Massive Earthquake Strikes Japan, At Least 44 Dead As 10 Meter Tsunami Hits Pacific Coast, Kan Mobilizes Forces, Declares Nuclear Emergency

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A massive magnitude 8.9 earthquake, the 5th strongest since 1900 and 7th largest in history, struck Japan last night off the coast of Sendai, launching a 10 meter Tsunami across the entire Pacific ocean, killing numerous people and sending Japan into a tailspin. Bloomberg reports: "Prime Minister Naoto Kan mobilized Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and the central bank pledged to ensure financial stability after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck off the coast of Sendai, a city of 1 million, causing damage across the east coast of Japan. “I call on citizens to act calmly,” Kan told reporters in Tokyo after convening his emergency disaster response team. “The Self-Defense Forces are already mobilized in various places. The government is making its utmost effort to minimize the damage,” he said, saying later in a news conference that the impact was widespread. The Ministry of Finance said it’s too soon to gauge the economic impact of the temblor, the world’s biggest in more than six years. Japan’s central bank set up an emergency task force and said it will do everything it can to provide ample liquidity. The BOJ, which has already cut its benchmark rate to zero in an effort to end deflation, had last month said the economy was poised to recover from a contraction in the fourth quarter." The financial reaction was swift: "Japan’s stocks slid 1.7 percent in Tokyo today as the earthquake struck less than half an hour before the market closed. The yen advanced 0.2 percent to 82.77 per dollar as of 5:07 p.m. in Tokyo. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index dropped 1.4 percent as of 5:22 p.m. in Tokyo, with losses accelerating after the quake. Futures on the Euro Stoxx 50 Index fell 1 percent. The central bank said in a statement that its settlement
system was working and that it was able to settle all accounts
today without disruption." News agencies report a ship carrying around 100 was swept away by the tsunami. The assessment of the impact is only starting and will likely be massive when all is said and done.

A BBC News live feed of news can be accessed below.


The clip below summaries the devastation:



A video from Sky News:

And a video from Al Jazeera:

This is the biggest earthquake since the Kobe Earthquake, and for those interested how the market reacted following that tremor, here is a Reuters graph:

As a result of the quake Japan declared a 'nuclear emergency' as attempts to cool reactor at northern plant are 'not going as planned' - official via NHK.Below are maps summarizing the nuclear locations:

and sizes...

In a preliminary report, Jefferies believes that the insurance losses from the earthquake will be at least $10 billion. The final assessment will likely be far greater.

Analysts at Jefferies International said Friday that insured losses from
the Japanese earthquake appear limited, based on an early assessment.
The broker said it is working on the assumption of a $10 billion
industry loss and that the impact on insurers' and reinsurers' balance
sheets is likely to be around 5%. Most insured losses are likely to be
in property, Jefferies said. It noted that insurance take-up rates are
low and many homes will not be covered -- around 10% of households elect
for supplementary earthquake cover and coverage is only for a fraction
of the property value. The low level of coverage explains why the 1995
Kobe earthquake incurred $100 billion of economic losses, but only $3
billion of insured losses, Jefferies said. Shares in Swiss Re

And as a result of refinery shutdowns, crude has dropped in double digit territory. This is a very temporary response.

We will follow this tragic development.

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Here is a link to live TV from Japan via the internet plus pre-recorded videos from Japan and the Tsunami.


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God Bless Everyone.

Planet Nibiru gets closer everyday, neh?

I know a lot of folks around here worship money,

but maybe it's time to pay more attention to your soul

than your Gold.



NewThor's picture

Check out the Earthquake chart.

That's one scary list.

I fear it has only begun.

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I think they're calling it Tyche now.

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Have friends living there  - I will post any news

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This looks absolutely horrific.  I hope your friends are all OK.

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 ------------- The Japanese Government are warning their people of an imminent earth quake stronger than the 8.9.

- [link to

TeamAmerica's picture

Just a matter of time until someone declares this to be psy-ops orchestrated by the Rothschilds or whatever...

Ethics Gradient's picture

What do you mean? I thought everyone knew about it.

I was on 4chan and they were talking about Gerald Celente having a conversation with Daniel Estulin who apparently heard that it was a diversionary tactic by Charlie Sheen.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Or until some brainless dipshit starts regurgitating what they heard on Fox News...

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From what I was viewing earlier it looks IMHO like the number of fatalities will significantly increase:-(


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+2012  One can only hope that the junkers will be able to pay their Karmic debt with piles of PMs.

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According to the BBC we should be particularly worried about pacific islands because they're more vulnerable as a result of climate change.

Intuition's picture

lulz Not surprising.

Truth is that the effects will depend on the type of island. From what I understand, atolls aren't in as much danger as volcanic chains.

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Maybe if we purchase enough carbon credits in the next hr the Tsunami will go away

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"as a result of climate change"



TeamAmerica's picture

Idiot.   Your ignorance is just jaw-dropping.   Water expands when heated (duh), meaning sea levels have risen even before the icecaps melt.   Many Pacific islands are already being overtopped by high tides.   Add a tsunami on top of already high sea levels and yes, they are more vulnerable due to climate change.

Still LOL'ing?

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Half the US was covered by ice at one point, before humans were even here. It retreated as the earth NATURALLY warmed back up in its NATURAL cycle of cooling and warming. In the 70's, the media was all over global cooling as the trend. If you are too much of a tool to figure out that Al Gore, Goldman, and the rest of your friends are using you to make money off trading carbon credits, then go troll somewhere else.

Flakmeister's picture

Would you like to play? I can go a few rounds if you think you are man enough....

You have no fucking idea what you are talking about...

Calmyourself's picture

If your a GW koolaid drinker yeah I would like to play..  Lets start with why East Anglia destroyed all their source data so their research could not be recreated by other scientists.. You know the basics, the experiment must be repeated by independant scientists thing...

Flakmeister's picture

I am not going to debate East Anglia, one flawed study does not refute a wealth of other studies.  

Also note that the followup investigations did not get the press of the original claims:


While being of proof of nothing, do you think that dumping billions of tons of C02 into the air over a period of ~100 years is going to have *no* effect? Remember this was carbon that slowly sequestered over a period of ~200 million years?


Can you explain the following observations and data to me?

Click on

The oceans, which are the heat sink, are warming....


So the fact that 97% of climate scientist agree on GW, and that the academic debate is about the degree of AGW. Its all just a conspiracy in your mind? 

Robot Traders Mom's picture

What was not factual about my statements, boy?

1. Half the US was covered in ice at one point and retreated as the Earth warmed, before humans were here.

2. In the 70's, the mainstream media was all over global cooling.

3. Al Gore and Goldman Sachs are complete bags of shit pushing carbon credits as a potential trillion dollar industry.

Flakmeister's picture

You are using red herrings to refute GW. And yes, I absolutely agree that carbon credit trading is a scam, that is why I support a straight carbon tax. A Carbon tax that is also applied to imports.... 

Bicycle Repairman's picture

LOL Why am I not surprised, pimping for the peak oil fraud and the global warming scam.

TeamAmerica's picture

Did you bother reading the thread?  No need to argue the cause of climate change - the point is that the oceans ARE warming and sea levels ARE rising.   That means the BBC comment that climate change makes Pacific islands more vulnerable to tsunamis is correct.

As for your ignorance as to how fast climate has changed - you are comparing changes that occurred over millenia to events that occurred within your lifetime and believe they are the same.  Take a minute to check out a graph on the rate of change and you'll see how dumb that it.   Seeing you cite the name of Al Gore while ignoring the science tells me you are just regurgitating Fox News idiocy. 

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Dude, you literally just fucking plagarized my post when I responded to your first dumb statement, asshole. "Regurgitating Fox News"---check it above you commie thief.

TeamAmerica's picture

Dude, I literally just fucking threw your own comment back in your face.   You thought that was an accident?

Flakmeister's picture

  Nice. This is like shooting fish in a barrel, with a shotgun...

AnarchoCapitalist's picture

Water actually expands when frozen. That is why ice floats. Duh.

TeamAmerica's picture

Irrelevant.   Water expands when heated.   If you believe otherwise you are arguing against observable physical facts.

Calmyourself's picture

I suggest you recheck your numbers sea levels have not risen..  It is amazing these fools who hear one number from one unreliable GW snake oil saleman and never bother to actually check it..  You just turn into a parrot..

While your at it check on the ARGOS buoy system, small autononomous bouys floating across all the oceans, they report no warming.. No ocean warming means no GW, but you knew that didn't you..

So global warming with no warming in the oceans, FAIL, HUGE FAIL!

TeamAmerica's picture

Tell the residents of Tuvalu that the water around their ankles is just Al Gore's fantasy.   You are one of relatively few people still arguing that global warming isn't happening...most deniers have moved to arguing that the warming is happening but is not caused by human activity.   See the guy above...

Arguing the data just doesn't work for denial anymore.   Facts are facts, and clinging to outliers in the data is FAIL.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Hey Tuvalu, islands sometimes appear and disappear and it has nothing to do with global warming which isn't happening anyway.

Anyone else you want me to inform, numbnuts?

Calmyourself's picture

Did you forget about the ARGUS buoys? They must be one of the last remaining lying sets of 3,000 ocean monitoring buoys.. Lol, its no use debating as you will not.  It is actually quite simple. Try to make me do what you want vis a vis GW, you will not like what happens.. "You" being the entire GW scam and their backers.  By the way, why is the Chicago Carbon Exchange no more?  Did the deniers shut that down or was it true believers just wondering?

Flakmeister's picture

Thanks for the link to a newspaper article.... I did *real* research and went to

and came across this:

click on the PDF and read....

Be also sure to look at

which is dated April 7, 2010, two years after your newspaper link...


Do you have any idea what doing science entails? These are very difficult measurements to make.

Here is a simple measurement, measure the width of a full moon to 0.5% level of accuracy or the height of the building you are currently in....  Let me know how you do....

Edit: Added the following

Here is a link to some results from one buoy, pretty complicated eh?

Flakmeister's picture

   On the sea level, this is pinched from another thread (hattip geekgrrl)


The reason I ask is because the data I see shows the level has been rising for the last 100 years. From Wikipedia: "Current Sea Level Rise has occurred at a mean rate of 1.8 mm per year for the past century,[1][2] and more recently, during the satellite altimetry era of sea level measurement, at rates in the range of 2.9-3.4 ± 0.4-0.6 mm per year from 1993–2010.[3][4][5][6][7].

See also


And I completely refuted you claim about the ocean above...

IQ 145's picture

 The sea level has dropped a 1/2" in the last twenty years; due to cooling. Some Islands are sinking; the part of the crust they're on is subsiding; there is no global warming; Sea Level, and the positions of the Islands are measured accurately with Satelites; however, it is your responsibility to look up real measurement data instead of repeating falsehoods from propaganda sites.

Flakmeister's picture

Ok... let's play. Where is your reference? You claimed 1/2", citation please from a reputable site. Otherwise STFU


Bicycle Repairman's picture

LOL, you bought and paid for troll-bot.

Flakmeister's picture

Sneaking around, are we? ....hoping to get your pathetic little jabs in...

Still haven't answered my questions:

At 0.1 mm per annum, how long does it take to reach 10,000 ft?

How old are the rocks in the worlds great oil fields?


I now christen you "Grima", look it up. 

-Michelle-'s picture

It's not over yet.  Tsunami warning is still in effect for the Pacific.

Miss Expectations's picture

Leave it to central bankers to announce "it will do everything it can to provide ample liquidity" during a devastating tsunami.

Popo's picture

IMHO, this earthquake seals the deal on QE3.  Now QE3 *must* happen.


Consider this:  The demand for commodities is going to go through the stratosphere when the smoke clears.   Rebuilding efforts are going to be at a historic scale.  


Then consider this:  Nobody has any cash.  Which means the rebuilding almost guarantees QE3.


So -- S&P to 2000 



taraxias's picture

Popo, I agree, demand for commodities will go through the roof based on Japan's rebuilding efforts. I don't agree with your conclusion that this will render QE3 inevitable.

Commodities demand (in addition to all of of Chairsatan's money printing so far) will be an inflationary event.  It will mean more margin squeeze, more layoffs and blow the notion that there has been any meaningful "recovery" out of the water. Double dip with a vengeance. The FED's hands are now tied. More money printing will make matters worse.

Without QE3, the issue remains, how do we continue to fund our massive deficits? Rtaes cannot be raised to attract buyers of treasuries if the FED steps back, because if rates go up just about everyone blows up. And we're back in a bigger mess than when this whole thing started.

Welcome to Chairsatan's nightmare. You can only defy gravity for so long.

equity_momo's picture

Makes QE3 less likely. Last thing the World needs right now is 200 dollar oil and copper doubling.

Look at the Tsunami. Thats a deflation wave coming. Fancy a haircut?

PY-129-20's picture

The plastic foil hat protects you.

Hope nothing happens to those nuclear plants.

NewThor's picture

They're having emergency problems with one of the reactors cooling systems.

The footage of the debris sweeping through the town is chilling.


dark pools of soros's picture

Mothra at it again???    where's Godzilla?  laid off?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Knew ZH would be on top of this. Crazy scenes. We are gettign to see, every day, who the master really is here. Hope the body count stays low, but such trauma.

And Japan, 33rd parallel country. Pertinent, hell yes. The pattern is unfolding so clearly.

Awareness of it's weave will only help us be ready.

Whoever your GOD is, may it be with you.