Is speculation really necessary, who's next in line RP,  Grayson?  Please all those that choose to challenge the fed... only eat packaged food, or food that you've prepared for yourself!!!

R.I.P, may the truth not die with you...

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"We would be humbled to pick up the torch and bring his last opus to closure."

And we would appreciate that TD and crew.


Condolences to the family. Too young ... his life work was no doubt yet to begin.


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My thought are with his family, and especially his children. May he rest in peace.

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Thanks for posting the obit.  I will remember him in my prayers.

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Mark Pittman was Tyler Durden.

Long live Tyler Durden.

Long live Marla Singer.

Long live Zero Hedge.

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It is a bit ironic, if that's the right word, that a lot of the detractors on the earlier blogspot version of the site mocked the "fact" that TD was merely a guy with a Bloomberg terminal. Contributors and donors exempt, but isn't it time the readership united to provide a bit more substantial support to ZH's staff beyond diligent, critical... readership?

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Forgive me MsCreant--I am saddened by the news, and when i read your post, i am not sure if i am thinking black and white or what but, are you speaking metaphorically ( " Mark Pittman was Tyler Durden" )  or did we lose Tyler?

And, my apoligies if my question offends anyone.

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TD is an entity and a movement, operating in anonymity. 

We dont get to know if Mark was specifically involved, except for the fact that the post said that ZH met with him (which leads to believe third party).  TD is truth despite corporate media controls, and analysis beyond accepted norm.  If Mark was a part, TD does not die with him, as the movement continues

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Thank you slore!  

MsCreant was speaking of this metaphor i hope...because TD did start this organization as one person TD and not the multiple TD's that are reported now.

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Watch Fight Club if you haven't already or perhaps watch it again. You'll get the reference. ;)

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No, i do get the reference, but i was worried about the "literal" part of what MsCreant was saying because, indeed, there is one single person who calls himself TD who started this blessed site...especially since i was on vacation during the whole New York Post incident over the summer and missed so much, and never got to the bottom of that whole deal...

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Hi agrotera,

If TD is an idea, and if Mark was a close friend of ZH, then I am confidently surmising that he was "a" Tyler. How could he not give them leads and leaks? A smart guy like him who was ahead of the curve, revealing the rot before the rest of the press, would eat this whole ZH concept up. At minimum, how could he not take a kinda avuncular Robinhoodesque joy in dropping by and hanging out.

"The" Tyler, the original energy driving the inception of this site, I am not in a position to know.  What a devestating wipe out that would be. That might be enough to get some pitch forks, uh, pitching.

Let's hope not. If my surmise is correct, ZH may have lost a major organ, some eyes or ears.

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If TD is correct in his conjecture that 500K readers frequent the site (and Google is a pretty authoritative souce on this point, though I see about half or 1/3 that), then while Mark may have been a TD in a metaphorical or literal sense, he founded (contributed to founding) a movement beyond himself. Mark is no mere Robert Paulson, he ought to become the example that he seems to have lived his life by. While acknowledging that this is no longer a game (not that it ever was), we must take strength and resolve (rather than just resignment and grief) from this sacrifice -- for that is what it was. Whether a direct dagger, or merely the indirect result of knowing and probing what he knew, Paul did give his life to the cause of truth, freedom and justice. So follow the example, dammit, while one singular voice may not have been enough, a voice amplified X500K armed with truth would shake the walls to their foundations. Which is where we must begin to rebuild anyway. Stop dithering, chatting, lurking, and DO something already. At least convey what you know. Viva la revolution.

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Since "Tyler" made a phone call appearance with Max Keiser I'd bet he could verify any such


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Tyler Durden is an idea - as is ZH - and an idea never dies. That, I believe, is what MsCreant is trying to convey.

Gordon_Gekko's picture



Fellow ZH-bug

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Very, very sorry for your loss of a friend and valuable person towards this crises.  Condolences to his family.  We Are Family, too.  Thank You for his many contributions and courage.  Many blessings to our Zerohedge Family and those yet to be adopted.  We are watching and will be anxiously awaiting news of the cause of death and hopefully read of his many fights to the end of his many stories not yet told.

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To all ZeroHedgers:

This was handed me by the in-port communications watch of U-96 about an hour ago:

"FM: BdU (Befelshaber der Unterseeboote) - KzS Luth (KapitanzurSee Luth - officer sending):

"To: All Boats, Kommandanten der 2er, 3er, 5er, 7er, 9er 10er, 11er 15er FrontsFlotillen der Unterseebooten (Combat U-Boat Flotillas)

" KrvtKpt.(KorvettenKapitan) Mark Pittman, Kommandant of U-121, "Trager der RitterKreutz zum EisernKreuzern"  (holder of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross), died suddenly of an unexplained illness while leading boat and crew in the struggle of the Fatherland against the forces of Fed and Squid. "

" He was buried at sea with full honors to begin a hero's voyage to Valhalla. "

" We strike the colors today for a hero and leader, a true Knight without fear or fault." ("Ritter ohne Angst oder Schwache").

" The boat, under the command of IWO (First Watch Officer) "KptLt. Durden", continues its patrol and the Struggle against the Enemy. "


"Long Live The Fatherland"

"Long Live the Kriegsmarine"

"Long Live Zero Hedge"

"long Live the UnterseebooteWaffe"


KptLt. laughing swordfish

Kommandant - U-96

9er Unterseeboote Flotille


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Mark Pittman, you were lost too soon.

Your courage and sheer genius (and may I add AUDACITY) to challenge the FED was a move of epic proportions and you gave truth seekers a voice. The mumurs are getting louder and will crescendo into screams at those who are sucking the life out of this country due in large part to your sacrifices. Your family has much to be proud of and I send them my deepest regards.

TD and Marla and the entire staff of ZH ---- and all the readers, posters and contributors --- LET"S TAKE THIS UP WHERE MARK LEFT OFF!

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This needs to go further than "Let's Take This Up Where Mark left Off". If his passing was simply from natural causes, it does not diminish from the fact that the site has lost an agent for justice. Fuck that picking up the flag shit. It's time to pick up the baton, the pitch fork and the torch. Those who harbor destructive plans for the lumpen, have one less reason to fear at the passing of this man.