Moody's Scandal: The Firm Has Leaked Inside LBO Information

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Oh c'mon ... "The Firm leaked" ? Or 1 person .. an "associate analyst" ?

Please stop hyperventilating and be responsible !

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No you c'mon.

If Moody's wants to firewall the rest of the company from the actions of one of their own -- that's their job. We're waiting to hear their defense.

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If anyone cares about why I am am out of this market, look no further than this.

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You better send some calculators, abaci, pencils, erasers, graph paper, and staplers the SECs way as this one looks like it could be a bit of a challenge.  

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Challenge? What challenge? Moody's who? Insider what? Some guys in New York are flying me to a conference in Hawaii. I like golf.

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Given what we know now of the complicit role the rating agencies willfully played in carrying out widescale MBS et al, fraud over the past several years,  why on earth are these companies still around, let alone even being sought out for opinion, let alone any of the top execs not behind bars.  A nation of patsies we are. 

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Please! This is all so ridiculous.

Just yesterday, IBM dropped 4% less than a minute after it beat on earnings and revenue. Later, it was revealed that signed contracts fell. How can anyone know this if not in advance of the release?

Far from being an isolated incident, it's the norm. I guess in this case it just wasn't sanctioned in advance by Govt-GS.

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Paid the tipster $10,000 to make $4,000,000

Proves that:

1. hedge funds are run by greedy bastards.

2. the people at Moody's really are stupid.

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Must be really stupid.  Prearrange & buy 2 Pre-Paid Cell Phones.  Could go with mobile computers these days.  Setup 2 random GMail Accounts, accessed through the Cell or Mobile.

Once a deal is done, throw away (destroy) the phones/mobiles.  Kill the GMail Accounts, after well coded emails of course.  Never access GMail from your own computers, of course.

Next, start over again.

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No no no. That would be an admission of wrong-doing.

They are all probably at this point shocked and morally outraged -- outraged I tell you -- that any of this is raising a stir. Does not anyone anymore understand how business works in America? My God man, we have profits to protect here.


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Moody's = Can of Worms

SEC = Blind Bird

Raj Rajaratnam = Unlucky Worm Eaten

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The SEC doesn't have access to CDS information, remember?

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I smell me some RICO indictments and civil actions against Moody's. Can you say "Arthur Andersen"?

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Silly rabbit, they aren't trying to bring people to justice and ferret out the bad guys, they're trying to slaughter one unlucky sacrificial lamb.

Mission Accomplished!

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Moody's is too important to the extraction of money from the middle class to be allowed to suffer any fate as cruel as that.

They'll trot out some minor player to be evicerated, should something like that even be required.

End of story. Immediately forgotten.


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So what other wallstreet titans had a stoolie inside Moodys?

How much did the squid make on the same transactions?

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I'm gonna guess the list without stoolies isn't terribly long.

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Imagine that the squid must get wise to the activity on occasion and thus plants a false rumor that it can capitalize on!

How hard is it to run a report by stock that shows an abnormal return? Once the same name pops up on a secondary basis, shouldn't it be forwarded for investigation if, for nothing else, to determine what they are doing right?

This totally explains how a 24 year old can be hired as a VP of fraud investigation.

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Tyler, please please PLEASE provide a link to the filing. I wanna read all about the role of the McKinsey director in this thing. Has McKinsey's surfeit of duplicity begun catching up with it?

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Off Topic:

I don't know if anyone knows or cares, but the RSS feed no longer seems to work with IE. It stopped working nearly a week ago. I deleted the feed, and tried to re-add it, but that does not work either. Someone said it also does not work with Google. It does still work with Firefox Live Bookmarks.

Anyone have an update?

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Well, we are using Feedburner now, so it would surprise me if it didn't work.

We did switch the URL, make sure you're using the right one?

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Leak: only disclosed to ZH readers, you have been and will continue to get shafted. It's illegal to use this information for financial gain.

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This is not really all that surprising.  Though, I do want to compliment you on your selection of the meta tag "Juicy."  Very nice touch!

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IMHO, some of Marla's and Tyler's best work is seeing which tags they place on each article. There's always at least one that tickles my funny bone.

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