Market Recap: 1.11.2011

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If China and Japan are buying Euro debt you can be damn sure the Fed is too-big time. Then Euro does the same when the Japs and we implode. What a perfect little Ponzi scheme!

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precisely.  everyone bails everyone else out and no one can fail.


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precisely.  everyone bails everyone else out and no one can fail.


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I'm sure there's an Escher diagram for this somewhere...

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HA! Perfect - that's where my mind goes when I think about "the world situation" - up/down those stairs. . . Whiskey!! (and dramamine)

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The Establishment and Mainstream Media is losing control of the PEOPLE and as a result vehemently ATTACKING ALTERNATIVE NEWS. Suddenly, anyone that does not agree with the Socialist policies of the Obama Administration is an ENEMY OF THE STATE!

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“We do not have much time left before the FREEDOM of Americans is robbed by our leaders, the Internet Censored, Guns confiscated and the PEOPLE jailed for speaking truth!”

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i spam therefore i am. idiot

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While various anarchists are posting stories about the end of the world, end of capitalism, etc...

Asian stocks continue to celebrate.

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No offense Robo...but simply put:

You are a piece of shit.

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He never has a negative view...and his charts have a very short one ;-)

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Four days of charts...?

And it's a "celebration"...?

I suppose with all those whipsaws, they were partying on pogo sticks?


Those, however, are not "Asian" markets.  Those are Western markets located on the other side of the world.

Let's see Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Nifty Fifty for some real Asian flair...

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A few days ago I was watching CNBC power lunch.  I watch CNBC to get a good laugh and to see what tactics and rhetoric they use to distort the truth.  Les Nessman (yea, thats what I think of him) used a graph to show the huge drop in unemployment from 9.8 to 9.4, but of course the scale was from 9.0 to 10.0, so it looked like a 40% drop!!

Everytime I think how the FED is turning our USTs into junk bonds and is putting the country into debt I feel like puking.

Equilibrium, you can pay me now, or pay me later.  You wont get any of my $$ Robot!!



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Brilliant! Reagan tax cut chart redux from 1981. All you really need's a downward sloping line. Neesman could learn a lot from Roger Ailes.

Oh. I forgot. They're competitors now.