Monex Silver American Eagles Pass $50/Ounce

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No commentary necessary.

But it could be worse. One could be trying to buy American Eagles in Latvia, where the dealer bid/ask is 45.91x....72.81!

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Man, I'm making monthly salaries on a daily basis these last 2 weeks!!!




today I made 2 months of salary :)



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Just make sure you dont hold paper when it all collapses

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All physical :)

not a single paper. Sold those months ago.



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I may be crazy, but over the last several weeks I've noticed a daily pattern to these climbs in the silver spot price as reflected in the charts at Along about 9-9:30am EST the prices start acting upward till about 11:45am or so, then there is a break or disturbance through the lunch hour, then another climb to 4pm EST, when the climb stops. Am I seeing things? Or what? People see too many patterns when there are none, but today I predicted, to myself, the 4pm EST dropoff in Ag spot price. Are someone's wage slave's doing this?

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i was seeing the same pattern myself and was in fact waiting for that morning dip to buy a little more each day.  will continue to look for it.

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If you are interested in PM trading patterns checkout turd's blog.  That's his thing.

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i was seeing the same pattern myself and was in fact waiting for that morning dip to buy a little more each day.  will continue to look for it.

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They no longer attempt to hide the manipulation. I must admit I play the paper game but only on a daily basis. I am prepared and can take the loss if it happens. I set my buy and sell limits and watch Blythe play her game. She's so easy and predictable. She takes the price down, the BTFD feeding frenzy starts and drives the price back up. My buy and sell limits are hit and I make money. More physical is taken off the market so the price increases. I take my earnings and convert it to physical bullion even when the price is higher. The next day I do it all over again. Wash-Rinse-Repeat. Some days I miss the low and miss the trade but that's OK. I'm running over 70% which is better odds than a casino gets.

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Monex is a RIP-OFF!!!

Tyler you really need to use as they are only

>>>>> $2.49 over spot <<<<<

AND they pay for shipping too.

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That's great, but the minimum buy is beyond a lot of people's budgets.

Also, if you are a long time, fairly high dollar customer at APMEX, shipping is free.  I've made numerous small-medium purchases from them that are below the minimum order at Tulving, and got offered that.  It's pretty nice.

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Agree if you can't meet the 500 ounce minimum for silver (20 ounce minimum for gold) then Apmex is an alternative... though you will pay A LOT more for the product.


Tulving is $2.49 over spot for 500 or more Silver American Eagle coins

Apmex is $4.69 (!!!) over spot for qty of 499 or less, add 50 cents more for qty under 100 and you'll need to AGAIN add 50 cents more for qty below 20.

So that 'free' Apmex shipping is actually paid for by a VERY healthy margin far above spot and far above Tulving prices.

As for 500 oz 'sealed green monster box of 500:
Apmex is $26,250 and Tulving is $25,250.

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I've had no problem making up for the higher fees when buying from APMEX and I expect this will continue for some time. Buy away!

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Fully agree with you, either way silver is a buy. Am simply saying for anyone truly serious and buying in quantity then Tulving is the best resource i have found. Smaller investors can choose Apmex of course yet they will be paying more since they are investing less.

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APMEX didn't always have such a large premium, but I understand why they are padding in this insane market.

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I don't buy Eagles from them.  I prefer either junk silver or their random 1oz rounds.  If I'm feeling lucky, then I get their random bars.  Sometimes it's utter crap, but one time I got four highly valued numismatic bars (Coca-Cola Bars, and Donald Duck 45th anniversary bars).

The random stuff is about as cheap as you will find anywhere.

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where do you buy coins or your junk from?  I'm looking to get into melting some down myself and making a little shop in the back.

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Perspective: those in paper are loosing their fortunes, you are maintaining yours.  The concept that you are "making" boatloads of fiat is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fortunes in paper: eroding

Fortunes in gold: maintaining

Fortunes in silver: expanding

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You're awesome :)  way to go, what are your thoughts on what the prices will be like over summer?

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Sold all of my vintage US Notes into phycial gold/silver months ago too.

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Nicely put. A bit OT, but I was amused to see the only tag word for this article is "Latvia". That's funny. I think there is a tag word "Crap". I think there should be one "Banana Republic". 

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"But then, finally, the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. A breakdown occurs. The crack-up boom appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against 'real' goods, no matter whether he needs them or not, no matter how much money he has to pay for them." 

"Within a very short time, within a few weeks or even days, the things which were used as money are no longer used as media of exchange. They become scrap paper. Nobody wants to give away anything against them.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Silver And Invest In The Zimbabwe Currency

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Are you realizing gains? Selling? Just curious....

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Even still buying :)

I've got 7 coin stores that still sell about 5 to 7 euro below spot. I want the clean them out in the comming months.

Just confirmed another order.

I'm already spending my summer bonus of which I have no clue how much it's going to be, It better be enough :)

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Please don't publish your address. I actually bought some PVC and end seals. Get to play Pirate shortly.

I bought 60 coins at $43.00 and felt good about it. Of course, no delivery as of yet. They seem to take their time when you are making out. Found that to be with AMEX. Bullion direct has been very good throughout the years.

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Remeber when you bury them it is wise to spoof about 8x/container.  Old tin cans, some iron and aluminum about 1' deep.  I spoof 12x.

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FWIW, if I'm digging a hole and find anything man-made one foot down, I'll keep digging. It's hard evidence that a hole was dug, and most likely not to bury trash. I think it would be better to plant a shallow root native plant in the hole. The most abundant plant in your locale is probably a good choice, since it will be ignored by everyone. Would make it easier to find again as well... :)

We actually had a neighbor that died a few years back, and legend has it that he buried a bunch of 5 gallon buckets full of cash around the area. So I've given this a bit of thought.  :-)

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I like Bullion Direct, I've been dealing with them since Feb. of 2009. I just purchased 10 ASE's at $33 ea in March and was gritting my teeth over that price. Now up $17 in a little over a month. Amazing.

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Bullion Direct is great, I've loved my transactions with them--signed up early 2010 and haven't looked back since.  Holding for at least another week, I'm not worried about my margins.

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Yeah, I thought I would be self Righteous when all this went down, But have since found to be disappointed that it is all coming to an end. Just need to prepare wisely and help others wake up.

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Your the only one coming to an end this MF gonna hum on along w/o you. You think those pussies in the super max in colo are going anywhere? Making their plans to bolt once the power goes out and the gates slide open...Never happen. Bernank will prob last longer than his predecessors. 

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The single other PM buyer that I know in this city managed to clean out one of this small nation's coin dealers of silver with one purchase. It appears that it's not a difficult thing to do :)

The amusing part - he's now being hassled continuously to sell his stash it back to them. They are still out.

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indeed, I only buy the below silver spots. For every store that's about 500 to 1500 euro.


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sell a couple ounces and get some good scotch..  calm down a little :~)



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Can we just call what we are watching "HYPERINFLATION".  The evacuation from fiat is well underway.

I think in retrospect it will be so obvious, like most things in history.

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i can't help it but remember that i heard your exact same words 11 - 12 years ago, a few days before the greek bubble burst. I hope it's different this time

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it's a years(s) salary for some

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and for some, they cant even save a month's salary away per year because of how much shit costs these days...the consumer economy is crashing, we're lucky we're posted up with our physical so swaggishly.

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Tyler!... "No Commentary Necessary" ... Absolutely correct!

Let them eat cake! lol

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Looks like ASEs are averaging about $ 55.00 on EBAY

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They're over $60 on

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APMEX RAISED premiums again.  $4.19 over spot for random years..

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I see the U. S. Mint took down all the sets that were selling below spot!

When they are relisted they'll be well over.   I hope everyone got theirs.

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Thanks to you Mr. Racoon I have 10 in the ground and 10 coming in today. I would have never looked without your tip. Thank you sir.

Thank you Tyler for the Joe Biden level CAPTCHA.


<HELP> For explanation.

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Say Rocky... a friend of mine...  told me your tips and updates are greatly appreciated sir.