The Market Is Like A Child In Search Of Santa Claus

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The child gets a shiny new bike, and promptly crashes it into a tree.

Sheriff Douchenik from AZ's picture

Then the child receives a 2nd new bike from the parents. Telling the child it was the trees fault for being there.

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Those movies always make me cry as well but because I understand that that's not the way it works out in real life.

The kid gets a carton of Marlboro's and dad tells him to smoke up!

*BTW: is the CAPTCHA on vacation this week, and his second-grader sibling is filling in?*

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Captcha must be on vacation.  You got in.

andybev01's picture

...despite your best effort,

willien1derland's picture

You neglected to mention the box of never-ending checks, credit cards without limits & the Bernanskter perpetual GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card (Lloyd Blankfein Limited edition is the top of the line) - Betcha DSK would have LOVED to have one, huh?

XenoFrog's picture

What could go wrong? *shrug*

HarryWanqer's picture

Some of you sound like Jewish kids on Christmas.  Solemn and bitter.  Excuse me while I'll back my truck up and take us much from Santa as I can get.  QE 3 is fine by me.

GlassHammer's picture

"But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just keep on printing till you run out of ink.
And the Economics gets done.
And you have a bank run.
For the people who are still alive."

Now if only I can get some children to sing this little alteration to the "Still Alive" song.

XenoFrog's picture

The cake isn't a lie, but due to inflation it is going to cost you $42,408,830

disabledvet's picture

can't say "let them eat cake" with that bill.  How about "just for you m'lady" though?

longorshort's picture

Last thing to go through a bugs mind as hes hitting your windshield is his butt.  So watch Spain I guess.  Spains not gonna take it, no their not gonna take it, Spains not gonna take Germany's crap no more.

buzzsaw99's picture

bennie hasn't missed a shipment yet.

Freebird's picture

Yes. Berwanker Global Logistical Services Inc.

jeff montanye's picture

a silver lining, i guess, to obama is the, perhaps cynical, radicalization of republican populists (to use the terms loosely).  net, perhaps it helps ron paul.

Cthonic's picture

Ever notice how the great chairsatan resembles Pavlov? It's ultra-paradoxical that they both showed such keen interest experimenting with transmarginal inhibitionism, too.

williambanzai7's picture

Your observation will be rewarded.

jeff montanye's picture

until recently it seemed "ultra-paradoxical" that such negative stimuli to the world's economies received such positive reactions from its stock markets.

Jack Mehoff's picture

Yeah, it's messed up. You have to dance to "their" tune. Either go long equities and bonds or short commodities. Fundamentally, neither makes sense, but that's what the invisible hand is telling us to do. Until they lose their grip, we are stuck waiting. 

longorshort's picture

Be funny as shit of if the CIA put the Federal deficit and Bernaks personal credit card bill. 

Rainman's picture

That OBL head shot should have been worth +500 points. That's a key indicator. It's all about the Bernank now and forever.

anti Oligarchy's picture

It seems like even the government doesn't care this time around.  Don't they realize that if they let the economy go down now it won't recover in time for 2012?  Or do you supppose that both parties are in on the game?  Let's see, if we don't put up a fight for the presidency, then Obama will keep the status quo intact.  We'll all get richer, wage more wars, and kick the can.


Pretty bad when even the government stops even trying to act like they care about people.

dolly madison's picture

Yes, they are most definitely both in on the game.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

this is a weak poor people and bike story, but tyler is a sucker for deus ex machina endingZ.  we freaking know that.  so, no harm, no foul.  but Tchir must buy a vowel!


bob_dabolina's picture

euro is shi-tt-ing

Hedgetard55's picture

Who knew that Santa was a fallen away Jew with the middle name Shalom???

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Smart money is betting that the ECB, FED, or some other government agency will step up and give us a reason to rally.

Not just the smart money, though the smartest money buys lowest & the rest follow. The dumbest money is the one hitting the highest offer...... that'll be the central bank, using your bank account.


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Equities at a very important crossroads

AmazingLarry's picture

I have full faith in the colony of Plunge Protection Team elves up at the North Pole.


Billy Shears's picture

My old economics professor used to sum-up FED monetary policy and the corresponding business cycle (ie. boom/bust) as somesuch insanity as: "it's a crazy man who keeps hitting himself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when he stops." I'll never forget that one, it made a real "impression" on me. It is admittedly the essence of the definition of institutional insanity in my opinion.

sellstop's picture

Yes, there should have been more volume today. It was strange. I didn't see much buying, but I didn't see that heavy of selling.

sometimes the market just goes on a low volume meltdown for a few weeks, but usually it is after some serious selling.

Don't add more shorts....


zen0's picture

He says MENA is bad except for Egypt.



Spengler (David Goldman at Asia Times) thinks Egypt is poised for starvation. He makes a good case.

zen0's picture

Hah! I just realized. The market is more like Santa Claus in search of a a pedopheliac sense, of course.

downwiththebanks's picture

"The Free Market" = Santa Claus

Capitalism requires state intervention to rob, rape and pillage.  Always has, always will.

Atomizer's picture

Capitalism requires state intervention to rob, rape and pillage. Always has, always will.

One day you will see the forest thru the trees. Meanwhile, carry on with you thoughts.

downwiththebanks's picture

Until then, I suppose Big Capital will continue to build drones, landfills, and prisons.

Onward, 'Civilization!'  

molecool's picture

"We all know St. Nicholas comes on December 25th, and we all know Trichet, Ben, and crew come every time the Dow drops 3%."

And DSK comes every time he visits NYC... ;0)

HileTroy's picture

I have found my people!!

When the hell is Operation Mayhem gona start??

God must hates trailer parks and the mid west and he must not have got the memo that Judgement was on Saturday.

 What ever happened to the Nuke thing in Japan, or Alabama being wiped out or the Mississippi flooding , or all the nice young men in the middle east chucking rocks.  At any rate you guys rock and the post make me laugh and I don't laugh much any more.I have my resume out for " Leader of the Revolution"

I smell a bail out for the insurance companies as they shat them selves over each and every new natural disaster. Hmmm me thinks this will this will knock a few % points out of GDP.


"If we score the most points we have a good chance of winning"




Broomer's picture

Today felt like one of those family channel movies that come out around Christmas time.  The child of parents who are down on their luck asks Santa for a shiny new bike they just can't afford.  The parents spend the rest of the movie working extra shifts, selling knick knacks, anything they can, just so the child can get that bike.  When even that is not enough, the neighbours pitch in, the people at the bike store help out, and in the end the child gets the bright shiny new bike with a ribbon on it beside the Christmas tree.  It always brings tears to my eyes when I watch those movies.  I admit I'm a sucker for them. So yes, all Hollywood movies, especially the made for TV kind, end happily.

Except when the child lives in Africa. Or Detroit.

Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture

Have a strong suspicion the shorts are going to get a squeeze over the next couple of sessions. Cannot see it overly brutal though (1335-1340), and by end Friday see it at 1300ish...juss sayin'

Roger Knights's picture

That would fit the pattern of the past two years.

oogs66's picture

yeah, though I'm surprised the PIG debt isn't getting a bounce today after the smacking of the past few days.