Mary Schapiro, Whose Pay Was Benchmarked To CEOs Of Investment Banks And The NYSE, Received A Farewell Payment From FINRA Of $8,985,334.02

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Payment for Services to be Rendered. Nice.


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yes clearly HUSH $$$.

The epitome of a hypocrite... to say the least.

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Don't jus go after her.  MERCER is the paid whore who is one of only a few "consultants" that know how to play the game and CYA all these non-profit and government officials.

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How dare you presume to pass judgement on one of the aristocracy.

You get above yourself, sir.

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The whole piece is an outrage--members of the ruling class, however idiotic, should never have to accept such chump change.

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Frankly, I'm surprised this even saw the light of day, even under discovery. At least FINRA was/is a private corporation, so she was only enriching herself from member dues. The SEC is stocked with lifers these days, and to bring in new blood they have to compete with the private sector, where until recently a rising tide lifted all boats. Now that the tide's gone out, I'm sure the Chairwoman's union contract keeps her moored at the high water mark. FWIW, social security COLAs frozen for 2011, second year in a row; the only two times since automatic inflation adjustments were enacted in 1975.

Austerity is just for the little people. Let them eat cake, indeed.


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That's really forked up William.

Fork off dude.

Fork her to hell.

Forkn' A.

Hail Mary, Motherforker, full of mace.

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Fork over the dough or I'll stay even longer.

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Gives new meaning to "stick a fork in it, it's done!".

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Let them eat cake, she'll keep the dough.

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Forked up beyond all recognition.

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Save the freakin' forkin' for Chez Shalom .. And remember, why bitch about how much the bartender is gettin' tipped when it is all about pay for performance

- Love Forking Rahm

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Don't forget forked tongue (Heck Kowie Tribe)

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How the Heck Kowie?


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I have this whole SEC F Troop routine somewhere. Will have to did it out. They are located on F Street, and the guy they fired to be the COO of enforcement has the samename as the actor who played O'Rourke. Hence F Troop

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the pitchfork and 60's tv stuff bought to mind 'green acres'

but the mind really boggles with the possibilities;

lost in space? outer limits? gomer pyle? land of the giants?

banzai's place in the sun arriveth, woohoo!

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Jump! You Forkers!



(Nice to see you MsC!)

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VERY nice to see you TomJoad.

Are you on a research vessel still? I don't mean to get you in trouble here, but I do hope you are working at something interesting and doing well!

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That will buy you allot of girdles.

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Bulletproof vests are more appropriate.

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same same  since it is getting near time for lace up corsets to make a come back as a stealthy Dragon Skin product.

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I saw some forum posts by a man who survived the Argentina hyperinflation.  One of his most spirited recommendations was to get a bullet proof vest while you still can.  Also he said a pistol is far more useful than a rifle in the real world when you have to go to work, go to the store, etc.  Funny how liberal states seem to attract the criminals........ opportunists always search for the best odds.....

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Think Trannie and we will get to the bottom of this...

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"My, what a big fork you have, Miss."

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I had thought that you were pointing that gun at a male.  Now I am not so sure...  I wonder if Mary wears a Fedora

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Oops, seems they sold the Dragon Skin armor.

Someone is well prepared now.

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There is Something About Mary.  Perhaps the fedora & dragon skin corset go together.

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I do believe we are all on the same page now. 

Not that I wish to oppress trannies in any way by comparing them to Mary (werd out to all self respecting drag kings and drag queens, no dis meant by this). She is less convincing as a woman than most, ya gotta admit it. Drag-on skin corset might help, but that face, man...

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Under pressure.  Damn.  This is the best I could do on a Mary short

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Hmm.  Gotta ponder that one.  Perhaps it's because I always pictured Lloyd more as Gigi's grandma .. in modern 5"ers

Reminds me of that classic Howard Beale pic of Timmay (as Dorothy Provine - kickin with the chiffon scarf and the blonde hair) and Larry (as Ethel Merman) with Ben (as Milton Berle) driving.... 

At least Lloyd could compete with Larry while I wonder about Mary.

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Are Turing bombs related to the Halting Problem?

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Expect to see this on the front page of all the MSM any second now.....any second now........any second now

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Plenty of time to plan out multi-million pay packages and read porn all day. Our tax dollars at work....

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The remainder is just as nauseating. You can read the full Report of the Amerivet DEmand Committee of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority at this link.

Thank you Tyler. Just in time since my Parakeet's cage needs the paper changed. He likes to read while he's taking a crap. Don't we all?

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I liked to take a crap with the window open, but one day my parakeet seized the opportunity and flew away...

How did you come to own this bird again CD? Does it also suffer from tourettes?


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Sorry. That bird you just flashed me flew over my head.