"Massive Collapse" For Angela Merkel Following Today's Hamburg Election As Germans "Just Say No" To More European Bail Outs

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another "jew confetti" moment?

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 replying to the post itself; Whoops !  It says in the body of the article that the Germans are a little more civilized than North Africans; that's only if you don't stand on their toes, or spit in their soup; if you do, you get a whole facefull of what can't even any way be mistaken for Civilized.  Good thing to remember.

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how easily you forget the germans true nature... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2lfZg-apSA see how they are!

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I didn't watch the video, but "true nature" caught my eye. Am 3/4 Deutsch & 1/4 Hungarian, and in re-build after my break-down, yea these long years ago, one of the toughest battlefields is that fucking Nazi DNA..... 

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The good old USA has a very large German component, genetically.  Outside of New England German ancestry ranks 2nd or 3rd in virtually every state.

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Their women are such naturally cruel dominatrices too. Why the germans practically invented fetish sex and have their own freaking channel on x hamster.

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Speaking of inverted gender roles, let's talk about our lovable Republicans for a moment.

The leader of the supposedly tough and gritty Republican party is a watery-eyed gentleman named John Boner, a tender man who openly weeps when he sees a child play. 

Now, juxtapose that against the most famous female Republican, Sarah Palin - a woman who is seemingly incapable of speaking without using testosterone filled, alpha-male rhetoric full of gun and revolution metaphors.  When she's not whoring herself at Tea Party functions and inciting violence, she's quietly roaming the Alaskan plains, looking to shoot a moose.

Now there's some curious gender-inverted personalities! Look no further than our own Republican party for some seriously dysfunctional behavior. And who's the most popular conservative media puppet?  Glenn Beck, another watery-eyed, hyper-dramatic douche bag, of course. 

Please note, I haven't even mentioned conservative, family-first, god-fearing senators who spend their free time trolling airport toilets or posting cheesy shirtless photos on Craigslist.  

Republicans!   They're so funny!


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Wait a minute, gotta get the popcorn.

THIS IS GREAT, not even on Pay-Per-View.

Troll vs. Troll!

Coming to ZH Right NOW!


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How many republicans in the congress are closeted gays?  It's OK to be gay, but to be a closeted gay and anti-gay is uncool.

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Geesh, heretic!

Nobody is allowed to criticize Jews here. Remember that they are innocent and kind sheep, persecuted for no reason -except jealousy- since the dawn of times. 

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I am Catholic... I am charged with baby sitting Gods choosen people... and I dont think a lil bashing is going to kill anyone once in a while... however if it is all a person has to offer, well thats different.


People junking Trav.. is bullshit! I say so.

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"People who don`t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn`t have such funny beliefs."



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That's not how it started w/ Trav. I'm agnostic, his comments are stupid.

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This is still hilarious...


"I am Catholic... I am charged with baby sitting Gods choosen people..."

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There's always the "Never Again" line.

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Nahh junking Trav isn't bullshit, I think its a "badge of pride" for him to see how many people he can piss off/offend (just look at this avatar)...  I think he is wired such that he enjoys baiting people and seeing how they respond.  He's been kinda "tame" the last few weeks....

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People junking Trav.. is bullshit! I say so.

Yeah, I agree I presume that reference was to the tome When Money Dies and was offered as an historic reference to the hyperinflation history of Germany.  Chill out folks.


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Lmfao. JW you are such a card and it is even funnier because it is true. Evangelical fundamentalists also believe they are the nannies and certified child care providers to the chosen people.

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Jesus fucking Christ, dude.  Could you be any more of a cunt?

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 And now for something completely different; 100 Kilos of Silver offered to buy at 33.03$/oz. in London; now. forty kilos moved a little while ago for 33.06.

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Are you saying that when you are persecuted during 6,000 years with no interruption (from Ancient Egypt to the Kingdom of France or Tsars Russia) it's always the fault of the others?

Jews have been expulsed from France about 6 times during the Middle Ages. In our country, we are taught to wary of them. 

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It must have been those big Jewish armies that terrorized the poor French.


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No one is criticizing the Jewish people here. They are human beings just like the rest of us. I love the Jewish community. They have so much to offer in the way of arts and sciences. Zionists, the bad elements in our government, banking system, and in the Jewish community, now that's a different story. Those people must be identified and strung up by the balls, prosecuted and thrown in jail for destroying the fabric of our country and  world economies.

Someone get on the phone to that fucking bitch Merkel and have her declare martial law immediately. Loot every bank in Germany to buy up all toxic European debt and keep the fucking  ponzi scheme going. That's an order bitch. The Germans ain't getting off that easy. I must have that fucking Germany crash and burn just like the US and the rest of the planet as the zionists engineered it to do. No one here gets out alive and Germany ain't nothing special. What the hell is the matter with that cunt Merkel.

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I don't disagree with all 3 of your personalities...

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I'm required to have peak entertainment. I can't help it.

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Vive la Iceland!

Iceland refuses deal to repay UK Landsbanki deposits
Iceland's president has refused to sign a $5bn (£3.1bn) deal to repay the UK and Netherlands for deposits lost when Landsbanki failed.

"Iceland’s President Olafur R. Grimsson will give his country’s voters the final say on repaying about $5 billion in debts owed to the U.K. and the Netherlands to cover depositor claims.

Grimsson’s announcement yesterday that he won’t sign a depositor accord struck between the three countries’ governments in December follows lawmaker approval of the bill. He told reporters he was responding to popular demand for a referendum after more than 42,000 of Iceland’s 318,000 inhabitants signed a petition asking him to block the accord. Forty-four of the Reykjavik-based parliament’s 63 lawmakers voted for the bill on Feb. 16.

“There is support for the view that the people should once again, as before, act together with the parliament as the legislator in this matter,” Grimsson said.

Yesterday’s announcement marks the second time Grimsson has rejected an agreement designed to compensate the U.K. and Netherlands for depositor losses stemming from the October 2008 failure of Landsbanki Islands hf. His Jan. 5, 2010, refusal to sign a prior accord prompted Fitch Ratings to cut Iceland’s credit grade to junk. Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s give Iceland’s debt the lowest investment grade.

Grimsson’s decision threatens to sour relations with the U.K. and Netherlands after Iceland’s government persuaded the two countries to negotiate a new deal following last year’s rejection of the previous accord."

Icelanders to Have Final Say on British, Dutch Depositor Debt


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A common tactic of the Illuminati throughout history, is to blame others (including jewish people) for their misdeeds.   I hope I or somebody can stop the coming collapse and expose them.  If it does come to blood in the street, it is crucial that the true people responsible, the eyeball triangle worshipers, take the blame they so richly deserve. 

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Identify, names and locations.

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Blythe Masters.

Names: unknown (sith lords?)
Location: unknown (outer border?)

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Trav, joo junk collector joo...lol

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Nein, bitchez.....

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Merkel is a bankster Neo-Nazi.

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Godwin's Law wins again.  This thread is now over.  Thanks for coming, everyone.

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i didn't think godwin applied to neo-nazis. :snickers:

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 Yawohle; don't mention it Tinkerbelle; or whatever.

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Point of order.....attention please... Haphastus et al wasnt comparing them to nazis...the.comments are suggesting they WERE the nazis in disguise. Also neo nazi comparisons are specifically excluded. Only real nazi.comparisons from 1929 through 1945 count. Godwin's law has not been violated. You may proceed.

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bankster neo-nazi is an oxymoron

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The joo banksters are the new nazis, how ironic!

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They always were the nazis.

Now how many russian citizens died during world war II?

Now how exactly do you go about turning 6 million jews in the biggest most horrible tragedy in history when innocent russian citizens paid much much more?

Simple you control the money, control the papers, control the movie industry.

People should fight for a day of rememberance for russian citizens of world war II. Just to piss of the attention whores.

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Germany > Jews > Nazis > Jewish Bwankers

That's the (v limited) thought process here is it? Only thing we know about Germany is from 1945. Talk about running on empty old cliches. Anyone here for a chat on Europe 2011 ???  

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The place still looks the same to me. lol

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remember the Kulaks..  fuck the Bolsheviks

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Germany is probably the nicest place in Europe and no longer a bombsite. It'd be even nicer if the scum (politicians) hadn't emptied a large part of the wealth created by its admirable industrial might into the coffers of every fuking loser in Europe. Namely bailed out Eastern Germany and every other socialist toss-pot in the EU.

Germans are waking up that their living standards have been static for 10+ years because their politicians impoverished their own winners to bail out losers (socialism). The coming years will demonstrate unequivicably bailing out tossers results in tossers being bigger tossers and German politicians being even bigger losers (of their own peoples money).

Hopefully Germans will one day twig the real problem is a system called Govt, not which party of losers (politicians) they choose! Judging by the big turn-out to turf out the last bunch of losers the penny still hasn't dropped they're simply voting in another bunch of losers

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Well, well, well.... Say good bye to euro zone! I wonder who will start rioting first again? Greeks or the Irish?!
Barosso&Co politically have screwed up everything so badly, that I am personally waiting for heads to roll! – not literally of course!

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I would prefer the literal.  Much more entertaining and helps to foster the suggestion of the return of justice to the Welt.

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Little do they know us dumb Irish are just about holding their savings together - if the european people could somehow get beyond the fiscal noise and look at the huge monetory interest payments being directed to the european core they would not be so, shall we say nationalistic.