Meet The Man Who Live-Tweeted The bin Laden Operation Unknowingly

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Who says there is nothing of value on Twitter. Anyone who was following Sohaib Athar's tweet yesterday would have a front row seat into a historic move that caused futures to surge, and various commodities to plunge (even if only temporarily). From the WaPo: "According to his Twitter stream @reallyvirtual, Sohaib Athar moved from Lahore, Pakistan to the resort town of Abbottabad to take a break from the rat race. It seems he didn’t move far enough. On Sunday, Athar found himself smack in the center of one of the year’s biggest news events. A 33-year-old IT consultant, Athar was on Twitter when the sound of a helicopter flying overhead drove him to write a series of frustrated notes. Over the next few hours, he compiled rumors and observations about an event that would soon have the world riveted: Athar tweeted the secret operation that killed Osama bin Laden. “I am just a Tweeter, a guy awake at the time of the crash,” he wrote after the world noticed he had a front seat to history and inundated him with questions and messages. Here’s the story from Athar’s point of view:

And for the genetic researchers out there: If bin Laden op started about 18 hours ago, and Barack had "genetic" evidence that the corpse was OBL about 12 hours ago, does that mean that the admin has found some way to turbocharge Polymerase Chain Reactions and get definitive answers in a fraction of the time it normally takes for a genetic test?

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Oh, you forgot the tweet:

"Funny, moving to Abbottabad was part of the 'being safe' strategy"

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"Funny, moving to JGBs was part of the 'being safe' strategy"



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This makes no sense...  Reports are UBL was killed a week ago and the delay in the announcement was to allow time for DNA testing to confirm identity.  Then Obama said he approved the operation the night before last.  When was UBL killed?  Why the discrepancy in timeline?

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"Yours is not to question why, yours is but to consume and dine."

This message brought to you by your local military/industrial complex.

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All the world is a stage. The Complex has just brought you the next act in this farce, and most will eat it up happily.

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I tend to agree.  We had pictures of Hussein and his sons when they were killed, but here we get the "killed in a secret operation, body recovered, and buried at sea in Muslim tradition".  Within hours it went from a secret operation to DNA confirmation.  Smells fishy.

The world wants proof.


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And WTC7 collapsed from fire.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Whatever you believe Obama said last night in press conference that the operation went down Sunday (e.g. - Saturday night/Sunday morning 1:00 a.m. according to tweets).

I suppose we have a DNA test onboard a Navy ship that is fast enough to confirm a match - and that then "kerplunk" Bin Laden was fed to the sharks.

Probably better to dunk it in the ocean than some undisclolsed location that would have mobs breaking down the doors to every embassy and base to have some crazy death march.

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You can rest assurd that an autopsy was done and also the bullet that killed him was probably extracted and all of that good stuff before dumping along with video etc..
His religion requires a 24 hour from death burial..Not alarmed at that..
And you are right..There is no way in hell they are going to put him in the ground where there will be some sort of shrine or other circus made..
The body was offered to SA which they said hell no, dont bring him here..

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Ok, so THAT'S the lie.

As if they could somehow get the body aboard a Naval ship AND do an autopsy that quickly.  NO WAY they got DNA back that fast.  Amplification can't be rushed by any means.

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TM -- can you help me out here?  I'm not much of a news guy.

Is Osama the one with the fake death certificate, or is he the one with the fake birth certificate?

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A cursory effort with google reveals that fast DNA testing does exist:

"Fast Forensic Test Can Match Suspects' DNA With Crime Samples in Four Hours"

The article says the researchers think they can get their method down to two hours.

Highly likely the US military has had such methods for years and has already reduced the testing time to two hours or less.

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Ok, fine.  Let's just assume/accept DNA testing can be accomplished in an hour.

However, has anyone asked from where this supposed DNA sample of Osama bin Whoagain came?  If they had DNA of the guy then obviously they came into contact with him in the recent past, so why didn't they nab him then?  Or did they pluck stray hairs from one of his caves in Tora Bora?  If so, how do they know it wasn't the hair of a wombat?  Or maybe they had the sample they keep when they first induct someone into the CIA?

Do the people writing these stories even try to reconcile the plot?  I know our educational system has been in serious decline over the past couple decades but they couldn't find anyone more cleverer to develop the patriotic storyline of our heroic battle against Doers of Evil?

I am Quitedisgusted.

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they only had to talk to the bush family to get a DNA sample.

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good writers have a union..  they went with scabs

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U.S. military is too stupid and/or poorly equipped to detect and intercept four hijacked planes in broad daylight in continental northeast corridor.  How could they possibly do something as capable as this?

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He tweeted yesterday?  And UBL died 2 weeks ago, right?  Does no one else know how to count?


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If you teach people how to count dates, soon people will start to question how Christ died at Friday and resurrected at Sunday, after being dead for three days.

Do you want to kill the Easter, you terrorist?

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hahahaha.  Then there's the whole age of the planet thing.  Math is such a bitch.

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I'll bite... where did you get the "after being dead for three days" reference instead of the more standard "resurrected on the third day"?

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Jesus was crucified on the first day and rose on the third day. You have to understand how days / time was reckoned in the Ancient Near East.  1) The day for the Jews BEGINS at sundown, and 2) Any part of a day is a day. 

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OK this is WAAAAY OT, but here we go.


Scripture says that Jesus was dead 3 days and 3 nights (just like Jonah was in the whale).  Even considering the Jewish method of day counting (from sunset to sunset), there is no way to resolve the Crucifixion on Friday and resurrection on Sunday.


The answer is that He was crucified on Thursday.  If you follow the calander backward, make adjustments for Gregorian and Julian calanders etc. you find that in the year Jesus died, Passover was on Friday - which made it the Sabbath.  So scripture is correct, we just have not been careful in interpretation.  Jesus died on Thursday, the day before the Sabbath, was dead Thursday night, through Saturday night (three nights), and rose Sunday morning (the third day).

To try top bring this back on topic, analysis of data without context and detailed background information can result in some serious erroneous conclusions.  Just like modern economic theory.

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You workin' out of Ft Collins?

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"Must be a terrorist since he was exposing a classified mission. Haul him off for questioning. Better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

This message brought to you by your local military/industrial complex.

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Why did Obama say we lost none of our own if that helicopter crashed (and seen picture of it upside down over wall).

Hard to believe we didn't lose someone there.

Fascinating to see the tweets, and realize that someone with a cell phone and twitter was so close to Bin Laden all the time; and that he was "getting away from the rat race".

I would think you would lose the technology alltogether but that would be the real challenge, wouldn't it?

Great stuff Tyler - I expect to see this on the networks in a couple of days...or next week.

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perhaps (gasp!) we're being fuking lied to!  neo-con newZ?  looks like OBL was allegedly in a pretty bourgeois town, where he was killed days ago when the helicopter didn't crash. 

party like it's monday, eb!   YouTube - Ry Cooder - One Cat, One Vote, One Beer

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Every day the U.S.S.A. becomes more of a damn cartoon with all the BULLSHIT.  The MORONS can't even get credible CHARACTERS with COORDINATED stories.

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+ 1 troy oz of silver in 2013

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Ya and also photoshop is hard.

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Propaganda from the Ministry of Repetitive Redundancy Department Department -- stop the lies already

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A saloon in Abbottabad, Pakistan? 

Osama used to go in there for a brew.

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UBL and the fascist banksters are one and the same.

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If I were you tweeter dude I would move immediately and change my name. Godspeed to you.

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If he follows your advice, he better remember to give the CIA his new name and forwarding address to receive his payroll checks.

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LOL!!!!   Good one LoneStar!!   you are absolutely right!

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Boots on the ground. Tweeters in the trees.

A little bird told me a good story.

It must be true. It's on facebook.

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So Right!  The whole thing is so contrived.  it is scripted.  too well organized and parsed.  besides surprise obl is cia agent, so duh, lying. 

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"What's the matter Usama, it's a bright sunny day and you seem depressed?"

"Probably nothing, but I can't shake this feeling that I Abbottabad property"

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badabumm.... Thank you, I'll be here all week, remember to tip your waitress...

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Where's the Death Certificate?


DavidC's picture

Short or long form?


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Trump (biggest loser of the event) has a "team" working on it... I mean the reality!

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Interesting, I didn't think my name would trend on twtter before releasing a couple of rock albums and a few award-winning software....

You should totally run with that for the next 15 minutes.  

Bad Abbott is a perfect name for a rock group.  Keep the tune but change the lyrics/story of Smoke On The Water and you have yourself a YouTube sensation.

Get after it Sohaib.

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None of this makes any sense.

I'm absolutely used to my government lying to me my entire life (whether I realized it at the time or not), but please, at least make the lies internally logical and consistent.



Serf in Former Empire that was a Republic and is now just a Kleptocracy

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Seems like everyone in third world countries has a Twitter account these days. To my knowledge none of my friends in the UK use it, or have even tried it.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i think there may be a "thinking about self-immolation?" demographic involved...