This Means War: Battered Geithner Turns On Goldman Sachs

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This latest development will surely end in tears. Said tears will likely not be shed by Lloyd.

One wonders if this escalation make the odds of T to the G's getting a multi-million job at Goldman in a few months when he is replaced by J to the D a shy tad worse.

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Rats in a sinking ship ...


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I heard Timmay sent Lord a note during study hall.

They're going to meet by the flagpole after school to duke it out.

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ummmmmmmm, Yeah? I think things are going to be not so friendly next week.

Marvin the Mindreader's picture

If I were Timmy, I'd get one of those remote car starters about now.

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Goldman execs are the only friends Geithner has left.  Now he alienates them... NICE!

bugs_'s picture

You guys owe me!  You really do!  Really!


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Hell yes you can undermine the derivatives bill. You can dig at it's feet until the stupid pile of crap becomes earth core material. Nobody is going to turn derivatives into a facist dictator without comprimise.

Hasnt' seen a version of the Tobin tax that gives one group exclusive scamming access.

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Hephasteus, AKA "Dumb Ass Redneck"

...your reply follows;

"Hey. I want to break his door down and cut his family into small pieces and feed them to thier own garbage disposal to see if he really believes in what he is saying or he is talking shit on the interenet.

You guys are ruining it for me!!! RUINING IT!!!"






Kick my door on...PLEASE dickhead !!!


Hephasteus's picture

Why are you trying to defend an ancient behavior that if replicated today would result in all sorts of law enforcement intervention so it's safe to talk crap about it on the internet?

Or did I slam you when you were posting anon?

Or do you often engage in philosophical discource without the abiity to discern what is action and what is an arguement point? Or do you just feel unsafe because I mean you no harm whatsoever.

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Janet  Tavakoli will be pleased with Turbo Timmy.... :-)


Anonymous's picture

Timmy pleases a woman. First time for everything.

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Tweedledee and Tweedledum

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Treasury Secretary Dimon welcome to Washington.

etrader's picture


JPM's last hour ramp just to show they care......


gridlocked's picture

It's only a matter if time now before Geithner sleeps with the fishes.

JohnKing's picture

I'll consider taking Timmy seriously when he stops shaving his eyebrows.

Anonymous's picture

Wow. He really does. Wish Jon Stewart would run with that.

Assetman's picture

Yeah, just what is the deal with the scary non-eyebrows, anyway?

To the OP, things will really escalate if/when Timmy calls out Goldman as "big mean poo-poo heads".

JohnKing's picture

It's probably some banker-frat-boy hazing ritual; Hey Biff, let's slip Timmy a roofie and shave his eyebrows before he has to go on national TV. Yeah..good idea!

Problem Is's picture

Actually, some of my coworkers did that to their sorority brother when they were in college. The guy was one of our salesmen. While passed out drunk, they shaved off one eye brow and half his mustache. Took pictures. It was hilarious.

They woke him up the next morning hung over and told him hurry you are late for class. He just piled out the door. He wondered why chicks were smiling at him all morning...

Problem Is's picture

So did J Edgar Hoover. Look at the old film and newsreels of that guy.

He was freakin' wearing painted on eye brow liner.

So you think men commonly did that in the 50s amidst all the commie and gay as a crime witch hunts? That was one strange crime fighter... J. Edgar, living at home with his mother.

aaronvelasquez's picture

I think Timmy is really Eddie Haskell.

D.O.D.'s picture

C'mon folks, false flag attack.  You can't really be suprised by this, can you?

Rollerball's picture

Yup, much ado about nothing.  

Careless Whisper's picture

Puuleeze, Timmay bashing Goniff Sachs is just to get his popularity up. Dog and pony show.

Miles Kendig's picture

Dog and pony for sure.  Timmay couldn't pull off a K9 and equestrian show if his life depended on it.

Anonymous's picture

I like DOD. Always on point. Save the drama for yo momma.

legerde's picture

It reminds me of  "professional" wrestling.  I'm sure backstage they are high fiving.


BoeingSpaceliner797's picture

Hello D.O.D.  How're things in Cali?  Found work yet?  I have not.  Hope all is well with you.

D.O.D.'s picture

Hey Boeing, no job yet, thanks for asking. Some opportunities are presenting themselves overseas however. I am a miserable failure at the markets, I am just not that risk adverse; but poker tournaments seem to tilt the odds in my favor.  Otherwise I may go back to school to learn to wipe butts for a joke...  =] (edit: I don't mean to make it sound trival, my brother does it, and is happy for the service he is able to provide for those who need the help, and it is a very admirable job; I just never thought of it as an option for me...until now, not because it is below me, but because I can't even wipe my own without tearing up and gagging...)

I wish you all the luck, and strength to persevere...

these posters always make me laugh...hope you get a chuckle..

geopol's picture

DOD Life is poker...  I sense your good at it..... Let life rub up against you, as you will prevail..Proceed

BoeingSpaceliner797's picture

Thx DOD.  That web site is a classic.  Good luck to you as well.

curbyourrisk's picture

S&P managers being forced to slop up all those extra BAC shares at the close of the day.  Got to help them pay their bonuses out somehow.


Does this shit ever end????

Commander Cody's picture

Aw gee guys, give Timmy credit for telling the truth - once.  As if anyone with an IQ above 10 doesn't already know: LB is just a lying sack of shit.

mikesap's picture

i'm with D.O.D. on this one.... smells like a set-up...

Anonymous's picture

Geithner - Lloyd's favorite bitch. Bark for him Timmy

Uomo senza nome's picture

What is the old saying about not becoming a statistic? For some reason I was thinking of U-6 unemployment and then I saw this post. Now I've got an image of Timmay standing in his newly minted blue Best Buy shirt. Imagine him pointing and smiling like a retail superman in front of the newly arrived shipment of Turbo Tax. You, Happier!

TraderMark's picture

This provides nice cover when he takes employment with GS in 2014.

etrader's picture

Carlyle Group for Timmy ;-)

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OT from the Sydney Morning Herald: 

More problems for the Global Warming followers

 "Now looking at the dates. something bad has happened ... COBAR AIRPORT AWS [automatic weather station] cannot start in 1962, it didn't open until 1993!"

Lexington Duffet's picture

A response to the latest RW attack on the scientific community and rational thought (you know, idiots carrying on the "self evidence" theories of Adolf Hitler and others)


A reader writes:

I'm not a climatologist, but I am interested in climate change. Fortunately, I attend a college with a climatologist. I asked her about the data massaging trick and this is how she explained it.

The data in question is actually two sets of data. One being the data from 1BCE to now using tree rings and coral. Tree rings are larger when it is wet or hot and smaller when it is cold and dry. Because wet/hot and cold/dry aren't correlated, there are uncertainties with the data. But, the data from tree rings from 1BCE to now does show temperatures similar with other temperature markers. That is, until the middle of this century.

The other set of data comes from real thermometers, from the mid-19th century to now. The data becomes more reliable as data gathering methods become more precise. What the scientists at CRU did was splice and combine the two data sets. The tree rings data shows cooling that is in opposition to actual measured temperatures. So the CRU scientists combined the two data sets to make it look like one data set that shows more continuous warming.

The professor I spoke with was very clear that what the CRU scientists did may not have been ethically pure, but warming is happening. They probably should have made clear the "trick" they used was actually two different data sets, she said. The information that has become known through this "scandal" may call into question historical climate data, but not current climate data. The world is still warming now, and "climategate" doesn't change the need for significant carbon cuts in Copenhagen.


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Continuing OT...

The world may indeed have warmed in the second half of the 20th century.  The warming may have halted or turned to cooling in the last decade.

The earth is most certainly warmer today than the "Little Ice Age" of few hundred years ago.

The earth is most certainly colder today than the "Medieval Warming Period" of one thousand years ago.

The correlation between atmospheric carbon and global cooling/warming is tenuous, hence the need by the Climategate scientists to massage the data to get their results.  Historical causation of global warming by atmospheric carbon is more difficult still.

Climate is poorly understood, and it take very long periods of accurate observation to record statistically significant changes and to calculate correlation with suspected factors.

Greater consideration is being given to the impact of oceanic oscillators (decadal and multi-decadal), even some thought to solar geomagnetic cycles (sunspots and more importantly solar winds).  There are some interesting coincidences between the Maunder minimum (low sunspot/solar wind activity in the 17th century) and the Little Ice Age.  If it is more than coincidence, the unexpected drop in sunspots for the current solar cycle (but predicted by Livingston and Penn) may presage a significant drop in global temperatures.

The primary actors in Climategate should be quickly fired or put out to pasture. Then  important climate research can proceed without the significant taint of politics, bad science, and/or fraud.

Anonymous's picture

There was a quite a lot controversy about influential tree ring data not so far back. Here's one article, but there were bunches more around this time frame.
I'm not a climatologist but this girl I know who is, explained that the charge was that specific trees were picked out of the total available. The picked trees showed warming. Taken as a whole the tree ring data did not.

Sancho Ponzi's picture

Greenie junk flagger is back! LOL


TraderMark's picture

Actually, the bottom headline is the best one!

Geithner Hasn't Seen a Version of Turbo Tax that 'Works'


What's that?

Oh... Tobin Tax. ;)

Mongo's picture

Timmay and GS is just putting on a show!