Merkel Confirms Jens Weidmann To Succeed Axel Weber As Head Of Bundesbank

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Reuters headlines.

Quick primer on Weidmann: oddly, no previous stint at Goldman Sachs.

From 1997 to 1999 he worked at the International Monetary Fund. He served until 2003 worked as Secretary of the German Council of Economic Experts. From there he moved to the Bundesbank,
where he was until 2006 the head of the Monetary Policy and Monetary
Analysis group. Since 2006 he was responsible for preparing the content
and strategy of the G-20 round
which was formed to counter the effects of the financial crisis.
Chancellor Angela Merkel promoted him in December 2009 to the
influential role of the Sherpa of the G8 summits[2]
as she considers the G8 round to be only a pre-summit of the G20 round
in the field of the world-wide financial system as well as that most
other subjects need a wider context than the G8 as well (compare Heiligendamm Process for G8+5).

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snowball777's picture

Das ist nicht eine habicht, der hundin.

terranstyler's picture

Das ist kein gutes Deutsch, schlimmer noch...

PY-129-20's picture

Ich stimme zu. Herr Weidmann wiederum ist eine Aktentasche.

TradingJoe's picture

Genau! Merkel's Tasche, that is!

Ratscam's picture

gibt's bald Spanferkel?


BigJim's picture

Ich bin dein geheimer Schmutz 
Und verlorenes Metallgeld 

simonsito's picture

das triffts doch perfekt :)

snowball777's picture

What can I say, the French teacher had a nice rack and a penchant for wearing paper-thin blouses.

The German teacher was a bald guy with an attitude problem. You know him?

cbaba's picture

Warum dont, den Sie versuchen, in einer Sprache zu schreiben, dass jeder verstehen kann?

TradingJoe's picture

Ahh this is just a nice little puppet for Merkel, now we're talking!

"He was preparing the G20 etc! So a "preparer" is going to "run" the ECB, hehehe!

Well, I guess the Deutsche Fuehrung has it all now and Greece hold on to your



Just google his face, he looks like Jan's younger brother, hehehehe!

Oh regional Indian's picture

IMF. Dangerous. The real face of the hydra. 

Be interesting to see how many key fiscal folks around the world have IMF, WB/UN backgrounds.

India's Prime Minister is hardcore IMF. Which is why we are so screwed as a country.


EscapeKey's picture

Tragedy & Hope identifies the BIS as the head.

Anyway, worth keeping in mind that the IMF/World Bank was founded by a commie, Harry Dexter White.

Pure Evil's picture

Or in Newspeak, double plus good: "A Globalist!"

Now, let's all break out in a rousing rendition of the 4th International.


holsfhf's picture

didn't work at GS ? ... how not qualified can anyone get !!!

Zero Govt's picture

Better watch Germany in the years ahead because (West) Germans have suffered a decade or more of static living standards as their wealth has been robbed by their politicians to bailout first East Germany and then every fuking socialist tosser in Europe ....the rising public dissent is palpable and who can blame them trading their own best interests for the vacuous idealism of supporting incompetent sheisters (socialism in a nutshell)

Ratscam's picture

you forgot the billions per annum for Israel my friend.

Don't know why they paid since Israel was founded 3 years after WWII

youngman's picture

But they also got to export all their goods to them...and hence their jobs...

MarketTruth's picture

Perhaps they are preparing for SDR to go mainstream and so an ex-IMF, ex-G20, ex-G-8 is what is needed?

DavidC's picture

"oddly, no previous stint at Goldman Sachs"



nontaxpayer's picture

Aber wo bleibt unser bier?

FoieGras's picture

From Axel "The Axe" Weber to Jens "The Weird" Weidmann.

zoogle's picture

Euro ist kaputt, ein mehr Bier bitte.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

I take it he's not Irish then......

simonsito's picture

this is answer to my question whether we are finally able to blow up the EURO as a german people. No way with guys like this one....theres hope considering the fact that half of the population goes to the ballots, but theese 7 elections are often highly related to regional stuff, so there may be just too few slaps in the face of Angie to make up her mind about treason and other things related to the EU....

well, at least now I have less difficulties to forecast the next steps taken by our leaders.... It may look like a blend of soviet and american stupidity, mixed with some chinese foreign aid in the form of buying our crappy IR/GR/EFSF-papers....and some day even the german bund needs an infusion of unused chinese reserves.......FUCK.....! its a mess, any way you look at it.....

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Tyler, only a US government stooge, or an un-informed idiot, links to Wikipedia like you linked in the above article with your stooopid 'references'.

First of all, the CIA-backed Google puts the CIA's Wikipedia up at the top of most every search result, so every friggin' moron in the world can find the Wiki-rubbish if they so choose.

Secondly, you know that US government agents and bankster corporation shills can change Wikipedia dis-info at a moment's notice, so a Wikipedia page can be entirely different minutes after you link to it.

Thirdly, the 'administrators' of Wikipedia are thousands of employees at the NSA and CIA contractors and related agencies, as long ago proven by Wired News and others tracking Wikipedia page changes.

Fourthly, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia works for the CIA and its CFR and was recently at an intimate birthday party for the President of Israel, to thank him for his services to Zionism and for using Wikipedia as the leading site to spread lies and dis-info to crush opponents of Zionism, sometimes with subtlety, sometimes with no subtlety at all. - And by the way, is Mossad and in fact based in Jerusalem.

Tyler, if you haven't figured out that Wikipedia and Google are how the US government controls what most everyone in the world thinks and sees on the internet, you are hopelessly lost. Simon Black pointed out the obvious about Wikipedia and Google, right on ZH recently.

If you are too friggin' busy or lazy to find a 'link' other than the Wikipedia rubbish at the top line of Google search results, please don't act like a moron and support this Goebbels takeover of the internet. Find a real link to a real genuine website, and not CIA stooges, or don't put anything at all.