Mohamed El-Erian Blasts The "Feudal" Traditions Of The IMF, Officially Denies He Is In The Running To Become The New DSK

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Wonder if Mohamed double E still has his DOW 10,000 hat in his drawer?

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i nominate big al greenspan. need someone with experience, no?

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I prefer Gordon Brown or Tony Blair, they are neither Dollar nor EURO...

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For some reason when I read your comment, the name Tony Soprano popped into my head.

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Tony Soprano. The perfect choice, as the prime purpose of the whole imf is the assassination of recalcitrant "leaders of client states".

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Takes him to long to say something these days..

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Officially Denies He Is Not In The Running -

there is a double negative, is he running or not?

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I nominate Dr. Ruth...she is an expert in the art of screwing!!!

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Actually it doesn't matter where they're from, what they look like or how "qualified" they are -  it's time to do away with the whole system that vests unelected, unaccountable technocrats with huge, vaguely defined and essentially unlimited powers.

Ask the Irish about "the spirit of multilateralism."

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Just take an airplane, fly over a major city, release the contents of the airplane's septic tank, and whom ever gets the most shit on them gets the job.

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Hank Paulson, he's got honor.

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I nominate Typer Durden

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I nominate William Shatner

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I nominate Charlie Sheen! TIGER BLOOD BITCHEZ!!!!

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dup. squirls in da server again!

I nominate Zero Hedge Server Squirls! Double Winning! captcha that!

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None of them have a perceptible measure of integrity.  I hate them all.

NotApplicable's picture

I think it has something to do with wearing ties.

I mean, what kind of logic goes into desiring to tie a rope around your own neck?

Whenever I see a man with a tie, I see a man that is lucky to still be breathing.

samsara's picture

Speaking of ties and suits,  I had a thought the other day.

Somewhere in the eighties we were "Allowed" not to wear them anymore.

I imagined a conversation between David Rockefeller and another mucky muck. 

"How do we make the little people accept their place?   I know how about making them dress like regular serfs?  I mean, Important People like US were suits and ties.  They actually believe they're important.  How do we do it? 

Well, Gradually.  I know lets start with Casual Friday's?   They're love it and think we care.  Then we just enlarge it to the whole week.  Within 5-10 years only IMPORTANT people like us will wear a suit and tie. 

The regular,replaceable office workers will look like other serfs.  They will LOOK interchangable.  They will FEEL interchangable.   It will help condition them that they really are just a number.  Then, no perminate desk, just come in and plug into a different outlet each day. 

They will start to Know their place.  We again will be set apart by our dress.  Something like Dr. Seuss's "Sneeches on Beeches' cartoon.  WE will have Stars on Ours...

Great.  Get on that make it happen.  Oh, try this black cavier, perfect temperature...


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Well Kohn just took a consulting post with the BOE in affirmation that $hit floats to the top. Paving the way for Israel's Fisher to assume the role - would be the coup de grace for Bernanke

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I already have a job, in broke California, part of  broke USA.........

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Don't hate on Cali bitch. We are the heartbeat of 'Merika.

Strom's picture

Fixed that for you.


"Don't hate on Cali bitch. We are the heartburn of 'Merika."


...and I was born and live in California...

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Shouldn't you be saying that in Spanish?

francis_sawyer's picture

Well... If DSK's replacement is an academic from Princeton with a PhD...

Then you'll know that GOD really hates us!


I am a Man I am Forty's picture

don't leave out columbia and harvard

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I don't know how anyone listens to him.  When he speaks, he says very little of what his particular thoughts are.  He reminds me of Greenspan.

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how about donald trump?

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The IMF should be changed to the International Marxist Fund as it is one of the biggest proponents of the NWO, the ultimate totalitarian wet dream.  BTW:  there will be a deal for DSK; charges will be dropped.  A real prosecution would set a bad example if an elite could actually incarcerated in a grab the ankles environment.  If there is a trial, watch the sweat pour off the brows of Ben and Timmah in future press conferences.  Quivering lips will be just so, so passe as a fear indicator.

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Well ok...maybe Tyler

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Wall Street Hobos in tight britches is the new normal on the big screen.

Dave Harrison

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Who needs the IMF?

The world would be better off, far so, without any global monetary organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, et al., which all gravitate towards implementation of the creation of a global government, linked by and ultimately made interwoven by monetary policy and commerce.

Let sovereign nations remain so, and allow people to have true representation of their interests, based on their goals and aspirations and inalienable rights (acknowledged and not granted - they are inalienable, not bestowed by government), and struggle for their common purpose as individuals that form truly sovereign nations.

Off with the globalists' heads!

NotApplicable's picture

Who needs the IMF? Well, it looks like El-Erian does.

Notice that his whole article was in defense of the institution.

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The institution is far from salvageable and no amount of a new and fair form of MD selection will allow for a better much less credible IMF.  The DSK fiasco is interesting because now it allows an emerging economy to press for their representation which all sarcasm aside will only further the continuation of a farcical institution that only seeks to impose unchecked power and economic policy not based on the best solution but rather a shifting of power elite.

The world does not need any more superpowers nor reserve currencies nor institutions dressed up to provide multi-lateralism, but only be a front for the global elite to maintain their dominance and greed.

What_Me_Worry's picture

I would like the nomination to be American Idol style.  IMF Idol.   Then, at least people might actually pay attention to the sociopaths that are hell bent on destroying civilization.

DWTB would also work for me.

Anything has to be better than the current system.

disabledvet's picture

i nominate myself.  i am in the running.  i will not call the process feudal but "futile"--and do my best.  thank you....any questions?  yes?  you in back... no, i have transferred the gold reserves into my passbook savings account.  you on the right?  really?  she said she wanted to do what with me?  he, he, he, he, he, he, he.  next question?

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The name, Gordon Brown seems to be circulating the rumor mills

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While they are fixing the IMF the might as well also fix the World Bank, since it is the other half of the evil bargain on multilateral banking management.

cougar_w's picture

Look, everybody wants to be DSK. Seriously, everyone with a pey-nis anyway. I mean money to burn, great food, and jumping maids for freebiez? Who wouldn't want to get in on that.

Of course my wife would promptly kill me when she found out I was French and running the IMF with maid service boo-yah. So maybe not so much want as dreaming.

And no, nobody ever thinks they'll get caught. Jee-zuz get with the program here we're talking about the smartest guys in the room right?

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Oh, but the cruelest irony and trick by the Creator, that thy little head, from time to time, subverts the control of, and casts off the shackles imposed by, the big head.

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The imf serves the banksters only, as do the central banks, the world governments, basically all serve at the pleasure of the banksters. It doesn't matter who is head of the imf, they either serve their masters or meet with an "accident". die imf.

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Since it appears the sharks are circling for DSK's job, here's a cover letter that may help land them an interview. Heh.

Dear IMF,

I understand you may soon have an opening for Chief of your illustrious organization, the IMF. You will find that I am the perfect candidate to lead your organization.

I have had extensive experience swindling my Mother, relatives and closest friends out of their life savings, while at the same time, securing their hard assets for myself. I have a passion for other people's money and have no qualms about securing it for the IMF. 

I exceed at keeping judicial systems in their place. Attorneys General down to the lowly local police all condone my activities. I am an accomplished pathological liar, have an extreme sense of entitlement, have no sense of social responsibility and believe that morality is for the weak. I am exceptionally skilled at taking what I want, whenever I want it, from whomever I choose.

I am ready, willing and able to lead this fine organization to levels of global power and control that were previously unimagined. Together we will squeeze every nation on this Earth until they envy a Haitian lifestyle. No asset is too large or too small for acquisition.

I look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you in the near future.


IMF Chief Candidate

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Self-satisfied pr*ck.

johny2's picture

I would like to see both DSK and EE given a job digging for silver for $5 a day.

francis_sawyer's picture

Silly you...

There's no such thing as 'DIGGING FOR SILVER'...

Silver is just this mirage PAPER product placed on markets to exchange derivatives on...

johny2's picture

That they would not find none would just make their job more fitting...and preferably they would be digging far bellow the surface of the earth.

rcintc's picture

How about Tiny Tim Geitner?