Market Loses Nearly Half Of Short Covering Relief Rally In A Few Hours On High Volume, And A LHLL Deja Vu

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Once again the actual value of accumulation volume can be seen today: after a 10 days short covering rally on fumes pushed the market higher by nearly 7%, one day alone was sufficient to cut the rally almost in half. The bounce is now back to the half way point of the most recent decline, and just above the half way point of the bounce, at just under 1,060. It appears Goldman's technical charting on the 55/200 DMA cross was spot on.

Note that this chart is just a little date, as stocks closed at 1,062.50

And yes, as usual, the volme on down days is incomparably higher than that of up days.

Lastly, note not only the Lower Highs, Lower Lows, but that the market is repeating the identical drop regime as was seen during the last plunge.


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But will a record number of banks close today?


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Defo going to break 1020 so that it will be the new resistence on this leg down.

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I have it that we'll see a bounce from 1022 to 1155 (with a little help from Charles Nenner. See the article yesterday on ZeroHedge...).  This retracement will be blindingly fast, perhaps resulting in a "failed flag" structure that will see the top in the market for years to come.  The 1022 level is above the last intra-day low set in the beginning of July 2010, so that level is the scrimmage line.


If the SPX breaks below 1022 on a closing basis, then the next step down would be to 988.  We'll get to whip out our SPX 1000 hats for the last time for many years.  Then, it will be nearly identical to cutting teeth, with what I like to call, "sharks in the water:" rapid rises in the index, followed by drifting downtrends (that make a forex robot dream happily at night, by the way...), all the while making lower lows and lower highs. A dying pulse.

Final destination: Station 444.

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Yamada been with you, Orly.  Takes time - Ned

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lower highs and lower lows... 40exp<200 day.. no reason to overthink it..

The  PUT volume was the lowest in a long time.. 8 for 8 60 points lower 


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"The only winning move is not to play." Stocks acting strangely going up for days on no volume and then getting smashed.

Bonds doing well. A bubble though.

Weird stuff with the Euro...what's going on there?

Just wait for all that bond market money to flood back into stocks and commodities. Might take a while, but it will be cool....

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At this point John Law was issuing more shares and printing more money to buy them, but everyone was selling or already lost their arses.

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There was a brilliant guy with probably good intentions, no? Kind of like Dr Frankenstein. It looked so good on paper, 'til others took it over and what a monster was created!

Stocks back then were actually called bubbles. Reminds me of when we say junk bonds and still buy them.

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One wonders if the "years bottom" as noted by doug kass (intraday 1010 SPX) will hold?


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 It will hold about like you hold that football for Charlie Brown.

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See it closed up.

You are still a citizen.

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It's a tie game and Ben "last domino" Bernanke is coming to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the ninth. I wouldn't be short the DX or long on equities or commodities right now.

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The options players pinned AAPL at 250 ($249.90). A beautiful thing to watch...

When's the liquidity snap/event we are all looking for? A EU bank going insolvent over a weekend? How about a muni filing Chapter 9?

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I think I spotted a few of thoes guys ,goin' down the shore ....

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Your bouncing breasts are distracting...

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no reason to junk... He's right.  But in a good way.

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Nic and GS were correct... forget ego.. it was the most lame bear market rally ever..

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Which fund liquidated?  Just Paulson?  TBT was in freeze frame for the last couple of hours.

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All of forex was in freeze-frame mode, too, for the last couple of hours of trading.

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Plunge bitches. 

Sold GS at 153 this morning after the pop.

I wish I had even more to dump.


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[Bernanke to deflationist]

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

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(sigh), unfortunately, I'm old enough to remember the bug killers you've posted.

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For someone who knows technicals, unlike myself;  The recent head&shoulders pattern, where the neckline was broken, then the market climbed higher, etc ( you know the story ).....does that need any further confirmation on the upside if it's to be a head&shoulders 'fake' ? ( not looking like a fake today, i know ) Or, if the market sells off to the neckline again and goes below, that shows the violation of the H&S.... ? any thoughts, comments, etc., are welcomed. thanks.

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I think your H&S pattern is about to touch its toes

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Knees and toes, knees and toes.

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"Just wait for all that bond market money to flood back into stocks and commodities. Might take a while, but it will be cool...."


Er, no.  People left equities for bonds because their retirement funds, which were "guaranteed" on average, to earn them 10% per annum over the long run, were absolutely devastated.  When bonds turn out to be a similar trap, they will never, EVER, return to the stock market.  The outflow from equity funds is growing, and after they see what is to come, this group of suckers is gone for good. 


Not going to happen.

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their children may return; their grandchildren very likely.  they?  no.

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I am purely anecdotal, but I speak regarding my personal experiences and lessons learned.

I had very little retirement in 99/00 because of my age. I saw it coming (I am a software engineer) but I didnt put two and two together. I dont suck at math and I understood the implications after the fact. Classic fool me once/fool me twice.

Around 2007 I did a lot of homework, got with an independant investment professional and made my first significant retirement allocation. During our initial meeting I frothed at the mouth about concerns regarding housing prices/etc/etc. I eventually ended up with some bond allocations for my cash. They lost 30% at peak and recovered half that. Classic fool me once/fool me twice.

Currently I have a match from my employer for 401k. I stopped contributing. Do you know why? Because I cant control my money. I went through a divorce and my best option was "borrow" from my 401k at terms I did not like. Hello, this is MY money.

Never again will anyone have such control over my finances. If I dont understand fully the instrument I am putting my cash into and have full control, I am not buying it. Bullion is a starter, but eventualy I hope to snag a piece of a small business that produces something of value. Wall street will never see a dime of my money every again, in so far as I have any control over the circumstances.



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It feels a lot better to be short over the weekend vs. long is all I have to say.

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Of course Goldman's charting is spot on! Easy when you make up the chart and then put in your HFT algos order to match!

Market down. Volume up. Check. Sell orders complete. Check. Martini time!

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I don't trade equities, I'm strictly a currency trader. Assuming we have a boring weekend, I think the Asian session will give us a slight drop (risk off across the board) before moving sideways, and possibly melting up for Monday's American session.

It may not be the time to panic just yet, especially now that everybody is waiting on apocalypse just cuz of a short squeeze squeeze today. I would go so far as to wait for risky pairs to make new highs before putting on big short positions.


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i dont see how S&P will not retest the 900s. 800 looks like the last stand that would trigger QE 2.0 but 900 is just cheap enough for people who know any lower will push intervention. nikkei is already at 94xx and gold has some room to fall due to deflation fears as well.

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i dont understand one thing....why are these averages so important to the manipulation team....afterall , the markets so much manipulated that they can close the markets at any level......

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I'm sure I'll be attacked, but, I think the point is that it justifies the manipulation on a technical level and allows for the plausible, albeit improbable, moves upward.  As long as they can continue to pump it and force the moving averages upward then they can continue pumping and pin the upward trends on 'technicals'.

Hey, I agree though, it's all a pile of bullshit.

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Delirium sets in for the stock market, and it doesn't really mind.

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next stop 1040...