Matt Simmons Has Died Of A Heart Attack

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CNBC notes the apparent cause of death of the recently popular BP skeptic, and founder of oil company Simmons & Co., was a heart attack. A conflicting report according to WLBZ cites the source of death as drowning.

NORTH HAVEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Knox County Sheriff's Department says Matthew Simmons, the founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, drowned at his house on North Haven late Sunday night.

Simmons was a leading investment banker for the energy industry and had recently retired to work full time on the new Ocean Energy Institute.

He was a leading proponent of offshore wind power and had started raising money to develop and build offshore turbines.

He and his family had also bought and rebuilt the Old Strand Theater in downtown Rockland.

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we can still change the headlines you know. Would you be more happy if we printed: "death by crossing over the street" of "death by falling into a elevator shaft"?

HE! Didn't you also have a remark about the glorious and green company BP?!

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The truth will set you free.

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The truth gave Vince Foster his freedom,from life.

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A person can have a heart attack and drown while swimming or hot-tubbing.  Don't know if that is what happened here, but it is at least possible.

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Wonder if they poured a couple of gallons of 10w40 into the hot tub just for laughs? 

Goldman settles on the day they pass "reform", Simmons dies on the day they "plug" the leak.  They are getting pretty bold in their timing.

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This isn't suspicious at all. He killed himself and this is really really sad. His heart was in the right place but he got caught up in events. He rightly called BP's bluff on the amount of Oil and then over played his hand. He went Short BP stock and was wrong. I'm sure the guilt of that and his lost reputation was too much for him.

This is so sad......

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I seriously doubt he did a Cliff Clavin on his BP short.

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Are you joking or is your job to post on blogs and present a certain point of view?

If you went short and it went against you,  would you end your life? 

Its not like he is notable for anything else in his career....

Wait, I get it, you are kidding.

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‘Broken’ Billionaire Merckle Killed Self, Family Says

"“The dedicated family businessman was broken by his inability to handle the situation and he ended his own life,” his family said in a statement today. “The distress at his companies caused by the financial crisis and the resultant uncertainty of the last few weeks” contributed to his death, the family added.

Merckle, whose estimated $9.2 billion fortune put him 94th on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people, was hurt by bets on Volkswagen AG, a drop in the value of HeidelbergCement stock and increasing debt. The family’s spiraling debt threatened holdings including its VEM Vermoegensverwaltung GmbH holding company, which owed the bank about 5 billion euros, people with knowledge of the matter said last month."

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Right, there's nothing suspicious about a well connected Billionaire jumping in front of a train to commit suicide. Sort of like that Madoff guy who drowned in his pool:

Or that Enron guy who got all sad after turning state's evidence. Yeah nothing to see here! Move along and for gods sake don't think or anything!

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can you name one celebrity or high profile person whose death you think was NOT a conspiracy of some kind?

Just curious

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I'm taking downrodeo on Family Feud.  Good answer.

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i thought it had something to do with the bondage market

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Gee let's see: Don Knotts, Jim Henson, John D. Rockefeller I, II and III, King Edward, King Henry the VIII. Actually I would say 98% of all celebrities and rich people die from natural causes. Then there are ones that are just a tad convenient and suspicious due to timing and circumstance. Weak sauce response hommie.

VWbug's picture

so Marilyn,  Elvis, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and all the others you are about to hear mentioned in this thread were not some kind of conspiracy?


goldfish1's picture

Riiiiight. Go peddle your disinfo to the stupid.

George the baby crusher's picture

If you have a look at his photo, you'll clearly see this man was suffering from some serious high blood pressure issues.  I'm putting my tin foil hat away for the time being.

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Yes, I agree he didn't look healthy and he was under quite a bit of stress I imagine. That said the timing is quite impeccable now that BP has the gusher "under control".

It's a sign of the times that a death like this looks so suspicious. Lets not forget the security chief at Davos who also got all sad:


I think this one is about fifty/fifty. We'll see if anything more comes to light. I'm willing to go with Occam's razor on this one, but it doesn't mean I won't follow the story and see if anything else comes to light.

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Interesting though a month ago Matt Simmons 'jokingly' said in an interview he's perfectly healthy from a recent physical exam. Of course you guys know otherwise, 'CLEARLY' from a photo you can see its no surprise he dropped dead of a sudden total heart attack.

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And if you believe it was an accident or a heart attack well…….

Let’s review his “enemies” list:

1. The U.S. Government

2. British Petroleum

3. The House of Saud

I’m just sayin’.

Cojones's picture

British Pension Funds?

The British Royal Family?

The list is endless, really. 

My advice?  Buy Alcoa!

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it was an accident, just like the guy who fell down an elevator shaft onto some bullets.

Windemup's picture

At least it wasn't an accidental fall from the balcony of a high rise in Vienna. That would be suspicious.

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Death from a "heart attack" or an agitator simply silenced by the TPTB?

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Is every death a conspiracy now? This is rather insulting to the family.

MarketTruth's picture

Agree that not every death is suspcious. Still, when the Washington DC madam who said over and over again she would never commit suicide was found Arkancided.

Look up Arkancide...


Rusty Shorts's picture

 - oh great, looked up "arkancide", and my electric power was cut off, now some kind of trojan virus hit my computer, a black helicopter just flew over my house, and..uh..oh shit, someone is knocking on my door..aarghh

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 Dick Cheney is dining on his liver.  The entree is accompanied by a bottle of chianti and fava beans.   

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Well, THAT one was fishy.


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Boy, do the Hollywood producers have a ton of fodder nowadays or what?

Oh wait, they already did "Michael Clayton".  Duh..

"Honey, where the hell's the damn TV Guide, damn news is like a friggin re-run anymore?"

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Whistleblower Death Syndrome (WDS): a disease that effects those who have recently become a thorn in the side of TPTB. WDS effects all age brackets, genders, races, and socio-economic classes, although multi-trillionaires rarely succumb to the disease. The symptoms include having recently disclosed unsettling information to the public that contradicts the establishment line, and death/dismemberment by means of bizarre accidents. These accidents are typified by leaps off of buildings with 3 digit story counts, certain automobile related fatalities, burglaries gone wrong, and suicides by hanging or wrist slitting, although there does not seem to be any limit to the range of possibilities. WDS is so dangerous that authorities will often seal the records of the autopsy report on the death for decades after the victim’s demise. Risk factors for contracting WDS are not well understood, although studies suggest that persons who are prone to investigating conspiracy theories may be at an elevated risk for contracting the disease.   

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you be careful TD
watch your back or have someone. hope your home has ATD security for your wife and kids. maybe you need surveillence cameras. I have them, peace of mind
no murder she wrote
h e r e

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"Insulting" if he was taken out then it is a honour.

He did not go gently into the good night


Internet Tough Guy's picture

The level of paranoia on this site is off the charts. How can you have a rational conversation about anything if every event is considered part of a grand conspiracy web, everyone is suspect, and no one tells the truth? Every thread now has these comments; 'those Korean fishermen were not fishermen!'.

I am a suspicious person, but some of you must be completely wrapped in tinfoil.

'He did not go gently into that good night'. What does that mean? Innuendo much?

Thomas's picture

You must be one of them! :-)

Internet Tough Guy's picture

LOL, I was waiting for that. When I, a paranoid goldbug, am the voice of caution on a blog, you know things have gone too far.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Therefore you completly discount that possibility Tough Guy - grow up and get out of that linear thought framework.

It is a possibility.

VWbug's picture

anything is a possibility, but until there is even an ounce of evidence you'd be pretty foolish to assume a convoluted conspiracy theory for a commonplace event.

people do have heart attacks you know, and they do committ suicide.

Especially likely after one apparently has gone off the deep end.

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Remind us how the thought that this guy might have been suicided is convoluted? Seems pretty straightforward to me. I didn't see anything about martians or big foot or masonic killing of the king rituals. Folks are saying they gave the man a heart attack. Assassinations are as old as Babylon, and are especially common in elite power struggles. Do a little history reading for crying out loud.

Also after one has gone off the deep end? What the hell does that mean? Many of the things that Simmons said were spot on accurate. What's your agenda?

VWbug's picture

um  well like what would be the reason to kill him after his ideas were so widely disseminated?

I have not seen BP news on the front page for weeks, so now they want the notoriety back?

If you think his theories about the macondo leak were accurate I can see why you wouldn't recognize someone who has lost it, poor bugger.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

So you're not the least suspicious about the timing? I mean, BP plugs the well, and now their main critic (who's already shown them up by calling the spill's size) can't say something like "While BP would have you believe that the spill is contained, evidence suggests..." I think it's worth some healthy skepticism.