MERS Complaint | Marlya Depauw and Sharon & Terrance Lafrance v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

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!?!. .Marla... thought she'd dropped a sprog

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well i don't know what a sprog is, but where in the heck is Marla!

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thats a lot of potatoes!!!



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It is far, far less than a year's bonus if you work for the vampire squid Goldman Sachs, JP Morgue, etc.

Oh, wait, million... billion... trillion... quadrillion.... It is all getting to be just some zeros fronted by a number on a page at this point.

Heck, the Fed monetizes more than $400,000,000 within an hour.

They should have sued those crooks MERS for $400,000,000,000,000,000,000.