Mike Krieger Is On the Road...Again

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Marc Faber Bloomberg Interview - March 30 2011



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Tell em, Krieger!  Tell em, Faber!

The Capital Research Institute is doing its part too, check out "Don't Trust the Frontmen":


As the situation in both the Middle East and Japan continue to escalate the world of international finance staggers on, woozy and dazed. Brent crude is at $117 and WTI is at ‘only’ $106/barrel. After the initial jump in price oil has stabilized for the time being, and inventories have been replenished. Just three short months ago the ‘Dollar Index’ (a comparison of the dollar to a number of widely used foreign currencies) was at 80, and now it is down to 75. A lot may have changed in the last few weeks, but equally, a great many things have stayed the same. The US gov’t continues to spend money at a lightning pace.

This is where the Capital Research Institute would normally calculate how much money is being spent, and how much money is left, and at this rate how long until all the money is gone. NEWSFLASH: The US government has already drained the piggy bank, there is nothing to calculate, as there literally is NO MONEY LEFT. We are at the point where the US has to borrow money just to pay for day-to-day expenses. We are in the situation where assets can be sold, and even then the gov’t would still be in debt, and spending more than it earns.

If this was a business, well, lets just say you wouldn’t want to be holding shares...

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Good video.  My take is that Faber thinks FED might discontinue QE2 in a month or so, allowing the stock market to fall and giving them the excuse to rush in with QE3 and beyond.  He is long, however, on precious metals.  With a 'temporary' end of QE gold and silver might fall along with stocks bringing an excellent buying opportunity. 

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Let’s get real, everyone I know with half a brain and a lot of money is hedging themselves.  Whether this means precious metals, a second passport, growing their own food, buying land overseas or all of the above . . .

That indeed is the path for those who aren't into collective suicide (especially those buying land overseas).

Put all those folks on the other team.


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First, Mike, this is an excellent summary of what is taking place. I firmly believe that the total systematice collapse is far closer than anyone even dare imagines.

Second, as I stated yesterday about my asset allocation, upwards of 80% are in PMs. Solid, real, shiny, and believe it or not, its not as big or heavy as you think. Basically, my asset allocation weighs less than my own body weight and is kept very inconspicuously, ie not a wall safe. 

Third, as you said, they would rather take all of us down than lose their power grip. It is out duty to our own families to protect ourselves from this evil. We all know how.

Fourth, buying land is good advice for now but if things go as I see them, the law of the land will be no more and your land title will be worth as much as the monopoly money we have today.

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I think i'll buy another gun this weekend.


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Won't help Debtless. Sell a few and buy something you can eat or sell easily (Silver) later.

All else is nto going to serve you. Gun owner trackign has been on top of the agenda for a decade now. You can bet they'll know you own if they come knocking.



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Second that! That is why you buy from a private party. And yes, buy silver as well.

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i second that, only i'm getting a m&p 15...

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They only know fraud and force. When the fraud can't be papered over anymore, they'll use force. It will switch from the corporatist parasite to outright totalitarianism. As usual, the scapegoating will be fast and furious, the violence incredible.

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doc:  that's right.  disaster fascism, coming soon.

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The sad part is that many will accept it willingly. They will paint a picture of two choices, the status quo, such as it is, and a life of misery. People will choose the first but get the latter.

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WELL said. I must say that comments like yours proves that there is hope for the future when all hell breaks loose. Regards.

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Gold is the cornerstone now.  Why doesn't anyone understand this?

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Got it... your gold is hidden in the cornerstone. But which building is it?

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Krieger is probably right.  Probably about the timing too.

Time is short!  Prepare every way you can!

Gold, Bitchez!  Peru, Putaz!

Guns & ammo & water & food & medical supplies!

Arable land if you can farm...

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Survival opportunity slipping away:
1 x Katadyn Pocket Microfilter - Endurance Series Water Filter
Every site claims to have them and after calling them all I found 1 site that had 3 left until May.


Now they have 2 left.

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Sorry OT but -- 

     DoChen i spent six weeks in Peru, in the summer of 2001, climbing a few mountains in the Cordillera Blanca.  That place is beautiful and I truly felt like I left a part of my soul there which is still waiting for me to come back. . .

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Peru te espera...

Que venga de nuevo!

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What about Ollanta Humala being in the lead for president of Peru? I don't think imperialist, jooo-loving rednecks will be welcome anymore as well as Barrick, Newmont etc

Redneck go home!

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The polls change every day down here.  The first round will lead to the top 2 of the candidates making into the run-off election.  ¨Everyone¨ down here thinks that IF Ollanta Humala makes it into the second round, then whoever is his opponent would beat him.  Even Keiko Fujimori!

I think you are right that if Chavez-clone Ollanta wins, foreigners will not be welcome.  He is laying low on the rhetoric (for now), but he is a real snake in the grass...

It might even become hard for mere bearing importers (capital controls, corruption/cronyism, etc.).

Look at what is happening to Venezuela now (inflation).  Were it not for high oil prices, their economy would be in the toilet.  Same would happen here.

Also, I think that Peruvians have become immune to the Lefty Dream Schemes, having tried many of them in the past.

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i hardly think the fascist system is on its last legs.  rather this is a transition period... next is the in your face iron fist stage where the fascists take anything of value and crush opposition.   all too real, people need to wake up fast.

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since i can't find anything on tyler's present front page about japan, and it's almost 3PM eastern, housekeeping 101 requires me to post my answer to:

fukushima = 5X chernobyl by this date:  over or under?   UNDER.

since no one took the over, congrats to everyone who played and thanks for playing and for your ongoing consideration of the basic question(s) involved here.

slewie (i'll never try this again) the pi-rat...


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5X? c'mon slooie, you can do better than that. 

It's the ONE we've been waiting for and I doubt you'll be able to collect your wins anyways.

Watch travel (local and international) drop off a cliff in the next three months, then money transfers dive. It's going local, Sloo. Go bet the local bartender, at least you can drink yer winnings.



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Keep that calendar and calculator nearby.

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 I think oil in dollar terms will become so expensive the iconic “road trip” like the one immortalized by Jack Kerouac could become a thing of the past.  That is until we get back to a real economy with real money and then start to innovate again.  I hope this day isn’t too far off into the future. 

you don't know "jack" about Kerouac you supercilious twit, and good luck with your real economy and real money. that only exists in the empty projections your self infatuated fantasies. go back to New York. we were nauseated by your type long ago here in Colorado.

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And thank you for now transferring your nausea to us.

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WTF Yardfarmer? Chicken sales slow or something? Since when were you the spokesperson for the State of Colorado anyway? Last time I checked it's people like Michael moving to your state that have boosted the local economies. Heck in California all the real people are leaving in droves and the place is filling up with transient Illegals. My brother's moving truck is headed for Boulder as we speak...Ha ha ha he's from Vermont and wants me to move there as well to help him start his business...No worries farmer if I head East I got my sights set on Montana,  so don't worry I won't corrupt your State, I'll just ski there.... You need to chill out and leave your attitude in the barn. And what's with the profile pic? Bank robber? Billy the kid wanna be?? Hey is Billy skiing today??? Michael have fun in Nor Cal!!! Bring your board cause it is deeper here then anywhere else in the world right now and the Sugar is just about as sweet as it gets.

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Does the US need a modern day Sulla, to force the power and wealth from the oligarchs?


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Another voice of reason shouting from the rooftops during a hurricane.

Nice job by the Bernank to insure stability in the market today so the quarter end statements show nice wealth effect gains. 

All is well sheeple, just look at your 401K and mutual fund statements!

Please ignore the following:

Euro troubles


Falling real estate prices

Rising gas and food prices

Middle Eastern problems

High unemployment

Falling wages

Federal Debt levels

Manipulated markets

Whatever else I forgot.

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The cartel are all over silver today.

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Obama says corporate profits are up, blah blah.  No one questions the fact that these corporations he's referring to are multi-national conglomerates.  When he speaks this rhetoric,he is not talking to the avg american sheep.  It's code to the ones in power that he is doing a good job serving HIS master.  These corporations serve only the rich and powerful and aren't even associated with any country, in point of fact they destroy nations, economies and the very people that serve them.

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Well, the problem here is that in order to do this various countries need to achieve conflicting goals.  In the West, the governments are merely attempting to keep standards of living flat or masking the deterioration (inflation) and in the emerging economies they must continue to raise living standards rapidly.


Well that's one layer. Much much more important is the conflict between the rentier class and the rest of the population: those who are owed debt versus those who owe. Global central bankers, including the Fed, refused to let prices decline beginning in 2009 because that would have provoked immediate massive defaults on debt owed to TPTB in the form of haircuts on bonds, outright defaults and/or enforced haircuts on mortgages (like during the great depression) and all sorts of legislated debt reconciliation. 

Of course this decision was a double whammy of bad: they prevented the sick and dying institutions from going under (thereby preventing new entrants and competition), and they engineered inflation despite declining real incomes and real estate values. 

What they've achieved is not "kicking the can" but an irrevocable decision leading to deflationary depression in the real economies of developed nations in conjunction with bailouts of the rentier class. This biflationary set up is the recipe for an eventual collapse. 

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That is an anylsis you can be proud off. The game will utlimately end up with debt/ defaltionary collapse like described by Fisher in 1933.


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These are getting better & better

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Nice article. But I would strongly recommend that you put off your vacation to the West Coast until at least 8 weeks after they get Fukushima contained. Radioactive particles have been detected in the streams and the milk supply. It's somewhat amusing how the news on the milk supply has disappeared quickly from the MSM.

I'm in Northern California, and am well stocked up. But for someone travelling, you should at least bring some of your own supplies, and avoid some of the local food products. Remember, milk goes into a number of other products as well. There's also a lag time from the time the cattle graze, to when it hits the supply chain. Being on KI is also probably wise.

Personally, I'd put off visiting for a year. But YMMV.

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California already managed to sweep a major nuclear accident under the rug and survive a bigger release of radioactive material than Three Mile Island.


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I too took a road trip.  It was in 2002 and was cross country for 3 months.  Three of the best months of my life.  Everyone needs to do this.  This country has much beauty to share.  See as much as you can.  Don't worry about a plan, just let it unfold.  Take maps and AAA books and see the corny stuff too.  It will be rejuvenating.

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I certainly have lots of capital and talent to deploy as soon as Satan leaves the building.

If they won't go soon, and willingly, I also have lots of firepower to deploy.

Truth be told, I'd prefer to deploy the latter before the former.

Tick tock, mother fuckers.

What will it be?  Go quietly in the night or be dropped into a ditch?

(Please be the latter...please be the latter...please be the latter...)

The clips are full, the barrels are oiled, the safety is off.  I'm just waiting for the word.

What will it be?

I am Chumbawamba.

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The fact that you were junked shows the true character of the "American people". If it's war against a weak nation, booyaahh!!!, but to take on an equal or stronger foe, hells no!!

Uncouth redneck bitches, bitches!

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I mentioned the other day on another thread that Chumbawamba is doing what many of us just dream of.

If there will be real change, it will start with the Chumbas.  Later followed by the cowardly Bearings...

Drop a tad of the hate, Chumba, and become the Node of the Rebellion!

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The big boys in black would chumba your wamba or wamba your chumba so fast.  They have weapons of which you can't conceive.  

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Hey Mike - first thank you for your fine analytical work. I am an old guy who is given to Jeramiads regarding the younger generation from time to time, and it is fine young minds like yours that make me realize that mine was not the last generation that cared. Second, I did the road thing full tilt boogie back in the late fifties - dropped out of college, hitched my way around the country (even long-haul truckers would pick you up then), hung out at City Lights bookshop, wrote a lot of really bad poetry, fell in love with a succession of beautiful women then soulfully left them (that was what a true road warrior was supposed to do - what an idiot I was), met Alan Ginsberg, heard Joan Baez singing in front of the student union at Boston University, slept under bridges, climbed on a few trains, ran away from my share of railroad cops, spent a couple of nights in a couple of rural jails - what fun! I wish you the kind of experiences that you will treasure the rest of your life - you will never regret taking the time, I promise you. There are a lot more good people out there than most of us think, and even though there are always a few assholes around to try to make you feel bad about yourself ( talking to you Yardfarmer) their bitterness is a poisoned cup and they are the ones to be drinking from it, not you. Bless you and god speed.

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Mike - I can assure you oregon is a great place (and also where I reside), what are you taking in while you are in town?

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I did my Goodbye America roadtrip in '06, Hunter Thompson style.  I highly recommend NM, UT, CO, NV, WA, OR, ID, northern AZ... Utah is the best.  It's like a completely different planet, in many ways.  An infinite number of beautiful places to hide, surprisingly lush canyon bottoms,  survival stashing as part of the Mormon faith so your silver will go far, distrust of the Feds, respect for guns and self-reliance, plenty of BLM land to squat on.  Just live out of a pickup truck and disappear.  Nobody will think of going to the desert so if you can survive there, you will be set.  Plus they will be one of the first states to secede.

Ahh, those were the good ol' days.  Slot canyons, lush springs, Edward Abbey, midnight rides listening to Coast to Coast with the sky lit up by strange gods...