In The Meantime, Food Prices Jump The Most Since 1974

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With so much going on in the geopolitical/logical arena, it is easy to forget that there is an actual underlying economy which the Fed in its endless efforts to hike the Russell 2000 is doing all it can to destroy. Earlier we pointed out, when we looked at the PPI number, that the finished consumer food inflation index surged by the highest percentage in 37 years. This fact bears repeating. So we leave it to John Lohman to summarize briefly and succinctly as he is wont to do, how Americans will soon have no choice but to indeed eat their iPad 2 as soon as Benny unleashes QE3, which is now inevitable, or sooner.

It’s understandable that this morning’s spike in finished consumer food prices received little attention.  What with a mini-crash in housing starts, spent fuel pools running dry, USDJPY breaking the BOJ’s strike price of 80, and busted underwater POMO trades, there was no shortage of distractions.

Nevertheless, anytime an ecostat comes in at the 4th highest reading in its 64 year history, it’s worth taking note.  As shown in the chart below, the finished consumer foods component of the Producer Price Index jumped 3.9% in February alone.  But not to worry.  The core PPI only rose 0.2% in the month and ‘inflation expectations [among blue chip economists] remain subdued’.  Paging Mr. Dudley…

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What's so great about food? You can't eat it.

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Food is in a bubble.

I am Chumbawamba.

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This happens today.   Ron Paul To Hold Hearing On CPI Lies And Fed Inflation Creation; Jim Grant To Tesify

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Is Ben Bernanke the 3rd Anti-Christ?


Nostradamus says yes. 


Is Ben Bernanke the Anti-Christ that brings about a period of Global Lawlessness?


In the Holy Bible, the Book of Revelation appears to say yes.


One man is bringing down the globe and our Nation.


It's so heartbreakingly sad. But, God says all these things must pass.


The Earthquake/Tsunami/Meltdowns point to wisdom of John Steinbeck.

 "The best laid plans of mice and men."

And of NWO/satanic/Illuminati bitchez.

Will there be chaos, disorder and streets slick with slaughter?


....But it will allow for the old Shiva/Vishnu balance, from the ashes we can rebuild this

world the way it should be. We live in a time where opinion trumps truth.

These days are near an end. We stand at the darkening darkness.

But I have no fear, for the next Dawn, will be the greatest awakening of Mankind.

And it's about damn time.

Fuck you into oblivion Ben Bernanke and all your hellions.

Bring on the Mercury of Hercules, the Flower of Life.


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Is Ben Bernanke the 3rd Anti-Christ?

Nostradamus says yes.

And so do I........

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Ben does fit the archetype, but then again so does Obama. Satins minions are numerous.

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Obama falls under the 'False Prophet' category. 


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They all have that Imp look. Why can't people see it?

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Actually Obama falls squarely under "lying piece of dog shit" category.

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He is a cheap salesman .  "the Slap-chop guy ".  he is what they call a useful idiot...

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Satins minions? Would that be silk, nylon and polyester?

Sorry, not usully a grammar cop but couldn't help myself.

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"Sorry, not usully a grammar cop but couldn't help myself."

good thing you're not a spelling cop too.  sigh...

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Benny and Husein Obama are mere fronts for the Soros machine puppet master.

You want an anti-christ, how about a Jew turned Nazi with billions of dollars, a following of fools, a global political structure and a warm bed in the White House.

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Soros more powerful than Ben Bernanke?

Glenn Beck, I'm glad you read ZeroHedge,

but I'm sad you're covered in Rupert Murdoch sperm.

It makes you look laminated.

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Maybe Ariel Sharon comes out of his coma and starts barking orders again?

Ariel Sharon still comatose 4 years after stroke

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John Steinbeck? seriously? the phrase "the best plans of mice and men", and the Title "Of Mice and Men", is taken from "To A Mouse" by Robbie Burns:

But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

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never expect someone focused only on their agenda to be aware of the difference between Scotland's favourite son and plagiarism

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Crock, I can't believe you got junked. I thought it was funny and I like PM's.

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Play food inflation with Paper Food ETFs:

JJG: grains only

DBA: grains and other foods (sugar, coffee, etc.)

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Hot Damn-some more good news to carry into the week-end.       Milestones

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Geologist: Alarming magnetic field changes signal major quake for West Coast

If it happens, you heard it here first. Not to get your panties in a bunch over it as there's nothing you can do about it but it's not out of the question. Talks about animal behavior and mass fish kills. A Must Read.

"A former United States Geological Survey scientist says a major quake on the West Coast is imminent.

Jim Berkland predicts earthquakes…accurately.

Never heard of him? Perhaps you should—especially if you live on or near the West Coast of the United States, or know someone that does.

Anyone with an average 80 percent success rate predicting earthquakes should command attention, and lately Berkland has been in the limelight of the national media."

"The "ring of fire" that encircles the Pacific rim includes the region from Alaska south to South America. During the past several years earthquake and volcanic activity has been on the upswing all along the rim except on the northeastern perimeter.

Berkland believes that's about to change. He told as much to Cavuto: "The month of October, March, and April are the three most devastating earthquakes in terms of damage in the San Francisco Bay Area in history. And we are having on the 19th of this month not only the full moon, but within an hour the closest approach of the moon to the earth until the year 2016. The next day is the equinoctial tides. So you're bringing together three of the maximum tide raising forces. We know about the ocean tides. But there is also an Earth tide. And there is a tide in the ground water. All of these help to release sudden, built up strain, and cause earthquakes."

"Berkland says that the approaching seismic window is one of the largest in many years. He sees it developing between the 19th to the 26th of March 2011."

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Saw his Neil Cavuto interview on YouTube. I take his estimate seriously. I'm in Northern California so this is a bummer. If it comes like he says I just hope we have more than a week or so.

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Firstly, the HAARP brigade are also alleging that TPTB are planning an earthquake on the West Coast within the next few days [weeks?]. I wonder which prediction came first?

Secondly, the moon won't suddenly jump closer to the Earth on the 19th!! It will be inching closer each day then inching away again. So which distance away from us does it need to be to suddenly change from ineffective to earthquake-generating?

Thirdly, did Berkland forecast Christchurch or Sendai?

I suspect that this guy, who monitors sunspot activity and forecast both the New Zealand earthquake and Japan earthquake well in advance based on a combination of solar mass ejections and moon proximity, would be a better guide than either "CIA insiders" or Berkland. (

Keep some perspective.

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by Michael
on Thu, 03/17/2011 - 01:27


Geologist: Alarming magnetic field changes signal major quake for West Coast


are you sure you are not talking about the girl on youtbe with the stars pulling on the earth for the same time table?

if this guy and that girl are saying the same thing for different reasons? everyone cant be wrong?

but for the record! I hope they are wrong and "We the People" dont get our asses kicked by mother nature, again.

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On Bloomberg, it said that the Fed figures higher oil prices will tame inflation.

Its a sick world we live in...

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No, he's serious. Someone dickhead on CNBC website had an article on how high gasoline prices are actually "stimulatory" and good for the economy because it encourages development of alternative fuels and promotes more exploration, drilling and refining activity leading to more jobs.

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yeah and mass starvation promotes competition

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and deliberately breaking windows promotes the glazing industry

ZapBranigan's picture

and increased crime, burglary, and home invasions promotes growth in the home security sector.

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If high oil prices suck money out of the US economy and into the Middle Eastern economies that is deflationary for the US and inflationary for the ME.

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Yes.  Economies run on energy.  Certain authors here have made it clear, by shrieking endlessly at the top of their voices about energy production-related catastrophes, that they don't like oil, and really don't like nuclear.  Absent a viable proposed solution, which I've yet to see, I guess they doesn't like economic activity.  Which makes me wonder: cui bono, whose side are they on?

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ACS grade is technically purer than USP (pharmaceutical) grade.  Dosing is trickier, so you have to know what you're doing, but it's easy: 130mg per teaspoon of water is one adult dose.

Keep your wits about you.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Michael Jackson's doctor can help you out with the doseage.

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Actually, it should be really easy.  You just measure out a large dose and dissolve it in water, and then the volume of water that you need is very easy to measure.  All you need is a scale that will resolve grams accurately, and measure out, say, 100 doses, which is enough for a family of five for a two week course, with some leftover to sell on Ebay.

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1 radiated parcel of food provides twice the nutirents.'s picture

It made for a lot of laughs on Gilligan's Island once.

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Cost me $1.44 for ONE FRICKN GREEN BELL PEPPER AT WALMART the other day. Getting out of hand.

This post is not a joke.

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Dont be a baby, a gently braised I-PAD with carrots and fennel will feed a family of 4 for ages

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You can look at food you can't afford on your iPAD.

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LOL...+1...first laugh of the day!

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But I only have an iPad 1. What can I do? It must be old and moldy already because now there is the iPad 2. I don't feel like the cool kid on the block anymore.

I guess my kids will have to do eating old apple crap.

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"Cost me $1.44 for ONE FRICKN GREEN BELL PEPPER AT WALMART the other day. Getting out of hand."

That is not 'finished food'.  Finished food is processed food.  The "food" that is full of corn sugar (the new name for high fruticose corn syrup....which is corn that you can not eat and 3/4 of America is planted in).  Every FAST FOOD  chain serving burgers is finished food ( it too is full of corn by-products).

A cow or steer fed the crap will die in 150 to 160 days.  That is a fact!  Think about that the next time you put 'corn sugar' aka high fructose corn syrup in you shopping basket and feed it to your kids.   Diabetes anyone? Well 30% of Americans have it and growing and it is tracable back to corn up!

Just remember, your tax dollars give massive farm supports to grow this uneatable corn, but not to real food.

Just another example of this twisted governments payback for political seats in Congress.