Max Keiser And Gerald Celente Deconstruct Financial Fraud

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Max Keiser at his best, deconstructing the global ponzi with Gerald Celente, another very much outspoken critic of the broken financial system. Most ZH regulars will be quite familiar with the overriding themes exposing the mass corruption perpetrated by the kleptocratic oligarchy, yet Max as always delivers the message with his patented iconoclastic panache that just draws you in.


h/t Ian

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Love the Max...I hope Celente is right about a progressive/libertarian alliance as a party...I guess we can see the beginnings of this in the Ron Paul/Alan Grayson unity on Audit Fed but I have a hard time imagining such a party actually happening in a few years...but who knows what else will happen in next few years...interesting times.

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It is my belief if they audit the Fed it will mark the end of the old financial order dominated by the central banks in general and the fed in particular. This audit will motivate the fed and the likes of Goldman Sachs and JPM to sink the financial system into chaos and take everything down with them. There will be little choice as the fraud will be laid bare.

Precious metals will be the only surviving valuable asset! Welcome to the New World Order.

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I'm all in physical gold (because there is really no other hedge) but still remain skeptical that it will back the next currency system.  I suspect the coming SDR unit of credit, that will replace the USD for global trade, will be backed by the phony carbon credit -

a) the NWO establishment no longer holds any gold so would lose all power.

b) carbon credits are/will be 'scientifically' finite similar to gold. 

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If you needed an even more surreal currency system, that's the one, right there...

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It's an energy currency which is far less surreal than our current state of affairs

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Carbon "credits" is NOTHING BUT a ecological/economical/political/whateverial SCAM<period>

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I totally agree, but 95% of populace do not enter into debate. They just accept the governments word for it. So it does not mean they won't pursue it.

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indeed. that is exactly what it is.  Common sense about eco related items has more value than the gore scam....but common sense is even more rare and precious than precious metals.

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Would it not be more stable to use tribbles as a currency foundation as they also are backed by science as demonstrated on a classic Star Trek episode.  That way one could always use the phrase "the trouble with Tribbles" when discussing economics.

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They do have a certain multiplier effect, don't they? 

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No they won't - you never shit where you eat!

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Just read a Daily Bell interview of Hugo Salinas-Price who clearly explains why, from a Austrian Economics/successful Mexican businessman's perspective,  “We have met the enemy, and he is us” ought to resonate with Americans. 

America needs a new government.  The current crop of politicians are corrupt to the core except for Ron Paul.

Here's a few snips from the interview.  Good stuff. 


Hugo Salinas-Price on the Nature of Money and Why Silver Should Be Legal Mexican Currency

Sunday, May 23, 2010 – with  Scott Smith

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Hugo Salinas-Price.


Introduction: Hugo Salinas Price, 75, is a successful, retired businessman who lives in Mexico. He has been a follower of the Austrian School of Economics since his youth. He has written three books in Spanish on how and why silver should be instituted as money in Mexico, in parallel with paper money, and numerous related articles in English and Spanish, posted at his website. His organization, the Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver, is actively lobbying the Mexican Congress to approve legislation, which will institute the pure silver "Libertad" ounce as money.


Daily Bell: What is your plan for the silver Mexican dollar? What is it called?

Hugo Salinas-Price: My plan is to have the Mexican silver ounce monetized, i.e., turned into ready money. It is called the "Libertad". This coin would come into circulation in parallel with paper and digital bank money.

People would then have the option of obtaining this coin for their savings – on which no interest would be paid; unlike deposits in banks on which the banks pay interest, people would save these coins even though they pay no interest. This is as it should be: there is no reason for people to expect interest on their savings, if what they are saving is worth saving.

Policy all over the world today, is to promote consumption. This is total nonsense! Savings must come before, long before consuming.

Families who have savings are happy, satisfied people. They are secure in the knowledge that they have solid savings for emergencies and for their retirement. This makes for a happy nation. And that should be the object of politics.

Daily Bell: What does Mexico have to do to become a successful State in your opinion? Is America the problem?

Hugo Salinas-Price: I wouldn't say that Mexico is an "Unsuccessful State" at all. It has problems which are common to the whole world and which mainly arise from the world's having abandoned real money by stages, beginning in 1909, or 1873 if you want to go back that far, when the US government decreed that the Treasury would no longer continue to accept all the silver offered to it and return it minted into dollars.

I must admit that the US has forfeited its leadership in the world, over which it had such mighty power after WW II, by unwise behavior in the sphere of banking and money. You have an oligarchy in power, actually running the US Government behind the scenes, and they want to retain their power at all costs, even sacrificing the American People to their ends. Together with their brothers in the UK, they are the prime obstacle to a reform and renewal of Finance and Money, to put the world on a path to sustainable prosperity. I believe they have put a rope around their own necks due to their obstination and avarice. The rope is closing in on them – note the rising gold price.

Daily Bell: Is America headed for a depression or hyperinflation? How about the EU?

Hugo Salinas-Price: I think the US is already in a Depression, but the Media are keeping the news from the people. If Bernanke's creation of massive amounts of money ever gains traction by the money filtering down to the people, then inflation will take hold, and Bernanke will not be able to stop it, try as he may. The Genie will be out of the bottle!

Europe is in for a bunch of trouble. I do have a suspicion that the EU was deliberately attacked by US Finance. Certainly, Europe dug its own grave with their version of funny money, although they kept up appearances pretty well until given a strong push by the rating agencies. Perhaps the European Monetary Union will fall apart and the euro may disappear as things unravel.

Full Interview:

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1st up is always ZH. 2nd up is Dailybell. I then thrash about looking for the meme of the day. Got any good suggestions for where else I might poke around for something worth looking at?

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It is might be worth perusing cryptogon if you are into deconstructing the memepool.


ISEEIT's picture

I'll look, but My expectations are limp. My guess is that we shall discover that digital is cheap porn, and eventually, we will get pissed enough to recreate our birthright.

I will let you hit me first. Seriously. I will.

ISEEIT's picture

Info wars seems really lame and commercial. I don't trust it.

RabidLemming's picture and its sister site are most definitely FOR profit enterprises, although all the content is available for free including the full length films.  So while the page may seem like a tabloid ad section the information is well worth looking at. It took me awhile to get past the slickness of it also, but then everyone has to pay the bills.

ISEEIT's picture

Thank you. I will have a look. Are you familiar with Excellent gathering in my opinion. Very juicy nuts.

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"Hugo Salinas-Price: I think the US is already in a Depression, but the Media are keeping the news from the people."


Ya think?, you sir are dead on.................with a REAL Unemployment rate of around 22%, the only thing keeping a mass revolt off the streets, is 92-96 weeks of unemployment benefits.

Stop that, the SHTF, and don't think it's being extended for any other reason, it's not,except.............

You could bring yourself to think(can you?), that Big "O"is adding to the roles of permanent welfare state leeches, and will call that favor in, for the NEW Prog's he's got planned later on?...................More B Shirts.

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let it happen... since nothing will happen.  they act like humanity won't function without their usury claws

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You go bitch.

Speak truth to power.

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I'll tell you exactly how a Libertarian/Progressive ticket would run: the so-called Progressives would throw a hissy fit the minute the so-called Libertarians decide to adopt a policy that reduces funding for social programs while the so-called Libertarians will walk when the so-called Progressives try to "fix" healthcare by raising taxes.

The animosity will reach a crescendo when the so-called Libertarians, being mostly gun-toters, mow down the so-called Progressive side of the caucus during one of their conventions.

I am Chumbawamba.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Chumba, you pointed out two of the contradictions between Libertarians and Progressives (what an awful word the latter is).

So, it won't even get to the point of a convention.

You Progressives can breathe a little easier now.  You will not get mowed down unless you come for our stuff.

He is Chumbawamba, while I am a mere writing bearing.

ISEEIT's picture

Not only are you Chambawhatever: You are also fucking hilarious.

I hit it like this on a lame ass post a short time ago.

So the 'progressive' and Ron start talking. All is well up to the point that they get into finance. At that point Ron get's serious and begins to speak Austrian.

The fucking 'progressive' then attempts to steal Ron's wallet.

Then we woke up.

Moonrajah's picture

Well, Ron is from Texas. So I don't think he will be either liberal or "progressive" on them stealing his wallet.

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Ditto..I hope Celente is right about the progressive/libertarian party also.  I swear, I think that politicians & the media keep stuff stirred up just to make sure that the people are at each other's always stirring racial & sexual orientation tension, just to keep the spotlight off the important stuff, like enslavement of the entire masses via economic servitude.

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"just to make sure that the people are at each other's always stirring racial & sexual orientation tension"

bingo!  we have a winner!

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Hey - it's working against Rand Paul. Left tees him up and Right punts his ass...

FYI "Would you have voted for the Civil Rights Amendment?" should have been answered, "It was passed before I was born and I have never actually sat down and read it. A major part of the problem with Government today is the willingness of politicians to opine on legislation they haven't read, something I will not do, period."

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rand is bought and paid for like the rest.

"Israel and the United States have a special relationship," Rand's position paper begins. "With our shared history and common values, the American and Israeli people have formed a bond that unites us across the many thousands of miles between our countries and calls us to work together towards peace and prosperity for our countries."

Rand goes on to support free trade with Israel, call for divestment from Iran, and "strongly object to the arrogant approach of (the) Obama administration" toward the peace process. "Only Israel can decide what is in her security interest, not America and certainly not the United Nations," he asserts.


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He is obviously lacks his father's political skills, and I mean basic things like "always be aware of who you are talking to." For example when speaking behind closed doors to a select audience of coal & oil CEO's, dismissing coal mine fatalities and undersea gushers with "hey, accidents happen" will probably go over big and produce generous contributions. Saying the same thing on mainstream TV doesn't play as well with the general public, especially those who have lost friends and family or even their livelihood as a result of preventable accidents. This sounds pretty obvious but apparently never crossed the conciousness of young Rand.

mchawe's picture

Rand Paul has his nose right up Isra-hell's arse.

Peter Schiff also suspect now for his endorsement

DosZap's picture


"rand is bought and paid for like the rest."

Care to explain your meaning, as I am lost as to your reference................and meaning.


Rand is dead on correct, and personally the openess and honesty is refreshing.

America, and Israel share a common foundation of Faith, and religion, started well before the Founders came here.

As usual the Media (Progressive Owned), twist's shit totally out of context..................their like Huff PO..............

Go all the way back,to another Progressive for his time, Teddy R, although Teddy was a Progressive, he KNEW the connection between the God of Israel, and Christianity......and the curse that went with those who opposed Israel.

He fought having IN GOD WE TRUST put on our currency, and  $20 St's, why?.

Not because he was all into Separation of Church and State(to which their is nothing in the Founding docs at all,another Progressive lie), but he was upset that the currency, and  $20 St's primary use was in the Mining camps,towns, and used to pay bar tabs, and whores.TR, was upset in that it Demeaned the basis this was a Judaeo/Christian nation




ISEEIT's picture

Have fun. Men die for Women like Ayn. I would so love to smell her!

That animal bitch gets my cock so fucking hard.

ISEEIT's picture

I'm drunk. Are you the Divider?

been there done that's picture

Great old Movie called "Blue Collar" w/ Richard Pryor was about Auto companies and unions:  "They pit the lifers against the new boy and the young against the old. The black against the white. Everything they do is to keep us in our place."


Fazzie's picture

  Hot button issues like say, gays in the military, or gay marriage etc., give the two parties a nice issue to argue about. It makes it look like there is a difference between the two parties. Afterwards when the cameras are off,and the doors are closed, the gop and dems and the lobbyists all come together in a very bi-partisan way to carve big loopholes into the  financial reform bill.



moneymutt's picture

as GW said in a post, we have to stop the partisan crap...and wake up!

DosZap's picture

A Progressive/Libertarian party to me  is an Oxymoron.

IF you use the definition of a TRUE Progressive=Socialist/Communtist.

ISEEIT's picture

Jesus Christ!! Can we just be serious for once?

MilleniumJane's picture

"I hope Celente is right about a progressive/libertarian alliance as a party...I guess we can see the beginnings of this in the Ron Paul/Alan Grayson unity on Audit Fed but I have a hard time imagining such a party actually happening in a few years..."


I agree.  The people are slow in waking up, so I too think this is at least a decade down the line.  The Tea Party is just the birth pains of a greater movement that I hope will be more enlightened in its ideals.  I believe that our current social safety net, as piss-poor as it is, is the only thing keeping America's streets from looking like Calcutta.  On the other hand, I RESENT our government's intrusion into our lives in exchange for this safety net.  I have been calling myself a progressive libertarian ever since I heard Celente coin the phrase because I feel that we can take the best out of those philosophies and come out with something more civilized and just than the status-quo-two-party-corruption racket we are enduring today.  I really hope that a New Renaissance will come out of all this shit we are dealing with today.



Apostate's picture

It's not really a safety net.

First, the government fucks up businesses by distorting price signals through inflation.

We're further crippled through misguided regulations.

When I worked as a temp in various physical labor jobs, most of the poor people that I worked with relied on food stamps and government housing to keep them afloat. The wages were mismatched to the artificially high cost of living - but they could enjoy an acceptable standard if they kept working and remained in the good graces of the system.

The government support network also entrenches power in certain families and gangs. The only way you can get a slot in public housing is through family, gang, or government connections. So that's another built-in constituency that will oppose conventional political reform. 

It pays to have a more holistic view of why life is so distorted. 

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WOW, I really don't like Celente at all.   IMHO his message is deeply confused.  On the one hand he talks about the message of capitalism, and the necessity of a "sink or swim" society in which those who have failed, must actually fail.  (ie: Not get bailouts).   But then he labels his message "Workers of the World 2.0".   That's inherently *not* sink or swim.  

His message wavers between outright socialism, and actual capitalism.  Well, which one is it Gerald?  

Apparently, it's the former.  Celente shows his true colors when he goes off on his tired class rant about "white shoe boys" and "Hah-vahd".   As if the majority of Ivy league graduates are represented among America's political elite.  Newsflash: The full range of constitutionalism, responsible capitalism, liberalism, neo-socialism and nihilism run equally strong among Ivy leaguers.   (I'm sure Elizabeth Warren would resist Celente's attempt to equate Harvard with the oligarchy.)

IMHO, "true capitalism" should be the goal.  The idea of "failure" must be restored  (at every level of society).  Celente pays weak lip-service to this end and then goes on to promote his neo-socialist agenda in which "workers" are but naive innocents who have been railroaded by the evil powers-that-be.   Please.   

I'll take a pass.   This is propaganda socialism 1.0


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Failure is relative in this case. People fail not to have entities to bail out. Or more straigthforward, some entities manage to get too big to fail, succeeding in getting a bail out ticket.


People fail. People succeed. Too big to fail is a product of competition.

There is nothing to restore on this point.

Johnny Dangereaux's picture

Thanks for the "newsflash" scoop Brady.......

The only thing running "equally strong" at Harverd Princeton and Yale is the Ethic of screwing the middle class- period! That's why it IS a problem that a majority of the "elite" IS represented by H P and Y! Throw in a little CFR and you have Evil incarnate, ie Sommers(H),Bernake(P) and Clinton(Y). The CFR must be exposed and eradicated.  Disclosure: When the SAT scores arrived the Dean yelled at me "You should be going to HPY" I said screw that, I'm not being co-opted, and I'm not.

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I think you're giving Celente a lot more credit for being a political theorist than he would claim or deserves.  Most of what he says is off the cuff elaboration of his reaction to the societal and cultural phenomena that form the basis for the trends he details in his newsletter. 

He doesn't make much of an attempt to express his reaction in the bland, abstract, and unemotional language of reasoned debate.  He just tells you what he thinks in no uncertain terms.

And he speaks in the language and manner of the working class, freely expressing contempt and disdain in plain terms that convey those sentiments in tone and deportment, as well as words. It puts a lot of people off because it offends their upper middle class sensibilities of the proper bounds of debate.

But he's not just contributing more vitriol to the discussion, or fomenting class consciousness without justification.

See the following for elaboration in more refined and politic terms

All The Privileged Must Have Prizes

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

Apostate's picture

I'm ultra-critical of the Ivies...

But it's true that there's a lot of ideological diversity at those schools - among the students.

Among professors, neoliberalism is more or less a religion. 

boooyaaaah's picture

I agree

Two socialist trying to create a utopia

The banks did not overspend into bankruptcy --- govenments did

The banks cannot print money Only the fed can

Too big to fail -- a government program