MENA Snapshot Update - Is Al Qaedistan Forming In Yemen?

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Iran needs a central bank now too.

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Central banksters, bitchez!

Gotta say, this is much better than the ridiculous Stratfor Kool-Aid!

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this article, and those like it, are why I come here first everyday. thank you.

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There is no Al Qaeda. 

The US is a target of radical islamic Jihad.  New "Al Qaeda" members crawl from under every stone when they have the opportunity to hit the infidel and secure their passage to paradise.  It is more troubling when wealthy ones like Bin Ladin chose to use their resources in this aim.



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One of the intriguing questions all Americans (and others) should be asking is whether Al-Qaeda even exists.

I do not know what the truth is. I only have questions at this point.

But I think it's worth revisiting some of the things Americans (and many others) may not presume to be true, just because, as Goebbels would have said, we've been told this so many times, for so long now, most of us probably 'just believe.'

Thus, a starting point (BBC documentary alleging Al-Qaeda is a fiction; I do not know if BBC is right or wrong or biased or crazy or what have you, but it's interesting):

  Video BBC Reports that Al Qaeda Does Not Exist


Jason Burke is a Jewish reporter (the one who does much of the explanation in the video). He is not saying radical islamic group and militant ones at that don't exist. He (and others, inside and outside of governments) are saying Al-Qaeda is a fiction created by U.S. law enforcement in order to use certain laws to go after Bin Laden.

In other words, they lacked the appropriate tools to deal with someone they viewed as a desirable target for law enforcement purposes, so they had to create the context, backdrop and details to allow them to use the tools on hand in a more effective way.

Like I said, I have no answers; just questions.

But think about what was housed in WTC Building 7, think about the gold that was stored in vaults under the entire WTC complex and the very strange events the day of 9/11 (I won't list them all, but even the former head of the FBI concedes things happened that 'appeared strange,' but he went on to try and explain them away), think about foreign policy objectives endorsed by a group named PNAC (Project for New American Century) that got its start in the 1990s, with many political players that would find their way into George W. Bush's cabinet and administration in 2000, and look at what's happening in the world today.

Taken together, much of the evidence that they haven't bothered to scrub casts, at the very least, a bad light on their claims.

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It rather depends on how you class exist.

Do they submit accounts, have an AGM, HR department and defined management structure? Not likely.

Are there groups of extremists who aren't aware of each other who call themselves Al Qaeda because they rather like what the banner has become? More likely.

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What exactly does 'flicker' mean?  Seems like another made up word to make things seem better than they are.

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Positive for stocks. Al Qaedistan will want to blow up shit, and blowing up shit means reconstruction projects that will be good for stocks... Weeeeeeeee....

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Soemo reports say the Ark of the Covenent is in Yemen. That would make a Holy War there worth a lot more than oil eh?

But still, the key nation to keep an eye on is Syria. As Libya burns, Syria is on a simmer. Assad has too much geo-political fire all around, it's the target. All the rest is watch my right while my left get's you.


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what a bullshit war.

the spokesman for the rebels, ali tarhouni, was a lecturer at the university of washington a month ago.

how the hell does he suddenly gain the title of "rebel spokesman?"

fucking military jackals. the US is getting so arrogant that they don't even bother hiding their hubris anymore.

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that is funny even though it's not

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No Drive Zone isn't as catchy as No Fly Zone but seems closer to the truth.  War is probably the actual truth.

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No sweat, just Barry's homies taking control in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya. Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, call them whatever you like.

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Al qaeda has been in Yemen for a long time trying to destabilize Yemen and the Saudis. Yemen sits on the Bab-el-Mandeb, the Gate of Tears approach to the Suez. They are subsiderary of Iran and Iran's strategy looks pretty obvious considering Egypt's geogrphic position..

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To always be on the right side of history, you need to be both sides.

I will define history in this instance not as the defense and control of oil in the middle east as strategic asset of the US, but as the defense of BP corporate interests to have access to the oil so they can charge $4 a gallon completing the campaign contribution circle of life.

Sometimes you need to play the freedom and democracy card or sometimes you need to play the al queda card.

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On 3/28 the veil on our war on terror was lifted and the USA switched from a war against Al Qaeda to a war against another dictator.  With the same integrity that is "professional" wrestling we switched sides in the middle of the match and now we're looking to arm Al Qaeda the rebels instead of waging war against them.  Sometime soon I expect our special forces to sneak up behind Qaddafi and hit him with a metal folding chair.

No principles.

No integrity.

No moral standing.

No problem.

We've got the OIL fields, baby!  And, the rest of the world is stuck holding worthless pieces of paper $$$.

I wonder how this is playing over in Germany, Russia, China, etc???

They don't strike me as the types to take this lying down much longer.  My hope is they take it out on the parts of our corrupt system that deserves it (see D.C. and Wall Street) and spare the rest of us innocent civilians.  Then again, I've seen some horrific photos that show how much our troops are sparing the innocents over in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

I pray for our country.

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WWIII will be awesome! This time the U.S. will be the 'bad guy', kill a bunch of Russians, Chinese and other non-human types. (I mean non-white-U.S. banker types) Sure people in the U.S. and western Europe will die in the millions, but so what? Obviously they are poor, stupid schmucks. Let the world burn!

/not funny, instead sad, sarcasm

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Every totalitarian state needs a Goldstein.







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Wait, I always thought Al Qaeda was Sunni. Now they are Shia? Or is it more likely the U.S. continues to not want to piss the Sauds off for some reason, and than back the wrong side. All because of some 30 year old grudge towards Iran. Who knew the Middle East was a confusing mess? Clusterfuckistan.

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It appears Al Qaeda is now back on America's facebook "friends" list and are now eligible for cash & prizes including the coveted Stinger missiles (again).



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Our beloved homeland is in a tragic struggle to regain the moorings of its freedom destiny. There are liars and Shylocks among us who would use our might for their private purposes.  Spend half an hour with Sean Hannity and you can find the words that define the shadow enemy that will dash all of our hopes and dreams against the rocks: al Qaeda, Sharia law, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas…

The War on Terror is a war against an idea, an idea defined by the organizers of the American Empire - a worldwide struggle that can last forever and ever because the enemy is forever redefined.

The Middle East’s revolutions are bringing Americans face to face with their enemies within: the Socialist left, the war mongering neo-cons and neo-libs, and the private central bank that buys Tomahawk missiles and 2000-pound bombs dropped not by Marines on the shores of Tripoli but by aviators more than 6 miles above the city.  Obama’s speech was very troubling by the stated fact that we will use the military anywhere and everywhere; his speech sets the stage for another quagmire.

He said specifically that in addition to the use of our military power to defend the homeland, he would not hesitate to use it to defend our “allies” and “interests” and “values."

For a central bank with a printing press and values considerably different from American values, this is the support for an Empire war forever on terror.  On whose core values?  As former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said to Foreign Minister Shimon Peres:

“Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that.  I want to tell you something very clear: don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America.  And the Americans know it.”  (October 3, 2001, IAP News) .”

Pathetically, Obama doesn’t even know what he’s saying; he’s one of the most accomplished readers we’ve ever had; he can read anything they write.

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BVut...but...but, what about the NFL lockout?

...The Royal Wedding...?

...Justin Bieber's latest song....?

hey, it's a madder of priorities.

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Is Al Qaedistan Forming In Yemen?

Answer depends on whether you;

1) work for the US state dept

2) work for weapon manufacturers looby

3) are a duel national