Meet Danielle And Jim Plus 9 Part 2 - This Time Squatting On The Ratigan Show

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Today's media sensation (and future leaders of some symbolic resistance) - the Earls, who after falling behind on their $880,000 loan, inspired by recent events, decided to take matters into their own hands (and the hands of their 9 children) and broke back into their foreclosed house. The police in local Simi Valley, made famous previously by such cult deadbeat classics as the Big Lebowsky, were so stumped by this they had no idea what the hell is going on so they just watched... Which seems to also be the general response of most of America. Today, the Earls appeared on the Ratigan show to present their side of the story. Gotta love the lawyer who cuts to the chase when he says that the banks aren't really owed the $880K noted above, "they are owed zero." Next up: everyone in America who has debt (and that would mean about 300 million people) decides to follow this advice, and "realizes" they don't actually owe any money to the bank. Problem solved.

So without further ado:


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Squat till the cows come home.  Screw the banks.

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You're an idiot. 


Don't you know that you will end up eating this on your tax bill through either the FDIC or bailing out the Fed's portfolio of MBS?  I suspect not...

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If he's on ZH then I suspect he understands that.  However, the people who are hell bent on getting theirs, may be the ones who make out best in the end of this.  Imagine 2 years of free living.  That's probably about $50K worth of shelter in exchange for a hit to your credit report.  I'm not advocating it, but there are people who are doing it, no doubt.

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Again there no such thing as a free lunch and there is no such thing as zero money. Somone is going to pick up the slack. Gee, who is it that had to back stop this crap since day one? 

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In the Age of the Printing Pre$$ taxes are a form of control:

  1. perceived social justice
  2. influence on prices

Fuck the IRS and every other tax feeder out there.

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If a squatter squats in one of the many empty and over abundant houses, does anybody care?

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Put a sign on the door: "No drugs, cash, or copper inside."

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Add a "P.S. But we can welcome you with some lead, of which we have a shitload" to it.

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Yes, if they already bought the house from the bank that foreclosed on those squatters.

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If you owe money on a property, and default on the note, you have no right to any enjoyment of said property.

     -Common Law

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What note?

Like 50 cent they chopped and screwed them up.

That's the point.  Just about every mortgage that was securitized, will end up being null and void. 

Because to the banks, the loan didn't matter....until now that it does.

If they don't own it...who does?  It isn't the bank, they have no note. 

Thus the best way, albeit very flawed way, is for everybody to keep their homes.

The BANKS fucked up.  This is why you don't let things get this far.  Next up, another cum in the face partier who says the answer is free trade and degregulation. *and of course regulatory capture*

The problem with all of this is that the fraud (and thus the bailouts were fraud beyond every other reason why it already was) rocks the very core of our legal system.  You either break all contract law, or you let people stay in the homes.  The banks fucked up.  Not the people.  Perhaps if the banks DIDN'T fuck up, and they were regulated along with many other things, the bubble wouldn't of caused these people to take out such an inflated loan figure, and thus been more able to pay it off, most likely with more manufacturing jobs and higher wages.  It's the system as a whole that's been defrauding people and hasn't given them a chance.  Now that the banks have gone too far, some people would still rather see the banks, the ones pulling the strings on this whole situation, to receive the 'not owned by anyone' houses rather than the people that originally wanted them, and in most cases were going to attempt to pay off the loan.  Unreal.  Can you bend over and further? 

Because in order to give these loans to the banks, you would need to ACTUALLY GIVE the loans, millions of them, to an entity that does not own them.  Why the banks? Why not GM? Or Pimco? Or McDonalds? Or Illinois State Teachers Retirment Fund?  Why not Joe Blow on the street?

The BEST, and the most moral and ethical way, not to mention the ONLY anti-pitchfork way around this giant scam perpetrated among the American People, and the end investors is to give the homes to those that orignally purchased it and lived in it.  Makes sense huh. 

If we decided not to, we'd have to literally legalize the giving of all these unowned properties to the banksters whores that don't own them. 

The knowledge of this has been out there for years, only now it's coming out.  This actual events really shouldn't surprise anyone, the only surprise is that it finally came out and was legally recognized. 

Again the banksters would of been better off with LaRouche's HBPA of 2007, but whoops, they wanted to profit off their worthless toxic shit, that they don't even legally own, and wanted a bailout so they could buy the treasuries for that bailout and profit more.  Amongst many other ways.  One huge scam. 

This situation sucks, and it was the whole degregulation and drown gov't in the bathtub thinking that got us directly here.  Along with a few other travesty's already in place, fed, monetary system, floating rates, free trade. 

But the pied piper is calling, and all the toxic trash will be serenaded away.  The price?  Pulling the gov't up out of the bathtub and actually using it to smack the bankster whores down. 

Again, Glass/Steagall, NAWAPA, Fusion.  That's really all you need to know. If you want more, and you should, then search around. 


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" The banks fucked up.  Not the people.  Perhaps if the banks DIDN'T fuck up, and they were regulated along with many other things, the bubble wouldn't of caused these people to take out such an inflated loan figure,"

When we become adults we are presumably responsible for our own behavior.  If a person is overdriving his headlights on a dark night and collides with a stopped car ahead of him, who caused it?  Is it the roadbuilder because street lights were not installed all along the road?  Is it the stopped motorist who had car trouble? Perhaps it is the fault of the car builder because he didn't install radar to detect objects farther ahead?

Once upon a time, the American public in general, understood the concept of personal responsibility much better than today. IMO, because livelihood was more dependant on the making, growing or production of something.  Even during the 1930's depression,  many people resisted taking government "handouts" because they were too proud. "I can take of my self; I don't need any favors from anyone" 

The concept of placing blame on others for personal actions would have been ridiculed.

Stealing (Fraud) was a different matter.  Different category in the thought process.'s picture

Hi hb, not sure what you are. you so describe america. no personal responsibility. that scenario you explain about the car without headlights on at night. a very serious accident where i use to live. 18 wheel flatbed truck actually delivering equipment to winter X games. had his truck turning onto the hi-way without headlights in early morning darkness. two people in a little car right into or under the bed, cut off the whole top of the car. can't remember if the man was charged or anything.

around my parts i live now. i swear no one looks around ever, before they move in a car bike or just walking. idiot entitled white stupid people.  they think everyone else is taking care of them, because that is how they were raised. the parents fall all over these kids all the way through college. they never taught them self reliance.

oh just saw this Mountain climber dies in fall, 2 others rescued

this adventurous lifestyle everyone wants lately. puts the rescuers in danger. when my husband went off the top of a mountain on his snowmobile they couldn't find him for over 24 years. it was a precarious place and they had to leave his snowmobile up there, yuck. i don't want to sound like this accident was intentional. but dozens of men risking their lives trying to find another person is serious and dangerous business. i had all contributions to me or whatever be made to mountain rescue and wrote a long letter, well my sister helped me make sense of what i was trying to say with words. meaning i wanted to thank all these men for doing the job they had to do, but steve was a little irresponsible.

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You are just describing the nature of masculinity - it maybe stupid to feminine eyes but it just is.

Have you ever asked yourself why the rescuers volunteer. - because a part of themselves  want to embrace risk wether they like it or not.

The simple truth of the matter is that on a biological level males are more expendable.

The denial of this reality has led to a crisis in masculinity and indeed humanity when such heroic adventures to Mars and beyond has been denied to a young generation of boys because of the rise of the maternal power structure withen the west.

We strive to be odysseus, not some shallow risk averse construct of the present culture.


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Many foolish Americans think that the money they pay the bagmen for the FED, the IRS, is used to run and fund the govenment. It is not.  It is used to pay the interest on the public debts that we owe (somehow) to the FED and the gangster banksters who have their collective boots on our necks. Get of the FED and the matrix collapses.

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There is no free lunch, but if things are really going down and down hard as many are forecasting, perhaps it is just good strategy. Yes, the buck will eventually stop at the taxpayers door , it always does it seems. No one here that I remember at least, argues the banks have not screwed America on a macro basis. Screw the banks now; default and load up on PM's and other supplies for the life and or system after this one..  No advocation of this, but it may explain many peoples thought process..

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21:12. we know who has been the enemy for 1,000's of years. We are soldiers in a holy war... this is a libertarian american jihad. get your lawyers; prepare for discovery, gather your data, ready your armies.

would be interesting if we could bring a systemic change through these actions, by blessed warriors (squatters and defaulters) in the fight against banker tyranny. our politicians dont fear WE THE PEOPLE... that shit has to STOP...

want the truth? investigate 21:12 and you'll be on the path.

thought i heard someone say this once:

trade credit for gold, default your loans..taxpayer revolt to bring it all down.


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Nope Cheater...

won't get our country back until we get Count Bankula off our necks.

Let the fuckers burn.

The U.S. is heading for default ANYWAY!

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It does not get fixed until the USA brings back the rule of law.  Letting banksters and deadbeats alike off the hook accomplishes nothing.  It's called accountablilty for your actions.  Something that the land of Paris Hilton no longer knows or desires.

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If the banksters wouldn't have invented this scheme to bundle up crap mortgages and pawn them off on investors as AAA paper,then there would have been no real estate bubble, and nobody would have needed these ridiculous mortgages on overpriced real estate that they couldn't afford.  

PeterSchump's picture

Banksters - Jail and bankruptcy for the holders of crap paper.

Rating Agencies - Fined to oblivion for negligence or jail if complicit in the securitization scam.

"I really needed that rediculous mortgage because I can't be a pauper and rent" - Foreclosure. Now go rent like you should have to begin with.

"My house is an ATM and I went on 5 great vacations.  Look at my BMW too!" - Foreclosure + a hot bath with Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Richard Shelby.

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Good idea! But first freeze the foreclosures for year to burn the balanceshits (pun intended!) of the TBTFs. Let the squatters take over houses to create some long needed chaos in this over/underregulated mess and not pay any fees - once again a long needed hit to the banks.

And in a year's time when the TBTFs get the message, implement new laws that hit both sides.

I'm not with deadbeats that want a free house on this. But en masse they could get the message to the banks that thought they were omnipotent to the point that they could do what the fuck they please. They are not, and people like these, whatever we might think of them, can be a good solution to hammering that idea back into some overmasseured heads up wallstreet.

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And the depression would have started in 2001 instead of 2009.

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Fuckin A........I wish this whole thing would shit or get off the pot

Incubus's picture

We know the inevitability, but how long can they postpone it?  Just get it over with already.'s picture

that is a very good observation, modo

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its simple. they teach morality so they can consume the moral. they teach passivity so they can aggress. they train the sheep so the wolves can be assured of an abundant food supply.

its darwins casualty...

oh, and controlling the money supply. nothin else, really.

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its darwins casualty...

Conversely, there will be Hell to pay. It's a lose/lose for them...

High Plains Drifter's picture

Just think about a default and see in your mind's eye, just exactly life here would be like under such circumstances.  It will be a very bad time in our lives. Also I believe this must come. It has to. The finanical malfeasance and slight of hand can only go so far before the laws of financial phyics come back to square one, and that is real money.

PeterSchump's picture

That shining city on the hill is only sparkling since the vajazzled whores of the good 'ol US of A are wearing short skirts.

Crime of the Century's picture

and the Rule of Law comes with a laugh track...

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@ cheater 5, No, you are spineless.  To fix what has gone terribly wrong, we're going have to break some eggs.  The system is going to have to be fundamentally corrected / rectified.  Only way that's going to happen is bring the big festering boil to a head via people doing what these folks are doing.  Raise the problem to the nations  consciousness and repeat until the pain is so great a resolution is forced.

john_connor's picture

Tax bill?  Screw that.  Welcome to the banana republic.

People have seen well connected bankers and politicians get away with this shit for years.

Now its time for everyone else to get some.

This is the revolution; right here, right now.

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This shit will get real when cops start calling in sick.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

The wrong kind of people are behind FRAUDZILLA, and the time is coming where it will all blow up!



Jesse Liversore's picture


They should be arrested and beaten

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Might as well put it on the books now, so that when hyper inflation takes off it'll disappear that much faster.

Gramsci's picture

MBS is already screwed,blued, and tatooed. A wave of deficit chicken hawks will be swept into Congress, ill-advised austerity will be slammed down our throats, and the economy's contraction will accelerate. This means we are seeing only the tip of the foreclosure iceberg.

What is a more expensive tax bill: tens of millions of empty and unsaleable houses or former owners paying rent to stay in them?

Oligarchs Gone Wild's picture

Hows that derivatives market doing?  I thought that was all supposed to be transparent by now.

Crime of the Century's picture

Get a grip - even under austerity the printing press still has to back fill the National Money Hole. Austerity only postpones the fiat death. Did you know EUC is a perverse incentive? Some Nobel egghead said so, not me.

However, your suggestion to get rent from the employed squatters does ameliorate the urge for the rest of the middle class to go Galt. I realize some here on ZH cheer lead such an outcome, but they probably haven't a) thought it through as a complete exercise, or b) have any loved ones (that love them back).'s picture
Millionaires Fill US Congress Halls


WASHINGTON - The US Congress, the domed bastion of democracy in the capital of capitalism, abounds with deep-pocketed politicians whose fortunes have made the legislative branch of government a millionaire's club.

In the 435-member House of Representatives, 123 elected officials earned at least one million dollars last year, according to recently released financial records made public each year


Millionaires Fill US Congress Halls
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Other than credit and headaches, what do banks produce?  There's an elite who have concluded that the best way to make money is TO MAKE MONEY, but, for the REAL economy, money and credit are just a means to the end of producing and exchanging goods and services.  Sound risk management for stewarding economic activity is SUPPOSED TO BE value-added from banking in a free market economy, but has that proven to be the case? To the contrary. Instead the most irresponsible sorts, possessed by unrepentant greed, have taken charge of our nation's finances with their main goal being to line their own pockets with gross disregard to their high responsibility for sound stewardship.  Now everyone is paying the price....everyone except the banksters that continue in their brazen, fraudulent looting unchecked by a government long since bribed into connivance. So....should the American people simply sit back and allow the banksters to lay claim to our nation's wealth, built by the labor and toil of non-bankers, for their irresponsibility and recklessness?  Or should the banks be allowed to collapse, as would have already occurred if accounting was honest, such that the American people effectively take control of their own credit arrangements via Uncle Sam so maybe finances are reworked to be manageable and based upon revaluation of underlying assets.  Of course, the problem remains that Uncle Sam needs to be subservient to the people instead of the banks for this to occur and succeed.  

Wilderman's picture

We were warned of this by Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of the  Constitution.  He (they) understood that the power of money is reserved to the Congress, and, having given it away in  1913, they can take it back with popular support.  By Convention if necessary.  Please vote for those capable of such a movement.

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Quoting Cheater5



You're an idiot. 


Don't you know that you will end up eating this on your tax bill through either the FDIC or bailing out the Fed's portfolio of MBS?  I suspect not...

Normally I would agree with you, but the banks will simply find another way to screw us via a system that is broken. We should have let the major banks fail and nationalized, rather than let them steal from us by socializing losses. Fuck the Banksters!


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They ain't shit until South Park says so.

Howard_Beale's picture

So true...Matt and Trey are on it for Kenny's parents right now.

Back to the thread--they had an I/O mortgage on refi, right? When did the neg-am kick in? Nobody is talking about the actual idiotic mortgage they took out in the first place on the refi. It is quite possible the payment was on it's way up due to the I/O only being for X number of months. But fuck logic.

kengland's picture

Fuck it. I want her house. I own it and I'm moving in. Prove it. PTR 91 bitches...

Dylan talks a great game. Doing "Gods" work for sure but you know what? They won't allow the light to be flashed in that direction. They won't. Just like they will not allow a nuke attack without mutual destruction, they will not allow a financial bomb to detonate. Keep believing in the truth....that and a wooden nickle...

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PTR-91 +1 bitchez.. 300 meter security