More Bondi Bullshit | Statement by Carlos Muniz, Deputy Attorney General/Chief of Staff RE the Firing of Fraudclosure Investigators June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards

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Florida is quite the state for foreclosures:

Here in Florida, the Foreclosure State, we thought we'd already cataloged every genus responsible for this plague on all our houses, from the predatory lenders to the oblivious robosigners and rocket dockets to the no-mod-for-you bank Nazis. That was, until we caught wind of the HOA chasers.

The St. Petersburg Times recently profiled an opportunistic little industry that discovered a loophole in the state's foreclosure laws and is milking it for all it's worth.

Florida law allows homeowners associations, or HOAs, to foreclose on properties when dues are in arrears and does not require the HOA to notify the primary mortgage lender. Florida has 40,000 homeowner and condo associations, many struggling to keep basic services going with so many owners behind in dues. The HOA's lawyers encourage them to foreclose because, if the bank beats them to it, they usually won't see a cent.

Here's where opportunity creeps in: Since most homeowners owe less than $15,000 in association dues, the HOAs can file their foreclosure cases in county court rather than in circuit court, where caseloads are backed up. This allows the associations to get final judgment on a foreclosure in as few as 270 days verses the 617 days it now takes for the average bank foreclosure.

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There's a Reuters story today  (

about how the banks are negotiating with the states to get immunity from prosecution over the whole fraudclosure fiasco. Looks like the usual procedure: all crimes forgiven in exchange for an absurdly small fine and a promise not to do it again. And, as the article notes, "Reuters found that such activity has continued even after 14 major mortgage lenders signed settlements with federal bank regulators promising to halt such practices."

Call me old-fashioned, but I remember the days when criminals couldn't just change the law ex post facto to escape punishment.


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Why on earth would they need immunity? Immunity from what?

They're only guilty of being innovative over-achievers. Remember?

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The bankers are (maybe) scared shitless someone might find out they don't have the right to foreclose on anybody!

They're a bunch of frauds and deserve to be in fucking jail, but all we'll see is the equivalent of speeding ticket fines so the transfer of wealth can continue unabated.

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BTW Washinton Mutual was a BIG presence down here before Jamie Dimon's JPM was handed the business on a platter. Who would Bondi be protecting by dropping the lawsuits? The future Treasury Secretary? Suck it up, those Chase branches still smell like gym locker rooms.

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There's simply too much Bankster money on the line in the fraudclosure mess, so much so that honest, diligent work by these two to uncover the fraud can be thwarted by this nonsense.  I would sure enjoy hearing Bondi's answer to how the "performance reviews" changed so much from 2010 to now.

I guess they did their jobs too well.

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Your views are correct, but put yourself in their positions- access to all legal filings, databases, court calenders etc. These ladies jumped the gun and got $2 Million out of a foreclosure law firm, and then their boss drops the case. Are we going too fast for you down here, Ms. Bondi?  I think Mss. E&C found documents that were manufactured to foreclose on houses that The Federal Reserve Board of NY owned, by way of toxic-asset purchases known as Maiden Lane.  Betcha!


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June Clarkson for AG! First on the docket - prosecute Bondi and Scott! You better believe they have big diesel shredders running in JAX right now.

Most likely scooped them up from the auction at Stern's office. Heavily used but at a deep

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Yes, heavily used in Broward County, the division Edwards & Clarkson worked. JAX is a different world, as is the Capitol of Florida, Tallahassee. Robo to the left of me, Robos to my right..... Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Plantation, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Margate, Sunrise, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Miramar, Tamarac, Dania, this is Ground Zero folks. 

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Pam Bondi's campaign contributions came from Loser Piece of Shit (Ticker: LPS).  That explains it all!



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These criminals are going to keep covering up and deflecting until the very end. I believe that all you can do is ridicule them.

They are clowns.

The real people will have to reboot the real economy when all this is over. Whether they seek and destroy the criminals is an open question. My guess is that the crims have targets on their backs - and those bulls-eyes are getting bigger and brighter with every passing day.

Ask the French...

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Be careful...Bondi may even try to steal your dog.

Family pleads to reclaim pets

I'll say it again. They DO NOT care what anyone thinks.

The time is NOW to sue these bastards. Death by a million cuts!

Federal Foreclosure Judge Requests Evidence. In Fact He Insists.

I'll be getting the July 26 transcript if it isn't "sealed" and will post it on The Hamlet.

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I beginning to think that despite the potential shortcomings, Shakespear may have had the right idea all along.

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When the opposing lawyers are representing other lawyers that are crooked, what is the proper amount of professionalism to be employed?  That one never came up in law school.

Professional attorneys who aren't crooks would like to know.

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Who gives a shit about how you treat other attorneys?  At my firm, we bend over backwards for the bar...  if someone does not reciprocate, then they get cut off... 

But, this is simply the desire of the firm's founder...  and his strategic decision...  and not something to which every firm must adhere...  for example, one of the perks of working for the attorney general is that you don't have to apologize to anyone for a damn thing...  what is there to complain about?  If you screw up, in the slighest, opposing counsel is going to hold your feet to the fire no matter what...  what benefit to you receive from being overly congenial?

In the end, this is not remotely a sufficient reason to fire someone who is otherwise holding down the fort...  if they're an asshole, then that's the reputation they'll have to live with...  the novelty of being congenial has little place for attorneys working for the AG.  Aside from the fact that the issue of congeniality has to be an issue in the particular case you've removed them from...  otherwise it seems you've ratified their previous transgressions...

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The $2Million settlement from Marshall C. Watson's law firm, was that refunded based on the 4th District Court of Appeals ruling? Nobody ever mentions this, am I the only one who knows Ms. Edwards & Clarkson worked on this?