Mike Krieger Deconstructs Commodity Inflation: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

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Time traded for worthless paper.


truly shameful

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You know whats worth more then paper?




It *USED* to be worth 1c... and 25c (silver quarter used to buy a gallon of gas) ~= 62.5 grams of copper, or 2.25 oz of copper.

3.50$ per gal on gas 

2.25 oz of copper ~= 3.50$.

16 oz per pound

24$ a pound... to keep up with gas inflation.

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Humm what is this?  Doctor Copper has taken ill - down 3% today in FCX - what is the Rx?

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If you want to see signs of inflation, look at the English language!

Krieger uses the same word for bankers as is used for people who deliberately plant shrapnel bombs on school buses to cause the maximum number of maimed and disfigured children.

Our financial system is a type of fascism, whereby profits are privatized by extracted from the population by force and fraud made possible only by government.  It is also a ponzi scheme as the tower of debt cannot expand forever.  And there are many cases of egregious fraud (like Abacus) and egregious hubris (like Blankfein).

But repeat after me this is *not* "terrorism".  It is a different kind of evil.

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I agree. I said it in another thread: calling them Financial Terrorists would give them too much prestige, I prefer the term 'Worthless Cocksuckers'.

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People are dying in food riots "nuff said"..

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More food for the survivors, on a per capita basis. See how neatly these things work out?

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Exaggurating to be heard has gotten to be cronic within our societal blogging discourse.  IMO, some of this comes from diliberate misreprentations by political players, in some cases, trying to represent that they know when they do not know.  If all fails, "fake your way through it."

IMO, TV has totally modified our society, democratizing but reducing ambition for intellectual rigor of the middle class.  We now know a lillle about a lot to things but with less rigor in specifics.  I have examples but it will make the note too long.

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That is pretty weak. Terrorists enforce their views using terror.

It seems that several guys use multiple times the terror of the potentially collapsing Ponzi to enforce their views.

Not really an inflation of language.  More that terrorism is a shallow word, which too selective applications to be useful in any attempt to depict reality.

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The "tanks in the streets" comment of Paulson? Fraud or an attempt at terrorism? Just asking.

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...or in more detail, the GDX/ short SPX is a coin flip. Gotcha'.

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But repeat after me this is *not* "terrorism".  It is a different kind of evil.


Pardon me if I believe Hank Paulson, Chris Dodd, etc. threatening martial law and financial armageddon, if we didn't pass TARP, is terrorism.


And I also believe the flash crash, which just happen to occur while Congress was debating financial regulations, was terrorism as well.


However, I do believe financial terrorism is a different kind of evil.



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How can there be financial terrorism if words have no meaning?

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To quote Bob Chapman: "The terrorists are in the banks, on Wall Street, in the City of London and running transnational conglomerates that are destroying our society and that of Europe"



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Definitely a perfect storm scenario for commodities.

If you go on the need scale, food is going to skyrocket, steel is going to skyrocket (all those Indian's buying up Global steel with PE money are going to look really smart now), Oil will rocket...

Scene on the ground in India does not look good.



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Demand for food is less elastic than anything else.  Second least elastic is energy.

Buy base metals at your own risk, boyz!

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Paper food ETFs doing real good now:



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I went down to the deli in the lobby of my office building.  Hadn't been there in 2 weeks.  All the prices were up 10-20%.  The $6 lunch I usually get is now $7 and change.

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Scary if that is the trendline for the foreseeable future, eh?


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When "value menu" items like $1 cheeseburgers and $79 cent tacos go away, that's when the riots begin.

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$5 foot long at Subway...

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... or the $2.00 lunch menu @ KFC.

mmm KFC

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mmm KFC


$2.00 of Chicken skin, (no meat)DEEEEP Fried.

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They can just keep shrinking the food sizes and keep the prices the same.  They've been doing that for a while but it's accelerating now.  Check the size of a jar of spaghetti sauce, they've gone from 32 oz to 28 to 26 to 24 or less now.

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Not to mention you can 6sigma that 24oz down to 23.3oz without anyone looking.


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Not trying to beat a dead horse on this thread, but if you make your own they never get smaller than 32 oz. 

-450 brand new Mason Jars w/lids - $300

- 1 Presto 20 pint pressure canner - $89

- 1 Presto Steam Bath water canner - $35

- 1 years worth of enough heirloom seeds to plant 1/2 acre of garden space - < $100

- Eating healthy ass shit and having enough put away to last a whole year - Priceless

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Hunger is a very powerful enabler of mass action.

ZimBen and the Genocidal Inkjets are blind to that consequence of 'their' action

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There is an old saying that I can't remember the source of but I heard often during the inflationary late 70's and early 80's.

America and the world is always just 3 square meals away from chaos.

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The grocery store has a few days worth of food, and in a panic, that would get cleared out in the blink of an eye. It's a good time to stock up on things, before any major price shocks come. If they don't come, then you're just well stocked. If you buy long lasting food, you can just draw down on your supply.

I just wish I were in a position to have a vegetable garden right now. Unfortunately I'm renting and can't do it.

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Bread and potatoes don't store very well. .

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Rice and Chick peas as a basis. They form a very nutritious emergency diet and store very well.

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There are cheaper places to get seeds and supplies, but this site has a lot of examples, and how to etc..

Excellent way to get fresh nutrition year round, and requires next to no space. 

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Thanx for that, CC, and a tip of the Hatlo hat.

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the word of the day, freezer. well as long as we have electricity, i guess. i make a bunch of twice baked potatoes and freeze them. almost everything freezes well.

freeze, bitch†

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We had all better take a lesson from our Grandparents and learn to stretch our food.  We eat too much and we waste even more.   

Frugality Bitchez.  You'd better learn it.

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For bread, seal the loaf with Al foil and freeze.

For Potato I would try the same thing because the only problem should be loss of moisture. 

Loss of moisture is the big problem.



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I've frozen bread in the past.  It dried out but was still edible.  I guess dried out potatoes would cook faster.

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Dried bread = french toast.  Chickens bitches!



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If you have room for a large garbage can, and a semi-cool place to put it, fill it with sand to store spuds, carrots, and onions.  If you live in the city, I would think you could buy sandbox sand at a Menards/Lowes/etc..

Also, consider doing your own canning.  Jars stack well, don't require fridgeration, and you tend to actually eat your leftovers rather than toss them.

Things that go bump's picture

Canning most things beyond pickles and jam requires a pressure canner.  This would be a good investment.  I got mine at Fleet Farm, where you can also acquire things like hand grain grinders and meat grinders, dehydrators, and good American-made cast iron cookware.  Get a good book on canning while you are at it, because pressure canning can be a dangerous undertaking if you don't know what you are doing.  With good technique and the right equipment, even meat can be canned at home.  I've actually canned butter, which doesn't require a pressure canner, and its not bad.  Lay in some jars and new lids.

ColonelCooper's picture

I'm thinking about trying some of these this year.  Anybody have any experience with them?  I want to try them before I go all out, last year I put up a little over 400 jars; at about 4 times the cost they had better work.


As far as reference books, I highly recommend "The Joy of Pickling", and "Balls Complete Book of Home Preserving".  If you are going to buy a pressure canner, I would recommend buying a weighted one, rather than one with a gauge.  The weights never need to be calibrated and reduce the odds of canning at too low a pressure and shitting your pants for a month.

Canned venison on Ritz crackers is an outright delicacy where I come from.  Any time I have the pressure canner out, I brown up 5 pounds or so of ground beef.  It's the handiest shit ever when you need to make an instant supper.  Whenever I make soup I make a shitload, and start canning it right after supper.  On the nights I don't feel like cooking, I just tell the kids to have soup.  Right now, I have five or six different kinds on the shelf.  I don't even have to feel like shit for sitting around drinking bourbon while I make the kids feed themselves. ;)



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just pickle your balls, colon. put them in a plastic freezer bag. use a straw and suck out all the air, really a B I G  o l d SUCK, boom, tight sealed pickle balls, freeze and enjoy at a later time†

Things that go bump's picture

I've never heard of those.  Thanks for the link.  If they really are reusable they would be well worth the investment.

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I have a dehydrator that I've been running non-stop lately.  Best way to preserve fruits, veggies, and make some tasty jerky.  I've also got a bunch of mason jars and a vacuum sealer with the lid attachment that I use to keep things fresh.  I only have so much freezer space and if the electricity goes ...

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Buy a bread baking machine and kilo's of flour. Can store that for around a year. Get creative or face a hard time

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Dont worry, nobody will starve in the US (save the usual suspects)

The US is at starving the world to sweeten  trade negociations. As such, the US needs an army of gluttons to put pressure.

US citizens will be fed by their government. It would be counterproductive to act otherwise.

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High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lights......look into them. I would recommend growing something that barters well as opposed to veggies though!

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I've tested this, I get real cranky if I go more the 16 hours without eating. It won't hurt you to do it and some believe fasting is good for you as it simulates what our hunter gatherer ancestors experienced as we evolved. Give it a try sometime.

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It is a good thing in moderation.  One of the most memorable things I have done is fast for a week.  It is interesting to have have the devil on your ass, and I mean on your ass. 

Utterly amazing to discover how much power over your mind food has.