Max Keiser: "Goldman Sachs Are Scum"

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"They are literally stealing a hundred million dollars a day. Goldman Sachs is stealing every day on the floor of the exchange. They should be in the Hague, they should be taken on financial terrorism charges. They should all be thrown in jail"

Well, at least one person says what he thinks.


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When I see something like this on American TV then I'll be happy.

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Keiser clearly plays on the emotions of people who always believe that if you have wealth, then it must be stolen. He is just trying to sell himself (his films, books, his hedge fund, etc.). Be careful of these types of people- he my be bashing some publicly held company (like Goldman Sachs), try to cause a panic, all-the-while being short that companies stock - making millions.

Much of what he says is a stretch of the truth, if not dead wrong. Also, he glossed over several facts that would weaken his position.

Talking heads with negative opinions somehow have more credibility- they seem to have "vetted the topic" more-so than those with positive things to say. But they do have an agenda!! And I will bet it is not altruistic.

Think about it- all.

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It's people like you who need a good kickin'


Your pathetic defense of GS is pure BS.

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Max was a trader on wall st. for over 25 years and developed the virtual specialist technology. I think his basis is pretty well established for saying that goldman sachs is front running and cheating people through high frequency trading.

And when the people that produce nothing manage and control those that do the actual work how can you say that their wealth is not stolen? It is inherently set up to do that. You only have to work at a couple companies to even realize this.

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Anyway, Max Keiser is right, what's wrong with that ?

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GS execs appear to have committed multiple crimes.
Crime does not pay.

Criminals go to jail and the money will be returned w/o question.

If Obama does not prosecute GS - the American people as well as global citizens - will take the law in their own hands.

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I really like this Max character. He's got spunk.

What was fun about that video is that Max is being interviewed with a stuffy professor who is trying his hardest to be serious, and make serious comments about the financial system. In truth, the prof was taking nonsense and the wild-eyed Yank was making sense. The world is upside down right now.

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Ha! Good point! Funny....

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Lol, Max Kaiser ftw! (and with a name like Max Keiser, why not?)

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If he feels he is owed $10,000 from GS, why didn't he buy 100 shares of the stock in March?? He would have made that, and more.

He is just mad because he shorted it, looking to make $$ if the price drops- and the opposite happened!!

This guy is quite a sophisticated investor. And promoter. Beware of what he says!!

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Yo, Roubini has turned coat tails and started to get on his knees for Paulson, Volker and Obama! I'd love to see the info y'all have on that.

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ROFL!!!  Great find Tyler..... Freaking Awesome!!! 

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unfortunately, over here in america, all the media can talk about is michael jackson, and if you turn it the business channell, CNBC, all they talk about is porn.

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Ain't that the truth.   And then the sheeple will cry out that no one told them it was coming...  

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Britney & Paris are all worn out, so now it's Jackson and whoever has been wronged by this same MSM.  Whatever it takes to keep folks talking about anything other than the trillions going to GS and Associates.

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Great clip. But it will never show up American TV.

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American TV is meant to pussificate the American public. Make them suffer so that their minds don't wander in the direction of what really matters in this country.

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pussificate.  nice.


but true.  keep the serfs dumb and numb,



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great Carlin word, pussificate

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Great guy that Max. Works with AlJezeera ....

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Worse.. His show is on Iran's Press TV.




Though, he has done work for AJ before. And France 24, BBC.. He doesn't seem to last long wherever he lands.

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Thats because naked truth doesn´t sell that well and might upset some people.You need balls to put someone like Max on air which Iran Press TV seems to have.

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Max = Tyler Durden??



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Pssh, Goldman is exactly what we need - if we let them give even bigger bonuses eventually it will trickle down to the rest of us. It's supply-side Reaganomics in action!

Maybe we should cut their taxes too. Because rich people are the ones who create jobs, dontcha know?

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Yea that's it.




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Wow, hope that man gets more coverage!

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Marla you must take that down now! You are in violation of Copyright law!

-Goldman Sachs

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Here watch me violate Ludwig Von Fagg  

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That dude had better get himself a security detachment and a condo in Antarctica, pronto.  Vlad Putin and Goldman Sachs don't cotton to that sort of tirade, and somebody is going to drop some polonium in his sushi if he doesn't shut the fuck up.  TD, you ought to keep tabs on that dude, in fact, I'd like to buy a life insurance policy on him right now.  I'll call it credit default swap.  Do you think GS will be my counterparty?

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update: oh dear, this guy is a truther? oh, my. Tyler, please... credibility fail...


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The 9/11 commission has already admitted that they knew at least 1/4th of their "intelligence" was coerced by torture and likely false. So if you're not highly skeptical you're pretty much a moron; part of the problem, etc. To be specific: if you are not calling for a completely new investigation you are complicit and utter scum.

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Your own words reveal your absence of thought, reasonableness, and basic respect for other human beings. They deserve no reply. I was at the Towers not long after 9/11 and I smelled the rubble personally. I can't visit Saint Paul's Chapel without breaking into tears. Believe what you want, but don't you dare try to impose your beliefs through coercion and intimidation. Not to a New Yorker.

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i've opened my eyes, and while not personally smelling the rubble, the non-truther argument has two giant wholes.

i) How do two planes take down three buildings?
ii) How do skyscrapers fall at the speed of gravity?

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Froggy -

Is your Obama painting by Jim Fives?

I'm a fan of his.

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That was also my first thought: telling the truth is not much appreciated by the financial sector maffia. His days are probably numbered. I bet more on some unexplainable car accident. Anyway he has definetely my symphaty by pointing out quite sharply a number of crucial issues that are really behind the current mess.

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If Vlad is up to him then security won't help, yet I bet if polonium ever end up in Maxes tea it would be from friends in his own country.

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Notice how Dennis Kneale does not ask Max to come on his show?


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Dennis Kneale only wants kissy kissy guys to come to his shows, where he dominates them like a dominatrix with his silly blather.

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Did he REALLY say Building 7 WTC ?

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Yes. He did. He's on team skeptical.

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You can tear-up contracts or you can blow them up.  Demolition simplifies negotiation.

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Bush Knocked Down the Towers [Immortal Technique, Mos Def]

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Quite a "Max Meltdown".

Funny watching the professor's face while Max is shrieking about putting the GS boys on trial in the Hague. He was cringing.

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you're illiterate ... it is spelled The Hague, not the Hague, because in dutch Den is translated into The and because it is part of the name it is written The not the ... sorry grammar nazi ... oh yeah ... and good job max ..

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You are annoying. You also did not capitalize the first word of your first sentence, you ignorant F*cker.

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Max has been on that show before so they knew what they were getting.

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the whole establishment is run by thieves.

from obama on down.

we don't stand a chance

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Not supporting the current administration here, but this has been a long time coming. It is not just one administration that has let this happen. Goldman knows no republicans or democrats. It only knows blood money.

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This guy is a nut!