Mike Krieger Exposes "The Big Lie"

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From Mike Krieger of KAM LP

Gold today is no longer related to the normal economic cycle of supply and demand, jewelry, Indian wedding seasons, rain in the Middle East.  All those things are passé, forget about them.  Gold is driven today by one overriding and I am afraid, at least in my opinion, an irresistible and irreversible trend.  A fundamental, global and growing insecurity… A fundamental, global and growing lack of confidence of the world in everything they were brought up to believe.  Institutions, insurance companies, banks, issuers of mortgages, ratings agencies, equities, sovereign debt, Federal Reserve Banks.  Portugal and Iceland.  Greece and Spain.  Currencies.  What is left?  What is left?

- Peter Munk, Chairman of Barrick Gold

Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.
- Laurence J. Peter 

The Big Lie

I feel completely blessed to be alive right now.  To be a witness and participant in a moment in human history that will be written about and passed down in tales for as long as humanity remains on this planet.  We are currently observing the evaporation of what Nazis referred to as “The Big Lie.”  In very basic terms the concept of The Big Lie is that if you are going to lie you may as well lie big.  So big in fact that the majority of well meaning citizenry could never imagine anyone lying on such a grand scale (particularly not their government “officials”) so that they don’t even question the basis of their own reality.  In the case of the United States the Big Lie is that we have a free market capitalist economy.  Instead we have a corporatist/fascist economy that enriches three main groups.  Wall street financiers, the military industrial complex and large multi-national corporations that don’t pay taxes.  So that begs the question, how can the American people be so brainwashed into thinking they live in this false reality?  It’s very easy.  It’s all about the money. 

Up until recently (and by that I mean the last three years) how many people asked what is a dollar?  How is it created and who controls the creation?  Essentially no one did.  The financial crisis changed everything because as the false reality finally cratered under its own weight the super elite that robs and rapes the rest of us saw their world crumbling and they panicked.  In order to save themselves, their reputations and most importantly their wealth they responded in such an absurd and selfish manner it shook millions of Americans from their slumber.  People started asking basic questions they never even thought to ask before.  One of those people was me.  When I discovered how completely fooled I had been my whole life and figured out how the scam works I started writing about it.  I relied on those great men that have been writing about it for decades in relative obscurity to educate me on monetary and financial history.  I then shared what I learned with anyone that would listen.  I am pleased to report that it has been a tremendous success and enough people are now awake for the system to be overthrown.  That is what is in the process of happening now.  Yet as I have said many times before, the super elite has all the tools of control still and will not go down easy.  Think about what despotic leaders have done to people in times past.  The torture, the exterminations, anything to have power.  I believe many at the helm within the financial system and military-industrial complex in the U.S. are just as evil as those from the past.  That said, in the age of the internet their methods of control have changed and the war going on between truth and lies playing out right now has two main battlefields.  There is the information war being waged by the alternative media vs. the dinosaur propaganda media.  The second battlefield is the financial markets where honest money (gold and silver) is battling fraud fiat money controlled by the banksters who give The Bernank his marching orders.  These orders are not designed to help the economy (which is why the economy remains horrible) they are designed to preserve the status quo and protect their ill gotten gains.  The establishment is getting wiped out on both battlefields.  It is an amazing sight to see.

The Bernank Has No Clothes

The Bernank’s inaugural press conference last week was nothing short of a disaster.  The Wizard of Disneyland came out from behind his curtain and despite softball questions from “journalists” couldn’t make any sense whatsoever.  I just listened to it again a few minutes ago.  His answers were full of contradictions and backwards logic.  The first time the word “inflation” came out of his mouth in response to a question he started stuttering.  When asked about the dollar he said “the treasury is the spokesperson for the dollar.”  Come again Bernank?  They are FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and you create them out of thin air.  And lots of em.  The Big Lie.

When talking about gasoline prices rising and the inflation in commodity costs in general he claims the Fed isn’t responsible, yet then he claims that if they keep going up and feed into core (which they are big time already and wait until you see Wal-Marts price hikes in June) the Fed would have to respond.  Huh?  If you aren’t responsible for the increase then how can you act to stop them and why would you act if you didn’t cause it in the first place? 
Nothing though exposed this fraud of a man more than when he talked about Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff’s book “This Time is Different.”  The Bernank offers his view that the reason why prior financial periods of crisis took so long to recover from was because officials didn’t act properly.  There you go!  This exposed the man and his absurd statist mind for all to see.  He thinks he is the superman that the world has been waiting for.  He seems to think that in his brilliance and money printing he can just make the prior bubbles go away and we can get going again.  Let’s think about human nature for a second.  We have had government’s in charge of civilizations since the beginning of time.  Do you really think the majority of those governments really just stood by and watched after a financial crisis?  Hardly.  Furthermore, looking at the 1930’s it is very clear the government did anything BUT stand by idly (another lie).  They interfered like crazy.  That is why the U.S. economy NEVER recovered naturally from the 1930’s.  Never. 

I have said for years that there is no stopping the mega cycle and that is what we are in.  I also said that things also never play out the same way.  You have to look at the players involved.  The Bernank is haunted by his mythical view of the Great Depression and deflation.  He also thinks he can outsmart natural cycles.  So when Von Mises says there is no end to a credit bubble other than deflationary bust or a collapse in the currency you have to ask yourself which one it will be?  I have said for years it will be a destruction of the currency system and that what has been happening but what we have seen so far is merely an appetizer.      

The Markets, Gold and Silver  

It is very timely that I get to write today for the first time in a month.  Last week, the entire Big Lie was collapsing left and right.  When the Bernank spoke, gold soared.  Obama came out with his latest reality tv show episode called “The Birth Certificate.” Still his approval ratings plunged.   Gasoline was spiking.  Confidence in Disneyland was circling the toilet bowl.  Nothing was working for the establishment.  So what did you think would happen this week? 

Well, exactly what is happening.  A monster PR campaign to get confidence back.  Let’s go back to Sunday night.  We got Bin Laden!  (watch this interview PLEASE  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXPg4yblXM0)  Silver plunges 13% in Asia!  Brain dead sheep outside the White House waving flags yelling USA, USA!  It was eerily reminiscent of people in the Arab world celebrating after 9/11. 

As many of you know, I believe the markets are heavily manipulated to paint a picture.  However, I also believe that markets always win in the end.  This is a war in which the super elite will not give up or reform the system on their own accord.  This is not just a battle for money it is a part of a much larger battle for souls.  Therefore, they will employ as aggressive and deadly tactics in markets as they do overseas when they launch wars every other week.  That is what I think has happened this week.  So is it over?  I have no idea but I like buying physical silver again at these levels and I also love the mining shares here.  I have NEVER been more bullish on physical gold and silver right now.  Everyone has an opinion now and that is fine.  But I told people to short oil in 2008 and buy it back in the $40s on the record and I also recommended buying silver at $10/oz.  This is no bubble.  We are in the midst of a major counterattack.  The sheep will sell or even short.  The wolves always eat the sheep.  That is all this is.

Remember, this is a war between truth and lies but the truth is winning and will win.  You can see the extent of their fear by what is happening this week.  Stay calm, cool and add to your physical.     

A Splintering in the Establishment      

One of the things I have been waiting to see was when people in the “establishment” start to speak out more and refuse to cooperate with the more psychopathic elements with the government, Wall Street and the military/industrial complex.  I am now starting to see increased signs of this.  This is still under the radar but it is happening and accelerating.  Sides are being taken.  This is going to be very interesting to watch.  Just remember, the system is coming down and there is nothing they can do to stop it.  They can only separate you from your real money (gold and silver) before it becomes clear to all.  The action this week is a last ditch attempt.  The game is already over. 

Finally, please take the time to watch this.  It is long but one of the most important documentaries I have even seen. 


All the best,

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scratch_and_sniff's picture

Its a lie that your investments crashed 30% in 4 days ITS A LIE I TELL YOU!!! LOL this is fucking mind-numbing.

pirea's picture

I have the same number of coins. Nothing crashed. There is just a play of numbers that makes me laugh when I see them.

Hat Trick's picture

Through this plunge, I've started to see the truth. Yes, I love to come to this board, and watch a handful of folks share knowledge that I agree with more often than not. Yes, silver should be a good investment...like many other topics discussed. But sorry, this huge killing in silver should show one and all, the gigantic investment banks and corporations have all the power folks...not a few retail investors!! The average person in the US either 1) Owns no PM to begin with, other than their wedding ring, or 2) is SELLING, not buying, at the local jewelry store. True, there are a handful of people out there buying, and talking on this board, etc....some may even have hundreds (or a few) even thousands of oz. - though that is certainly a rare bird indeed. In the other corner, weighing in at three hundred and fifty tons....JP Morgan and every other mutil-billion dollar goliath in the world! Sorry, I just don't seem them losing, at least not any more. Just IMO, of course...we're all just temporary collections of molecules anyway! HA  :)

Rynak's picture

They do NOT have larger positions in physical metals - not enough to kill the market like this. This is simply paper vs. physical..... they can invent paper silver out of nothingness, and sell "nothingness" to bring down a spotprice that responds to nothingness. However, the whole game only works, because enough sheep still believe that all this paper nothingness is actually backed by physical, which it is not.... and it only works as long as no "mania" happens in buying physical..... which i suspect (but do not know) is the reason for the recent attack: preventing the mainstream from becoming interested in silver.... because even those "multi-billion golliath's" CANNOT stop the mainstream.

What does that mean for personal investment decisions regarding PMs? Well, there are some strategies based on risky assumptions (one of them is that "we" can win against paper without the mainstream).... and there are some strategies that are low-risk....

One of the low risk strategies, are this:

1. Nominal prices WILL in the longterm go up, simply because of inflation. They may not go up as much as they did in recent years, but even a manipulated market has to in the longterm obey monetary supply.

2. Do not buy metals with wealth you need in the midterm. Buy metals with wealth which you do NOT need in the longterm!

3. The world will not end. As long as society isn't nearly wiped out, commodities will in the longterm never tank permanently. That is because all those commodities fullfil a role, and thus not even "they" can afford metaphorically keep them down permanently, only in a worst case punish highs.

4. Buy at prices that are guaranteed to be - even if just periodically in a worst case scenario - exceeded. The magic is: You do not lose anything until you sell! So, if you can afford to wait, and your target for a sell is something that will even in a worst case scenario be reached periodically, then YOU CANNOT LOSE, ONLY GO ZERO OR WIN.

Number 4. obviously depends on 1-3.

5. Diversify. Don't bet everything on one card.

Now, as for the magical question "why even do it then, ignoring ideological motivations?". Again, inflation. What "insurance" can you name, that secures you near-zero longterm inflation for savings? Don't invest into metals to win - invest to not lose!

And as for those "ideological reasons".... if even just1% of the population would do this, what would happen? You're not responsible for "saving the world".... just cover your ass, and know that if even a sizeable minority of the population would do this, everything would be fine.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Nothing has crashed, My PM's are in the same place I last put them. I don't have paper investments in a failed and rigged system. Long physical,pigs,chickens,goats,cows & mason jars full of non-GMO's.

Hushups's picture

Who the hell bought all their physical 4 days ago? You silly troll!

Hushups's picture

Who bought all of their physical 4 days ago?

Moe Howard's picture

Of course nobody did. That's one of the reasons the market came down. Who the fuck is buying silver at a peak of $49 [for what - 2 seconds?] if you started at $8 a short time ago. I haven't purchased any except mint 90% sets, magazine deals under spot, etc. No bulk for quite a while - too fucking high. I suspect most of the physicals did the same.

It makes you feel bad to see the price plunge if you hold physical - that's a human thing.

However, I have a stash of fiat I was holding back in case there is a real dip so I can double my physical. I hope it drops to my buy point.

Drop like a rock baby, shake it up, then it's to the moon when QE infinity hits.

oddjob's picture

According to the trolls everybody whoever bought physical Silver bought above $49 in that 15 minute span on Sunday nite.

scratch_and_sniff's picture

Let the move play out brother, then come back to me in a month, where your only retort will be "who bought silver 4 years ago?". You’re fucked, you’ve been caught and now all this silly horse shit is going to eat you alive. SELL FOOL!!

Count Floyd's picture

Ag and Au went up too far, too fast.  A correction was inevitable, especially given the actions of the CME.  Last I checked, Ag is still up over 15% since 1/1/11.

Over the next several years, what do you think has the more upside: the USD or Ag? 

Now, there is a risk of a big fall should there be a liquidation event, such as Chris Martenson is predicting, but that will just present a buying opportunity.

Eric Janszen (iTulip) issued a sell on Ag last Friday because he says it's not a monetary metal.  He says go Au since it's the only PM held by central banks.  That's no doubt a more prudent position. 

scratch_and_sniff's picture

I cant say; we dont know what is actually happening with silver at the minute, it will come out eventually though. These moves are nuts, i couldnt predict where this will end. How could anyone buy it with all the shenannigans- if its only normal forces at work(bar the margin hikes), then its likely it will have another stab at the highs, considering when this move ends that could be 50-70%+ upside...so there is no way the buck is going to compete with that. Big if's, though.

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

If one looks at what causes something to function as money, renewable energy would be a far better unit of it in an industrialized world.

You can't carry a solar array in your pocket and break it up to pay for a pack of gum but you could do that for something used to make them:  silver.

Just a thought....I've noticed the price of even cheap chineese goods with solar panels on them have also risen in price like crazy.  Perhaps silver will be a monetary metal for its industrial conversion to long-lasting sunlight->electricty converter.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

by scratch_and_sniff the ass!
on Thu, 05/05/2011 - 18:25

Its a lie that your investments crashed 30% in 4 days ITS A LIE I TELL YOU!!! LOL this is fucking mind-numbing.

Nice strawman! Please teach us more of your ever-so-clever logical inconsistencies. 



scratch_and_sniff's picture

I don’t need to teach you, the market will teach you all you need to know boy. (oh hold on, the market is a lie controlled by the lizard people, so it cant teach you anything)

MolotovCockhead's picture

Bought it at 12 bucks and now it's at 35 and you call that a crash? Come sniff my arse you moron, while you are doing what you are best at, scrath my balls as well!

scratch_and_sniff's picture

oh really, another phantom buyer from early 2009 comes out of the wood work asking me to sniff his bum, and touch his scrotum...why oh why can't i take him seriously, more to the point, why would anyone want to? Well, your hypothetical investment just haemorrhaged a hypothetical 50% and counting in a few days, so you can call that whatever you want- crash, spanking, drubbing bla bla bla. But if you can convince me it’s a positive thing, you are probably wasting your talents. Give it a shot anyway big man, im up for a laugh today…get me right inside the mind of a demented twat and blow me away, leave me breathless man.

Sophist Economicus's picture

"...it is very timely that I get to write today for the first time in a month..."


Oh God!   One of the only pet peeves I have with the internet is that narcissistic blow-hards don't know when to put away their keyboards -- sort of like Steve King and his typewriter in the later years....

Pladizow's picture

"narcissistic blow-hards don't know when to put away their keyboards"


Sophist Economicus's picture

Why, hello two the both of you too...

EvlTheCat's picture

LOL!!  It took me a second to look up and see who you were talking to.

chindit13's picture

My eyes are bad, but your avatar looks to be Jackie Gleason.  If so, I can hear him reciting your comment in his lecherous character.  Spot on!

Sophist Economicus's picture

It is Ralph Kramden indeed!   In all his glory...

TruthInSunshine's picture

Fucking Trolls EVERYWHERE on Zero Hedge now.

They probably all have beards and teeny penie like The Bernank, and work at the Federal Reserve, too!

"Don't buy gold and silver, but collect cotton/linen paper that The Bernank prints," they say!


It's game over, you Federal Reserve AssStains!

You are losing, big time, and will lose in far larger ways.

Oh what a terrible web we weave, when we Federal Reserve Shit Stains set out to deceive!

Sophist Economicus's picture

Troll?   Moi?   I think not.   But I do find MK to be a pedantic, condescending, self-important bore.    If that make me a Troll, so be it...

I read better advice from Polonius - you know 'Neither a borrower or lender be...."

chindit13's picture

From the article:

"I then shared what I learned with anyone that would listen.  I am pleased to report that it has been a tremendous success and enough people are now awake for the system to be overthrown."

Aren't you being just a little harsh on the lad?

One of the more "endearing" traits of the young is that they always think they are the first ones to ever think of something (until they re-read the Greek playwrights, Shakespeare, the Epic of Gilgamesh, etc.), and they think their times are the most historical.  Just for starters, Mike might want to ask his grandparents about the 1930's, or the Second World War.  For them, the current mess is a common cold after having beat cancer.

Rynak's picture

Need an updated list? Here is it. Those of which i am certain:

grand supercycle
texas gunslinger
red barron

And just so you're updated on what you are supposed to believe:

The message has now been diversified from "you're all seeing illusions, everything is fine", to add the following:

- "You're fucked, there is so much manipulation that you do not have a chance. Better just give up."

- "Hey, i'm pretending to preach to the common concensus, and am ridiculing it between the lines"

- "Hey, how does it look like if i disagree with my own team-members, and then agree with them on the same topic a few posts later - are you confused yet?"

- Just spam useless shit


Tyler, the junk system of this website needs to learn the concept of "trust". A junk by some random account parked to later be used for psyops, shouldn't have the same weight of a junk by a longtime member who has clearly established himself as non-malicious.


TruthInSunshine's picture

Outstanding detective work.

I guess we had just better acquiesce now, because Bernanke will win, huh? It's curtains for all who trade in FRN confetti for things that maintain real purchasing power over thousands of years, while FRN and other confetti loses between 1% and 99.99% purchasing power annually, depending on sovereign and madman at the helm of the fiatski pumping.



scratch_and_sniff's picture

This is how you fools got burned, no one is allowed to trouble your little theories, you dont foster debate because you are vain egotistical bullshitters harbouring hardline fantastical assumptions about our world - who think they know it all(i have never heard so many windbags talking shit they know nothing of), and anyone who thinks differently is part of some vendetta against you- man that’s how you're totally fucked, as investors and individuals; everyone must toe the party line or OMG, wait for it, be junked!! Oh the shame of it all(its all very shameful indeed).

Anyone that even remotely whispered that silver was going parabolic were junked and laughed at(unbelievable, im genuinely shocked), now it just got bitch-slapped and you want to assign yourself sergeant of the thought-police and call all the people out who were right as trolls, jokers etc. The fact is, a 30% bloodbath says you were wrong to do that, you should have listened(even to the charts) but you couldn’t do that because of the vain web of nonsense in your brain, that not only defines your investment ideas but defines your characters. You can give me the bull of not worrying about 30%(and counting) being wiped off your worth, i’ve already heard it. And anyway, this is not about a move in silver, i hope it goes back up for you guys and you get a better chance to bail, this about the way dissenters are treated here.

Not one person here listened to the market, you just clung to your fucking nonsense like madmen(there are two parts of a trade, you all did beautifully geting in, excellent and WELL ahead of the crowd, but you fucked up big time for holding...no matter, spare me the line about holding long term, because you could have had 30% more silver with a click of a mouse if that was the case), and not one person has held they're hands up and said "hey we were wrong this time guys", you all just doubled up on a bigger dose of bullshit and blamed it on the usual theoretical suspects, AND within the space of an hour go back to bashing the people who told you were wrong(and you cant comprehend why people take the piss?).

Fuck you hairy hole.

Debt is Slavery's picture

Sad really when a pair of cartoon bears have more credibility than these foolish bastards

Dejean Splicer's picture

funkymonkeyboy? I doubt it.

oogs66's picture

His comment about Rogoff's book also set me on edge.  I remain convinced that we are throwing too much at the problem too soon.  That we need to experience more pain and that the final chapters are not yet written and will be far worse because we wasted all of our powder too early and have no dry powder left when it is really needed and could do some real good.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1 as well.  

I would also like to take the opportunity here to make an announcement:





DoChenRollingBearing yesterday officially and finally joined the Tinfoil Hat Brigade.  He was quickly welcomed by another member.

The Bearing just could not handle the lies and the liars (the Osama photo controversy is what threw the Bearing over the edge), and so was forced to join.  The Bearing's first action after letting some friends know of the decision was to listen to yesterday's Alex Jones radio show at infowars.com.  The Bearing had never done that before.

He was also informed that he does not have to wear a tinfoil hat all the time as long as he stays away from the TV and Hollywood movies.  And if he acts like the other Sheeple, he will not be noticed.  Baaah!  Baaah!  Baa-aaah!

defender's picture

Let me give you some other news places that seem to be made up of the better part of the tin foil hat crowd:



DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Both of those sites were very interesting, thank you for sharing them.

Corbett reminds us that Fukushima has not gone away...

MolotovCockhead's picture

Of course TPTB will screw us if we try to screw their fiat system, it's to be expected. See how it got Gadaffi into such deep shit!


chindit13's picture

Welcome to Schizophreniastan!  Our sides will win!

falak pema's picture

Well at least you stick your neck out for the guillotine. In your logic :

There is only one way that the US oligarchy can now go : to a military type government. That or a revolution, October or Thermidor style...it leads to military regime...

Its that or its raising the white flag as the ponzi collapses in all three interlinked fiat economies : three naked kings, USD, Euro and Yen. With the Yuan waiting in the wings. Let the rot set in. Only its military strength stands in the way of the Oriental take over of Occident. Tipping moment in world civilization. Marco Polo heads for Cathay...hat in hand...to sign the deal for Yuan led world currency, to avoid this ponzi crumbling humiliation and/or subsequent world annihilation.

Other scenario?????....lost in translation...?

Bear's picture

China out prints the US  ... they print money, buy bonds, buy oil, copper, uranium, rare earths, Uganda, Congo ... then they print some more. 

rocker's picture

They also make things.  Things we used to make.  China is just starting to advance while we are just starting our decline. They don't have a military complex built on Fraud. They have real GDP.  Even though their numbers might not be exactly as claimed. Our lie is bigger for sure.  Their GDP numbers beat ours for sure.   

Remember all those high priced Black Water agents in Iraq. It took years for them to do what. Get Saddam. While Halliburton charged us for overpriced meals to feed all.  What a facade.  A profit for the private few who had insides contacts with Cheney.

Those same skilled underpaid Navy Seals took Bin Laden out in one mission. Difference is: one war was fault with contractors reaping massive profits and the Pakistan initiative was done with our home-grown military. We should honor their deed. I would guess that 98% of our military are honest hard working people. It's the 2% that scares me. 

And we do not over tax corportions as Jack the Hack from GE claims. Hack said if we lower tax rates for GE they would create more jobs here. Excuse me. GE did NOT pay any taxes.  Only it's U.S. employees did, what few are left.

MrSteve's picture

You are so right, China's military complex is not based on fraud, it is based on abject slavery and lethal intimidation. You should be so proud!

aerojet's picture

I've decided I cannot honor their "deed."  I understand that it is payback for the loss of their own buddies, but the big lie encompasses more than just financial fraud, you know? It would have been nice to find out a few things from a key witness to one of the biggest crimes in American history.  Instead, we have even greater dissonance.

MolotovCockhead's picture

Haha...you got conned!! There's no Navy Seal in Pakistan. Didn't you hear that he was unarmed?? Highly trained dangerously armed terrorist killed without firing a shot back? The Navy Seal raided the building using helicopter and not a single terrorist notice it?? You are so naive, you're charming.

Lord Welligton's picture

buy bonds, buy oil, copper, uranium, rare earths, Uganda, Congo ... then they print some more. 

China is using Dollars to "buy" oil, uranium ......... and every other thing.

Their currency is pegged to the dollar.

It is worthless and they know it.

They don't have to print.

The Federal Reserve Bank does it for them.

They get everything for free.