Max Keiser And Sandeep Jaitly Explain Why Modern Economics Is "Rubbish"

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One of Zero Hedge's recurring peeves with modern economics (at its basis, the flawed premise behind modern broken capital markets) is that modern economics, as taught by every Ivy League, and other, institution, and implemented by modern acolytes of Keynes and other spin off theories, is nothing but garbage: a sham voodoo science, which attempts to attribute an empirical basis to something which is inherently irrational. It is this irrationality that alternative, and thus non-mainstream, approaches to popular economics attempt to discredit, so far with zero success, as such a coup d'etat would mean an immediate end of the "status quo"TM which is for all intents and purposes the only thing that must be maintained in order for the wealthy to retain their wealth, and get far wealthier in the future (Paulson's 3 page blank check proposal to Congress was nothing but a band aid attempt to fix the cumlination of decades of Keynesian failure). The below attached interview between Max Keiser and Sandeep Jaitly provides a 3 minute, must watch glimpse into the basis of Austrian economics, although not through the lense of von Mises, but of Austrian founder Carl Menger, who founded the Austrian school on one axiom only: "value does not exist outside mankind's consciousness." As Jaitly goes on to say, "all other forms of economics, classical, neoclassical economics, ascribe value to something else other than the human mind." And the punchline, coming from a mathematician: "all of the equations in neoclassical economics are rubbish. The differential equations describe nothing. Economics is not about mathematics, it is about the human being."

h/t Mike Krieger

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Hayek, Rothbard, Mises and Menger rule bitchez

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Although... I have disproven the principle of diminishing marginal returns. The more ZH posts i read, I am not noticing any diminishing marginal utility.

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Errrrr. What about the law of declining marginal productivity? The more you read (zh) the less you get done

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sorry to spam, but zh people, get in this chatroom and convince lulzsec to use their considerable internet firepower to break into goldman sachs/ jpm.


thank me later.

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Are you so sure they aren't reall agent provocateurs working for the bankster & politeer tribes?

Well, are ya punk?

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I think it's more like:
"The more I read ZH, the less I want to do".  In the actual sense of productivity towards GDP. Mainly because I realize just how much I'm being raped on a regular basis. 

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Word to your mother!


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I am John Galt Modified, 1, 2, 5, year sabbaticals between my last 3 jobs, for just that reason.

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Ding, Ding, Ding

We have a winner.

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"Errrrr. What about the law of declining marginal productivity? The more you read (zh) the less you get done"

Couldn't have said it better!!!! Abslolutely damn right!!!

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Where else are ya gonna go with everyone else giving away all that free almond-flavored Kool-aid?

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Here's a donation from wiki, to all the asshat Keynesians.


The Austrian business cycle theory ("ABCT") attempts to explain business cycles through a set of ideas held by the heterodox Austrian School of economics. The theory views business cycles (or, as some Austrians prefer, "credit cycles") as the inevitable consequence of excessive growth inbank credit, exacerbated by inherently damaging and ineffective central bank policies, which cause interest rates to remain too low for too long, resulting in excessive credit creation, speculative economic bubbles and lowered savings.[1]

Proponents believe that a sustained period of low interest rates and excessive credit creation results in a volatile and unstable imbalance between saving and investment.[2] According to the theory, the business cycle unfolds in the following way: Low interest rates tend to stimulate borrowing from the banking system. This expansion of credit causes an expansion of the supply of money, through the money creation process in a fractional reserve banking system. It is asserted that this leads to an unsustainable credit-sourced boom during which the artificially stimulated borrowing seeks out diminishing investment opportunities. Though disputed, proponents hold that a credit-sourced boom results in widespreadmalinvestments. In the theory, a correction or "credit crunch" – commonly called a "recession" or "bust" – occurs when exponential credit creation cannot be sustained. Then the money supply suddenly and sharply contracts when markets finally "clear", causing resources to be reallocated back towards more efficient uses.

Given these perceived damaging and disruptive effects caused by what Austrian scholars believe to be volatile and unsustainable growth in credit-sourced money, many proponents (such as Murray Rothbard) advocate either heavy regulation of the banking system (strictly enforcing a policy offull reserves on the banks) or, more often, free banking.[3] The main proponents of the Austrian business cycle theory historically were Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. Hayek won a Nobel Prize in economics in 1974 (shared with Gunnar Myrdal) in part for his work on this theory.[4][5]

The Austrian explanation of the business cycle varies significantly from the mainstream understanding of business cycles, and is generally rejected by mainstream economists. Economists such as Milton Friedman,[6][7] Gordon Tullock,[8] Bryan Caplan,[9] and Paul Krugman[10] have said that they regard the Austrian explanation as incorrect. Further, the Austrian school's methods of deriving theories have been criticized by mainstream economists as a priori "non-empirical" analysis[11] and differing from the practices of scientific theorizing, as widely conducted in economics.[9][12][13]


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WaterWings,  Thanks for the link.  My brother has asked me to read this book.  I followed your link, downloaded it from Mises and I'm glad I did.  Thanks brother.  

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LOL -- yeah, how'd that "scientific theorizing" work out!  LOL

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Yeah. The first 3 paragraphs read like a newspaper, and wiki ends it with the Krugman holocaust denier perspective.  Scientific theorizing my ass.

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I was an Economics major -- There is one thing i can tell you for certain.

95% of all econ majors are uber dorks.  They take whatever the professor teaches as absolute gospel.  Said another way -- it's an area dominated by UBER-TOOLS that universally lack humanity!!


To quote Greenspan - "The was a flaw in my worldview" --- translated into human -- "I am an egg headed theorizing idiot"!!

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Yep and as far as economics being a science. Then why does Greenspan comment on the tech bubble as "Irrational exuberance" kinda sounds like human emotion huh?  facking micromanaging string pushers bringing punch bowls after everyone is already passed out drunk. Ummm, unless your a banksta crony.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

If you were an economics major and my comment irritated you....guess what .... You are a Dork and you know NOTHING.

You were indoctrinated into a sphere of UBER DORKDOM!  Your so-called profession has royally Fucked this world up beyond all recognition.

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Here's a more simple explanation: If the way you do things doesn't work, then someone else sponsering you does not fix the broken way you do things... it just allows you to ignore the defects longer, and accumulate more loss.

(There are cases, where borrowing money can be useful. They're cases where the only thing in the way of your success, are certain investments, which you cannot afford yet. However, stuff like this does not happen to an entire economy, and even if it would, this should not result in a tanking economy - just in one that does not run at full potential)

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The differential equations describe nothing. Economics is not about mathematics, it is about the human being.

Free market capitalism has been subverted and captured by Ivy League licensed criminals, and is nothing more than an algorithm-based version of three-card monte.

The reality is this: Economics is not about mathematics, it is about the bankster & politeer tribes servicing the global elite.

Systematically looting the wealth of nations is not a new paradigm -- Same shit, different century!

Tribal warlords are only as rich & powerful as the thugs they employ...

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"Economics is not about mathematics, it is about the human being."

This is why people in the financial media always say things like "Perception is reality;" people like dumbass Bob PissANTi.

They know that if they convince enough people that all is well they can survive just a little longer looting the laypeople.

I don't think it's about Peak Oil or Peak Resources or anything but Peak Reality.  I believe Ron Paul descirbes this as when people are hungry there is no greater reality.  44+ Million US citizens on SNAP (food stamps) and how long will that last?  44+ million potentially starving people.  That's a lot of Poptarts.  And as commodities have risen so will the cost of this program...


Here is a chart as a reminder:

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And the looting will continue until morale improves:

Basel Reaches Deal on TBTF Capital Requirements...

Global regulators said banks deemed too big to fail must hold as much as 2.5 percentage points in additional capital as part of efforts to prevent another financial crisis.
The additional capital surcharge will range from 1 percentage point to 2.5 percentage points, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision said in a statement today. The extra fee must be met by banks building up their core reserves, and not by issuing so-called contingent capital instruments such as CoCo bonds, the committee said.

The enshrinement of TBTF at the level of International policy legally marks the final end to any notion of phree society and markets.

No longer is there talk about removing or avoiding TBTF status - It has now legally become a permanent fixture.

New World Order Indeed...

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Yeah...Howabout The Laffer Curve?

What A Fucking Joke!

Free Lunch Tax Cuts Never Paid For As Magic Pixie Dust BullShit.

Or As David Stockman Says: "Republicans Bankrupted America"

mynhair's picture

"Free Lunch Tax Cut" ?  You mean, as in spending isn't reduced to offset them?

Refer:  Libs

It's my money, not Pelousy's!

And cetainly, not yours, ya taker.

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The Laffer curve has nothing to do with free lunch tax cuts, unless the bulk of your economic understanding comes from the media (MSM or Ferris Bueller's Day Off).  Ceteris paribus (which is the first flaw of the economic pseudo-science, and upon which all other flaws compound) the Laffer curve does have to do with revenue optimization by manipulation of tax rates.  If you think either a 1% or a 99% effective tax rate could ever yield more tax revenue than a 35%, 50%, or 65% effective tax rate, then your problems are more substantial than just a lack of economic comprehension. 

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Humans act because they are restless. We are put into a state of restlessness from the tripe that the MSM pollute the masses with. We visit this site because it updates regularly, roughly on an hourly basis, and from within these new articles our marginal utility increases as we trade off the new junk of the MSM against the new articles here.

As the only price of visiting here is our subscription to our ISP, the trade off with another commodity is merely time preferenced and our higher preference ordinal system is merely based on new material being that much more satisfying than the new crap the MSM produce. Therefore our marginal utility for new articles here can never reduce unless there is nothing novel being presented here. The marginal utility for the same article reduces, but the propensity for our marginal utility can never reduce if Tyler keeps up the good work, especially when it is free and they substitution of other free articles elsewhere seldom effects our preference levels.

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Now that's what I call analysis. Go to the top of the class.

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Who the hell junked you?!  What you said was was really kind.



Republi-Ken's picture

YEAH...Howabout The Laffer Curve?

What A Fucking Joke!

Free Lunch Tax Cuts Never Paid For As Magic Pixie Dust BullShit.

 Or As David Stockman Says: "Republicans Bankrupted America"

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"Knowledge is structured in Consciousness and Knowledge is different in different states of Consciousness"

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Spoken like a mongrel educated beyond his intellectual ability...

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Would you pass the bong already!?!?

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“Economics must not be relegated to classrooms and statistical offices and must not be left to esoteric circles. It is the philosophy of human life and action and concerns everybody and everything. It is the pith of civilization and of man’s human existence” – Ludwig von Mises

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Someone ought to staple this one to the chairsatan's forehead

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."-Ludwig Von Mises

Hugh G Rection's picture

IMO fuckhead Keynesians like the Chairsatan fully understand the Austrian school.  He wears a Keynesian mask to disguise his (and his handlers) intent of ushering in the total collapse of our currency system.  By selling the cheap credit, throw money at the problem solution to the mindless sheeple, it will end up maximizing the endgame profit for the Rotschild banking cartel.


I'm sure Bernank is a PM bull, not that he'd ever admit that.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

Baby Blythe - do you aspire to be the next Blythe Masters?  I hope not.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

haha, no.

I have been called Blythe since I was about 14 years old for my love of hardcore punk and heavy metal music.

I have no aspirations to work on Wallstreet, an investment bank nor a Hedge Fund.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

Cool - didn't think so.  You're pretty sharp for a young gal !!

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True, it is the mother logic of science. The science of economics problem is that economics is premised on the statment that we are "own profit maximizers", then states that profit is 'subjective' = "I don't know how to objectively measure profit".

There is such an objective measure of value and each of you use it unconsciously. Every life form uses the same objective measure the same way under all sets of circumstances each of us could be in. It is your time alive in your life form = 24 hours a day. One unit of time alive per unit time as measured by the speed of light. Notice we just got plugged into e = m^.

The question is, "How do we all try to use our time alive to get what we need to stay alive?". As little as possible. We are all unconscious own time cost minimizers because when we take to long to get what we need to stay alive = dead life form. Since we all use the same measure the same way it must serve as an Objective Measure of the General Welfare.

This means that in a conscious civilized society an exchange saves both sides of the exchange time. Should we decide to do this all together consciously then our political and economic problems will be solved.


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I thought philosophy, sociology, and psychology were studies of the human being. 

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Here's a one sentence summary of sociology as currenly taught in our indoctrination camps colleges:  "Poverty sucks and America is evil."

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Aren't you late for your 12 o'clock Glenn Beck viewing? 

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The hourly ODummer viewing is better?