Moody's Downgrades Portugal From Aa2 To A1

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Well, maybe it's time they employ the Joe "You must borrow and spend more to avoid bankruptcy" Biden strategy.

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This would have been major news two months ago.  Now everyone blows it off.  Do we need to wait until countries start defaulting like dominos?

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Yeah, but I guess the markets have "priced this in" already (rolleyes).  Just like the stock market has already priced in a double dip recession!

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EURUSD getting rejected by 6 month daily trendline. Time to set up some shorts.

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Ah, old news. Alcoa just came in .02 about the 50% downgraded earnings. Rally time. All is well.

Really though, is there anyone who believes what the rating agencies say anymore. They're a day late and dollar short. Byt he time they change their ratings, the world seems to have moved on by months, if not years.

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(1) Come on Moody's: Look at US!

(2) It is unfortunate that a fraud rater (fraud ratings, and a rater of frauds), is still able to garner attention anywhere.  But when in the Land of the Frauds, [ Do the kabuki like they do do do ].

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Moody's, what a talentless bunch of fother muckers.  Did I spell that right?

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In the meanwhile the outlook for UK is negative, but, of course, no action in rating level has been taken by neither rating agency.

It would be naive enough to comment on the level still granted to the U.S. wouldn't it?

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