Merrill Lynch Note To Clients: "Buy The Dip"

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From Bank of Countrywide Lynch's Fred Batoua:

"S&P futures getting hit hard as Middle East turbulence starts to impact crude  price...March WTI contract expires today & seen huge short covering...we have  seen buy the dip mentality in S&P futures, 6pts off lows of 1320...near-term  though feel we are due a pause cautious & could retest 50 dma (1283)...last wk  the FMS highlighted that cash balances back at 3.5%, triggering a "sell" signal that on average is followed by ~6.2% move lower over next 4 wks...but  also worth noting that at 14x '11E EPS the S&P is still below 50 yr ave of  15x...also the doubling since March '09 is below the 62% move higher seen in  the 2yr's following a bear BUY the dip"

At least he didn't say "fucking"

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EscapeKey's picture

How much do they charge for this "premium service"?

Haywood Jablowme's picture

That Series 66 must come in really handy...


flacon's picture

Merrill Lynch, my former employer... :(

TradingJoe's picture

When JPM took over Bank One Sec I took my best clients and left, best decision of my entire professional life! Fuck the Banchero Trash!

French Frog's picture

so far it's

Merrill Lynch 1 - Non-Believers in Buy-The-Dip 0

Judge Judy Scheinlok's picture

Hey Frenchie how does it look now? Wait till EOD. DOW +52

French Frog's picture

it's going fine thanks; i'm a short term trader so bought this morning at last week's support at 1322 and out for 9 points; buy the dips until it hurts is still the moto;

i agree that the tide will eventually turn but this is what stops are for;

x times profitable trades buying the dips vs the odd one(s) when the market goes down is a lot more profitable than ...

x times trying to pick up the top

simple math really: trading is not about being right, it's about being on the same side as those consistently right; and for the record, i agree that these markets are a joke and that the fundamentals as detailed by ZH day-in day-out do not equal to S&P at 1330;

Ray1968's picture

If we close green today, that is an absolute indicator of just how sick and broken this market is.

tj3's picture

If we don't close -2.5% on the S&P...i will be disappoint. And i just looked (time stamp) but looks a upturn just below the opening low. (what a joke this market is if the turn was real)

Mr Sceptical's picture

It has become so easy....

Clockwork Orange's picture

That is exactly when it reverses.

The TBTF trading desks surely see the profits that can be made if they fleece all the longs.  Held the mkts right where they wanted them through Feb OpExp.  Could make some serious coin pulling it back several percent and have a lot of fun trapping the BTFDers.

Once everyone knows the strategy, the strategy changes.  Merrill is probably just collecting more victims.

Terminus C's picture

... nor did he call his clients "fucking idiots"

Not much else to say here other than, who needs free markets when you can BTFDYFI.

sushi's picture

Do they charge more if you ask for the "fucking" with?

Uncle Remus's picture

THAT always costs more.

Arthor Bearing's picture

The fucking comes complimentary. You have to pay extra for a donut to sit on afterwards though...

Richard Head's picture

At least he didn't say "BTFD bitches!"

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It's "Buy The Fucking Dip". 

Must Zero Hedge correct everything that comes across its desk? 

DavidC's picture

Tyler commented "At least he didn't say "fucking"...


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I was simply adding amplification. I just repaired my old Harman Kardon and I wanted to put it through its paces.

Astute Investor's picture

Nice to see someone still recognizes the sonic purity of tube amplifiers.  Despite your monikor, I assume you embrace vinyl over CD :)


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

My heirs will have to pull the vinyl from my cold dead hands. :>)

edit: BTW 20 plus years ago I could hear the difference between tube and electronic. Now I can't. I suspect some of it has to do with better silicon and some of it has to do with older ears and too many rock concerts when I was a stupid kid.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

I don't think it's only your ears. I've noticed the same trend, for tube amps vs solid state and for cd vs vinyl. For amps, the complexity of the electronics and user interfaces have improved enough in the last few decades that a talented musician can create nearly any desired sound by fiddling digital controls in the right way. For stereo systems, it seems that the quality of the amps and speakers are the major predictor of performance nowadays, and the high bit rate a/d encoding of cd's is sufficient to eliminate most perceptible differences between the sound output of the musician and its representation on an audio device. Even still, on vinyl you may occasionally hear a pick scraping a guitar string, etc., that might have been eliminated in the digital encoding. I think that's about all the glory analog has left, but maybe we'll see a comeback. I'm all for it.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

That's a beauty. I've got a modded Bandmaster in need of repair, but it'll never look that nice!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Mine doesn't look that nice either. I grabbed the photo off Google images. But I do own that model. My father was an old High Fidelity guy and passed the curse on to me.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Anybody want my Fisher? All you have to do is get the oxidation off the aluminum from Fla. salt air and ....?

On the other hand, in case the elec. grid gets shut down I got a Singer treadle heavy duty sewing machine in case you need your wagon harness made or canvas sewn for your get away voyage.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

If the grid goes down, I'm exclusively acoustic, and I'm not going anywhere.

Uncle Remus's picture

Many moons ago I had an old Fisher receiver I saved from becoming landfill fodder. Tweaked it a little, connected it to some DCM Time Windows (1st gen) and enjoyed it.



Cognitive Dissonance's picture

My dad made a pair of speakers (including the mahogany cabinets) with his own hands when I was a young pup and I took them over when he died. He said they could handle 500 watts each, but I've never pushed them that hard. One of the woofers has a small (age?) crack and I'm looking around for a replacement pair.

They don't make them (woofers) like they use to.

Clampit's picture

What drivers then; Dyne, Vifa, Seas, Morel? Your dad probably had a copy of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook...

I have a set of NOS early-90's Morel 3 way w/ custom Solen x-over that I'm probably never going to use - surrounds and spiders are excellent but I expect the ferrofluid is drying up.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

I've heard good things about eminence speakers (

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thanks for the tip. My Dad was a master craftsman in every sense of the word. I'm just a wanna be that's too busy with other things to get too involved in the details other than to turn up the volume and enjoy the zero gravity field. The speakers were built in 1962 and are well past their prime. But they are priceless to me so I will maintain them as best I can.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

Tight 50 yr old mahogany cabinets are valuable and worth preserving. Well maintained mahogany guitars of that age are quite expensive because the wood's acoustic properties improve with age, and I doubt it's much different for speaker cabinets

bulldung's picture

Steve Lavezo, Denton,Texas,master carpenter makes custom speakers if anyone really wants them.CD, thanks for your continued contributions to the knowledge base of ZH.Bulldung

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Sadly the new Harman is not the same as the old Harman. But nothing else is as well so I'm just an old fool crying on my tube amplifiers.

Council of Economic Terrorists's picture

And that isn't a coincidence.  They shifted much of their focus to automotive since they landed huge contracts with asian and european automakers.  My father would be the first to admit that consumer division has gone to hell.

Newsboy's picture

Harmon Kardon Citation-2, my first tube amp. I drove Acoustat-4s with it, tricked that amp out with so many tweaks, then got into horns and low powered single-ended triodes. It's all good...

UGrev's picture

Tyler, you sold your recipe to Ragu?  You're gonna be rich!!!

Confused's picture

Thanks for the laugh! 

Misean's picture

I'm not sure where they get THEIR chickens, but my entrail reading this morning indicates extended squishiness.

Uncle Remus's picture

At least he didn't say "fucking"

It goes without saying.

Ralphie's picture

Oh my God didn't you hear a fucking word I said? Just buy the fucking dip. If you don't you are a fucking idiot. Buy the fucking dip.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

im goin all n...

bullets and Silver that is...

Real money bitchez.....

Dr. Engali's picture

I hope you have your beans and band aids too.