Mike Krieger On The Latest Upcoming US Fad: "Serf Size Me"

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We don't need a war.  We need a mother fucking revolution right here in our backyard. 

Shit ain't changing until blood is spilt by the crooked politicians, bankstas, lobbyists, and the executive teams running the 4 or 5 mega-corporations that have their hands in every fucking little thing. 


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I agree 100% with the need for War as a diversion.. They MUST have it.. Coming soon to a theatre near you... Prepare accordingly

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yeah, well as I said the other day, it better be a real whoop-ass affair; the Afghan/Iraq deal is a real yawner. Oh, BTW, with what weaponry & what troops do they plan to fight? just askin'

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I suspect there would be a lot of bombs being dropped.. We do have plenty of those.. Just sayin...

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+1 on the need for war, but the last thing we need is to drop some more bombs and declare Mission Accomplished.   The half-hearted efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have hints of war, but what we need is some all-out Malthusian cleansing.  You know, kill the women & children and plow their fields with salt...that sort of thing.   Make sure they know we are not playing around any more.

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depleted uranium is the new "salt" I guess, as the women in Iraq are told not to get pregnant, the birth defects are so ubiquitous - no doubt prevalent in all the other lands amrka looses the chemical weapons of mass destruction upon. . . bonus points for understanding that the dudes spreading the TeamAmerica spirit suffer too.

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you make some VERY interesting comments.  Not just this post but other you have posted.

I'd like to hear what you think about "C" Street and The Family and maybe their roll in the dark shadows in various "non Christian" countries...say Indonesia for example.

Maybe someone out there can explain to me why there are bible chapter/verse numbers stamped onto the guns and equipment used in our 'security' 'missions' in several countries including Iraq and Afghanistan.

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When war is a positive you know things are dire. Unfortunately i think war will be inevitable.

A draft wouldnt be a bad thing though - i dont care for political correctness so will just come out and say it : crime is going up at home : im fortunate enough to live in a reasonable neighbourhood and violent crime is now noticeably on the rise. Several women , some pushing their kids , have been robbed in the last few weeks in broad daylight. Its unprecedented.  Round these scum up , empty the prisons , and send them to Iran. We're going to end up invading Iran eventually, might aswell use those who should be sterilized as cannon fodder (or biological weapons fodder)


Progressive liberals need not reply , you can all eat sh*t , youre largely responsible for the collapse in our society.

The goal is complete domination of energy supplies and energy routes , might aswell kick it up a notch and help ourselves to Iran whilst we can afford to fuel our Army and Navy.

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It's partisans like you that hijacked the political dialogue in this country and began the decline. Fuck off and die.

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Understandable reaction.

I have no axe to grind with either party - theyre both pretending to be something they arent. Count me out of politics , our political system has failed.

Im just wearing my pragmatic hat for a moment and using history as a roadmap for where we are headed.




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If you honestly blame liberals for everything then you have a biased historical narrative. I'm not saying that in order to defend them and pass blame onto the right either, it's just dishonest to entirely blame one group for all our problems. Both sides have done a lot of harm to this country but things really started to get bad the day Reagan became President.

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I used the term "progressive liberal" - we know what that means , or do i need to go into detail?

I also said "largely responsible" and i stand by that.  Obviously there are a myriad of factors and if it makes you feel better , whereas the likes of Clinton's regime was a cancer , the likes of Bush's was AIDs. I really dont care to get into the left-right divide as its a game used to divide and conquer , but at a societal level , progressiveness and political correctness has done incredible harm to communities.

The banking cartel and the MIC are a-political.  They have their own place in hell. 

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Maybe the day Nixon became president?

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maybe the day the united states were declared bankrupt?

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The idea of what is a conservative and what is a liberal changes with the times.

If you really study Reagan, you will find that he would be an outcast in todays conservative mindset.  He would be closer to the liberal to center side today IF his thinking was in the current politics.

Now, those of you who don't know Reagan's thoughts on policy, go right ahead and junk me and show how little you really know about this President.

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Congratulations on joining the dark side!


Say hi to Darth and the Emperor for me!

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If I were to venture a guess momo, i'd say you're torn between Kucinich and Paul for POTUS?

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While progressives and their poor excuse for a political philosophy and rational thought do certainly share some responsibility for our present problems, starting new wars and using them for cannon fodder may be a little too enthusiastic a solution...   Perhaps we could sentence them to an extremely low carbon output, make ascetics of them..  Loincloths and only 10 carbon credits per day, you can breathe but not deeply and all cold foods and no toilet paper.  You'll all smell like Berkeley bums in no time and the Goracle will wave from his G5 after leaving Nanny Mcbotox's mansion.

Only one junk.. c'mon..

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Asceticism as punishment!

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Law enforcement is now hunting down spineless Liberals.  It's true!!!



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We already HAVE a few wars- in Iraq, Afghanastan. So I guess that card is played.

Revolutionary civil wars are the trend, and not quite what they would have in mind.

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MSNBC will do an entire show on it live from the scene tonight at 10.

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30,000 Union members bussed in.

The Nat'l Guard is not there to enforce order; they are there to do the jobs that the strikers are abandoning.

The real citizens of Wisconsin applaud the governor and his actions -- austerity will come to all state governments and the FedGov eventually.  Unions are going to have to adjust their expectations accordingly.

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We do already have wars, but now we need to win the hearts of minds of all these new revolutionary Middle Eastern governments.  We need to roll into Cairo in a show of force with shock and awe, and rebuild their society, because they deserve democracy!


Before I get too far ahead of myself though, we first have to blow up the regimes that just don't listen to the protestors, like Bahrain and Libya.  Qadaffi is the biggest threat to American capitalism anyway:



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I have been warned by a local shaman here in our private part of the amazon that there will be a lot of "preserved specimens" as it refers to .  Something about macadonald and preservation?  AS a fish, I don't follow this stuff much, but it seems to have something to do with mummification?

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i dont mind the 5 oz. soda......i always go back for about 7 refills !

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yup. Because we all know that fructose manufacturing processes involve the use of mercury. (..and psychotropics occur naturally in fresh water, and


is good for your teeth)

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I personally like pancakes, And waffles too

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Will They Start a War?

My biggest fear as I write this today is that the leaders of the West and the United States in particular will attempt to start a major war as a way to divert attention from the collapse that is coming and silence opposition or calls for justice.  I think they will view this as their only option once they know they have lost control of the situation (I think we are there).

Iran sending ships thru the Suez.....

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you are correct. this is all about china and oil and the sad state of our economy. also, more protests in wisconsin. this story is under the radar.



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It's amazing how pissed off teachers can get.  First you find out they're smoking down in the teacher's lounge, now this.


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I would argue that the teachers are presenting the best marketing for the Wisconsin governor's proposal that money could buy. Who is going to feel sorry for teachers earning 50-60K per year with full medical and a cushy pension? What's the current real unemployment rate in Wisconsin?

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It's probably high and 50,000 seems pretty reasonable for a teacher. it's a living wage and they do teach our children after all. 150 Gs for a teacher is too much but what do you think they should make?

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The average starting salary for an attorney in my state is $45k.  As a matter of relative equity, preparation, and skill levels...  I would put the average appropriate teacher salary at ~$26k given benefits and 9 month contract.  Here, I would say they're mostly around the $30-35k range...  all things considered, I'd say there's a reason why the waiting list is so long...

Doesn't really matter...  having the discussion presupposes that their pension/retirement/entitlement liabilities will be in some reasonable fashion paid to them...  they will not.  We can afford to pay them dick.

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You think lawyers are worth more to society than teachers?  We have too many lawyers already.  This country has a problem when education is devalued.  Why do you think the Chinese and Indians are kicking our asses in sciences?

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I think the persons capable of adequately performing the respective jobs are slim on one end and vast on the other...  and yes, I think attorneys are worth more than teachers.  Attorneys help the average person fight the system that is fucking them (e.g. mortgage fraud) or help enforce the rights of a citizen, whereas teachers help endocrinate the masses...  In general of course.

We have too many teachers already.  The eductional infrastructure is out-of-fucking-control.  The difference you don't seem to be able to understand is that lawyers do not require the public dole (some do, the vast majority dont).  And we're out of money...

You want to know why india and china are killing us?  Because they're hungry and have more discipline...  we're just bears that found a dump and are toothless, spineless, and declawed at this point...  throwing more teachers into the fire is not going to help spit out better educated children...  what might help is telling some of our kids that they're too fucking stupid to perform a "thinking" job and that they need to develop their backs and hands for a life of manual labor...  and not waste their time in a degree treadmill racking up useless, unpayable debt.  what might help us is to cut our book sizes by a third and try actually teaching a few fundamental concepts rather than trying to race through the book...  teaching rudimentary money management skills...  letting our children read books in the formats originally intended by the authors...  using history books that are somewhat remotely objective...  the list goes on...

but, make no mistake about it...  our educational system (society as a whole) is too broken to be fixed by throwing more money at it or more teachers into it...  it requires a total revamp, head to toe, and I can't say whether after the dust settles there would be more or less teachers...  I suspect many would have their battleships sunk and be out of work given they are not remotely qualified for their jobs...  

PS, the number of lawyers is simply a function of the amount of business being done...  lawyers will leave in droves to where business is...  and you will naturally see a reduction in the number of lawyers...  (costs to much to get the degrees for little in the way of job prospects/ability to repay). 

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And three months paid vacation, and no need to actually educate the kids, cause afterall, we want to dumb them down and get them ready for college. No offense to those few in acadamia that actually do teach. (and they are few, I've been there)

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People who think teaching kids is easy ought to try it for a few weeks. Three months vacation? Teachers deal with paperwork year-round. And they put in very long hours, grading papers, etc... their day doesn't end when the bell rings. Honestly I can't believe people demonizing teachers, like they are some kind of big problem.

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They are a big problem.  The issue is that more people are turning to homeschool because they can do a better job and are unwilling/unable to pay any more in property taxes to fund the wasteful schools.  At one time, teachers had their place as an important member of our society...  but at this juncture, their usefulness is long in the tooth.

K-12, teachers are little more than babysitters...  the estute children simply teach themselves...  bachelors = remedial math, english, basic sciences because kids didn't learn it in k-12...  post graduate degrees = vary widely by discipline...  some are easy, others hard...  but, no more babysitting at least.

The simple fact is that our society and the things citizens need to know to succeed are vastly too complex to instill upon us before we are posed with important decisions requiring this information...  teaching, as presently situated, is largely a useless endeavor...

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Check out: "Some Lessons from the Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto, found in "Everything You Know is Wrong",
ISBN 978-1-56731-637-7, pgs 274-287

The primary purpose of the USA Educational system is to SOCIALIZE the future worker bees in Corporations!

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Tonight at 10 on MSNBC, broadcasting live from Madison.

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What coming collapse, was I asleep for 20 years like Rip Van Winkle and just wake up a second ago?

The collapse has already happened, just Bennie and the Printers trying to bandage the hemorrahaging with FRN's, (so not working Bennie.)

Plus, we're already in two major wars and have been for the last 10 years, or don't Iraq and Afghanistan count?