Member Of Greek Parliament Assaulted By Angry Mob For Flip-Flopping On Austerity Vote

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When two weeks ago we wrote about a (short-lived) mutiny within Pasok, we noted the name of one Aleksos Athanasiadis, who had decided (briefly) to vote with his conscience and against his ruling party (and proxy for European banking interests) against the austerity measures. Another mutineer MP we cited, was Giorgos Lianis, who had declared his intention to leave politics in order to be able to safely "walk the streets" and not vote for the austerity. He stuck to his word. As was discovered yesterday, Athanasiadis subsequently recanted and backtracked on his promise to vote with the people. Alas, he should have listened to his buddy Lianis. As Reuters reports, Athanasiadis was attacked shortly following the austerity vote which, among other things, passed with his blessing. Ironically, he was walking the street. This time he got away. But something tells us Greeks never forget. And the one thing they hate more than being a slave to the central banking cartel, is being a slave to the central banking cartel and a traitor.

From Reuters:

Greek protesters hurled projectiles at a ruling party lawmaker outside parliament on Wednesday after he backtracked and voted in favour of austerity measures.

A group of around 20 demonstrators threw bottles and a chair at PASOK deputy Alexandros Athanasiadis as he was escorted by five policemen after leaving the parliament building following a vote which approved the unpopular austerity law.

TV images showed him holding his ear but police sources said he was not injured in the attack.

Indicatively, back in America, this guy would become a career politician for life courtesy of an idiot electorate.

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baby_BLYTHE's picture

So Greece is "saved" if the banksters get paid in full on their bond holdings?

none of this makes any sense

svendthrift's picture

When reading statements from bankers it is necessary to invert the sentece to find the real meaning.

So: "Greece is ruined if the bankers get paid in full".

66Sexy's picture

This is more like it..

The people watching so closely to what every individual politician does, there is an IMMEDIATE and DIRE consequence for not voting the will of those who are supposedly "represented".

Sweet Chicken's picture

I agree. I can't believe more stuff like this hasn't happened already. Even here I am surprised there aren't CEO's getting sniped.

foofoojin's picture

watch for CEO's leaving. Socialpaths are known for smelling death in the air. I would say they are half-shark but I know enough about sharks not to insult there species in such a mannor.

Cole Younger's picture

No federal agent, congressman, CEO, central banker, LEO, or whomever tries and protect the government whores will be safe once Austerity is imposed in the U.S. Both the radical left, the radical right, and everyone in between will be shooting. A civil war will occur as this country is polarized and the cause of it is the politicians.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Sorry, but you are also behaving like POTUS.

"....the cause of it is the politicians."

Excuse me for reminding you it is most of the politicians, many of the largest banks, many of the biggest corporations and most of the citizens. Did I leave anyone out.

If you only speak out where people of like mind are gathered you have done nothing to prevent or aid what is happening. If you have taken advantage of easy credit and trying to do the one upmanship on your neighbor or rival you are a part of the problem of envy and ego. If you have never carried a placard protesting against an injustice, if you have never written to your (voted for them or not) elected representatives or phoned them or e mailed them about one or more issues, if you have never chastised a department head, never argued for or against a rule or law, then I maintain you are part of the problem. Instead of venting on Zero Hedge vent to the people who can do something about it even if it is only the next random person you get into a conversation with.

I watch ZH for understanding about the way the world works. Sometimes I will comment. I rarely offer anything of value to the discussion because I only can give an occasional opinion on human nature and what I have personally witnessed. There are many advanced technicians and analysts here that know a ton more than I do. When I learn something from ZH's A Team I share it with others who could not tolerate large doses of the ugly side which is exposed here.

HowardBeale's picture

And Obama will be assassinated (or at least there will be attempts): just no way a country "chock full of nuts" and racists (well armed) isn't already stewing, rifles in hand, mumbling "fuckin' _______ president!" as they pace back and forth next to their Ford dualies in the garage, spittin chew at the Obama poster they stuck to the dart board.

P.S. I voted for Obama, but given that he has given the country to Wall Street, I won't be shedding any tears when I hear the news.

malikai's picture

Sorry Howard, no such luck. Only real presidents get assassinated.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

Only the well connected/controlled nuts will get close enough to harm him. It will not be a random crimson nape.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

HowardBeale obviously hearts him some Kunstler. Living in the Northeast, I can say that the superiority complex is not deserved. Barney Frank's district is like a page out of a Dennis Lehane novel. How come these boogeymen rednecks haven't moved on your POTUS yet? Because the bankers have no reason to hire them.

SparkySC's picture

OuzoPalooza going on there.


PS F' the damn bankers.

Why are people cowering away to these medium shirt wearers?

They couldn't hurt a fly, yet from behind a pen or computer screen they get all 'mid-evil' and try to foreclose on your grandma.




slewie the pi-rat's picture

medium shirt wearers = + 2XLT

i think they have RT's aunt lulu tied to the RR tracks! 

this guy is such a flip-flopping quisling that none of the parties would let him go out the newly-remodeled (@ IMF expense?) tunnel to safety.  plus, they really wanted to see what would happen.  hehehe.  now we know.  perfectly safe.  just do it.  nike.

i recall G-pap airing the question of a plebiscite, a vote by the peeps.  fat chance, now, i'll bet.  he seemed to think it was necessary after the "troika plan leak" but now he is a shoe-in for the Homeric-Platonic Teflon Award.  the fuker is clearly in a class by himself! 

shazbotz's picture

its only saved in the sense that the EU bankers have a little more time to steal the national wealth and public resources of Greece before dumping it aside when they are done.

FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Of course, in a true and decent world, he would be swinging from a lamp post...

... instead, he got a scratch.

What a sad state of affairs. The aspartame and fluoride worked... 100% Pacification!

ZackLo's picture

Hanging I think is uniquely american....they do it with guilotines over there in europe...

FinalCollapse's picture

Depends on which country. In some places, he would have his balls nailed to the wooden bridge.


Uncle Remus's picture

Oh I do love quaint local customs.

Bob's picture

Hell yeah, that was a thing of beauty there. 

Freddie's picture

They should do that to Pel-osi.

hannah's picture

you just made me vomit.....the thought of her enormous fuzzy balls.

Uncle Remus's picture've seen them?

malikai's picture

I think Hannah has some memories to hide from.

southsea13's picture

Guillotines were(are/will be?) pretty much a product of - but not strictly limited to - France. In the UK he`d just be kicked to death. (Yes, we are lacking the kind of panache of our cousins across the Channel!) 

Zero Govt's picture

skin them alive!!!!!

..only joking, scalping maybe and i like the balls nailed to the bridge one too :) 

flacon's picture

In the Middle East they do stoning. It works. 

SumSUN's picture

I like the balls nailed to the bridge as well.  Sure to leave the rest of the gang scarred for life and sure to think twice before robbing the populace. 

66Sexy's picture

fuck the guillotines... tar, feather, hang till near death, castrate, draw and quarter the sum bitch...


not necessarily in that order.

Crack-up Boom's picture

No - they used to hang in Europe, too.  The rich were Guillotined.  England might have been the only country to hang, draw, and quarter, though.    

zuuuueri's picture

in greece for thousands of years we have given our lousy politicians the most painful treatment of all: we IGNORE them

in the present situation, though, i think we might need to turn up the heat- they might kill us with all this bullshit before we even get a chance otherwise.

Use of Weapons's picture

Tell that to Mussolini, a rope worked for him and his wife.

zuuuueri's picture

in the '40s, america was fashionable.

Use of Weapons's picture

The Fonz, and American Graffiti didn't do so bad for the 50's, either.


If you want to get modern, its 5 tires & a can of petrol, for an African necklace.

Things that go bump's picture

They weren't married, they were just living together.  

dearth vader's picture

Lucky for him, he's One of the Immortals = Athanasiades.

Ms. Erable's picture

Crucifixion does sound like a penalty whose time has come again.

"NAAAAAAAIL 'em up, I say! NAAAAAAAIL some sense into 'em!".

Use of Weapons's picture

In Roman Law, the offenses (crimina) punishable by criminal Courts, following a State-controlled
procedure, were either offenses directly against the political community (like treason, for instance),
or offenses which were directed at individuals but produced insecurity in the entire community
(some instances of murder, for example). These Courts, together with their rules and procedures,
covered only the offenses understood to affect the state or the society as a whole. Other actions that
nowadays we consider as punishable crimes, like simple (furtum) and aggravated (rapina) theft, and
assault, were considered not to be crimina, but delicta (the ancestor of torts), and left to private Law
courts and private prosecution. They were thought to have only an individualized effect upon a
particular victim. However, forgery and counterfeiting (falsum) was a public quaestio because it was
seen as making everyone’s property more insecure
(Andrew RIGGSBY,1999)."Paying the Price for Being Caught: the Economics of Manifest and non-Manifest Theft in Roman Criminal Law"




Just sayin'.

malikai's picture

One has to wonder if they will actually acheive some sort of political change there.

As for us. Well, we're fucked.

The Axe's picture

Just like Ben..this time   traitor on debit cards....bitch

carbonmutant's picture

Parliament Members' homes are at risk...

terranstyler's picture

This is bullish - less supply, higher prices, more wealth!!!111

BlackholeDivestment's picture

...some one pimp'd out your children and was delusional enough to walk without a military escort? This is definite Greek delusion and Love American Style all wrapped up in one Gross global dollar, Bill. Blaa haa haa.  PIM(P)CO. Ahhh haa haa.

Jonas Parker's picture

Coming soon to a country near you. Anyone inside the beltway listening? Naw... Thought not.

agent default's picture

which country have you got in mind? Cause I've got plenty.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

...happen to have that noose right now, let me confirm it for you so there is not even a shadow of doubt. HELL NO! This place is the image of the beast and the prophetic strong delusion. Zero Interest and the houses here have not fallen. It's one huge slush fund city full of morons, foreign and domestic.

I give it 4 years max, before it is a smoking heap of ruin.

Cone of Uncertainty's picture

They should burn his fucking house down.

FinalCollapse's picture

Naw - they do it only to the refere, after the soccer game. 

acrabbe's picture

I don't know FunkyMonkey... I guess this is where we see what the Greeks are really made of. Bend over or stand and fight. Personally, I would rather go down fighting and be beaten or shot to death than bent over and ravaged repeatedly and mercilessly by dirty bastards.