More Hot Water For Phil Falcone? Company Once Linked To Kennedy Assassination Reveals Informal Investigation Of Harbinger Trades

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dammit.....the more i try to get out of conspiracy theories....the more they try to pull me back in!

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Get old Moody's and look up Zapata subsidiary corporations in all the hot spots

Or look at the ROIs on the Federal Banks

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needs more cliff notes for the lazy tinfoil hat bearers

DarkMath's picture

Cliff notes, my goodness. There's enough about Zapata and the Bush's to bring down the our government alone. But nobody cares. Not even a tin foil hat wearer who gets the Gold Conspiracy.

I'm sorry to say but view this as a microcosm of how America doesn't understand who killed Kennedy. It's too complicated. All the evidence is there but because there are no Cliff Notes America will never know what happened.

Someday after the crash when they're picking through the rubble of our government the truth will come out. When people are hoarding 2 years of food in their basement and buying 12 Gauge shotguns only then will America finally get it.

Our looming national collapse has it's roots in Zapata,George Bush Senior and the power the Federal Reserve Bank usurped from us when Kennedy's Silver Certificates were taken out back and shot in the head.


There even that sounds too complicated. God help us.

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Seriously DarkMath. I consider myself well versed in weird stories, but as I was reading down this document, my hair were standing on end.

How much more information do the "people" need to just shake themselves up and off their couches and do something.

The Bush family fingerprints are everywhere. Even Bubba Clinton was a Bush creation. In retrospect, the Bubba-GHWB fight was pure farce. They needed a controlled puppet before bringing on Little Big Ears for the coup de grace!

Totally f@#@n nuts.


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esperar la otra zapata para dejar caer

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When did the status quo finally decide to make Falcone the hedge fund industry's  fall guy? We should've seen this coming...only one not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. A relative outsider with an incredibly extraverted/smoking hot wife. I bet it was after she did the BusinessWeek spread.

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Did Oliver Stone write this?

palmereldritch's picture

His book Secret Team is excellent:

Anyone finding a first edition of this book, pick it's worth a fortune because the day after its release somebody bought up all available copies.

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Falcone was the one on that fuckin grassy knoll!!!!!!111

I knew it!!!!!!!!!1

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nah, even then too jittery to make the shot.

slaughterer's picture

Phil is like the David Lee Roth of the hedge fund world.  There are so many more corrupt scumbags.  Why him?

bob_dabolina's picture

Sounds like Phil pissed in someones cereal.

All this happening at once? It appears someone wants him gone.

bigdumbnugly's picture

it's all adding up.  wasn't it falcone who shot JR?

tmosley's picture

My brain hurts.

Can someone just kill a fucking Prussian prince or something so we can get this shit started?

Tucson Tom's picture

best laugh I`ve had all day.Maybe he could take up canoeing like Bill Colby did and he hated canoes!

Yophat's picture

LOL....sooner or later the chickens come home to roost!  Poor Chip Tatum's swim with the sharks...

buzzsaw99's picture

You don't cross the squid, it's as simple as that.

barkingbill's picture

h.w. bush....grand master of wickedness in america? also just received medal of freedom from obama? is obama also a cia devil as well?  

goldmiddelfinger's picture

Better to hunt with a Cheney than go for a car ride with a Kennedy

Yophat's picture

lol....just like his white momma and grandpappy!

Common_Cents22's picture

Falcone isn't politically connected quite enough.  He hasn't managed his image like Jolly Ol Grandpa Buffett.

goldmiddelfinger's picture

ZAP was a great oil stock in the 70's then went into commercial fishing and fish processing and was the 2nd wacko (after K-Tel) to adopt internet marketing hype for stock price aggrandizement in the mid 90s.

Problem Is's picture

Those of us who have read geopol's "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" know these Bush facts are well documented...

anonnn's picture

IMO, L.Fletcher Prouty's Secret Team publ abt 1976 is worth your valuable attention.

He was attacked in the press precicely bc he was effective.

His taped audio-interviews [abt 12?] are an awesome demonstration of off-the-cuff speaking. His personal background, who he was and what he personally did,  provides remarkable credibility.

Indeed, his contributions merit suppression by the TPTB.

Problem Is's picture

Just like Zero Hedge is attacked in the press...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The Bay of Pigs was a wash I was not surprised to find a Bush there.

americanspirit's picture

Smoking hot wife? Only if you like lots of silicone and zero brains. This broad can barely speak through her paralyzed lips. I can't imagine that she can generate any suction with those babies. If that's your idea of hot, you are a pitiful wanker. Phil is just another clone of Angelo Mozillo. Guys with white collars on their blue dress shirts must really turn you on.  Cramer would live you. This isn't about your pitiful sexual fantasies - its about the way this country has been sold down the drain by a bunch of guys who smell like stale aftershave and whose ethics are on the level of bush hogs.

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Zapata/Omega/Harbinger also contributed to the decline of the menhaden, once the most populous fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

The most important fish in the sea: menhaden and America

tip e. canoe's picture

well, it was Zapata/Omega for sure, but not Harbinger, rather Malcolm Glazer.

wonder where the Big Red One fits into all this?

Burgerbuilder's picture

I don't follow soccer, but maybe as another CIA/bankster front and shell company?

Rick64's picture

E. Howard Hunt worked for Averell Harriman (son of Edward Harriman the banker and railroad baron) in Europe. Hunt also recieved a fellowship from Guggenhiem Foundation then went into the OSS. Foundations are known for grooming individuals for puppet roles ( Hunt was an accomplished author but it has been reported that he beat out Capote for the fellowship ). George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush (Walkers son in law and father of George Bush Sr.) worked for Edward Harriman at an executive level. So we have connections to all four men. George Walker owned West Indies Sugar Co. in Cuba before Castro took power. Then Castro nationalized the company thus sending its worth from 53 million to almost nothing( in 1959 that was a lot of money). Now you have George Bush Sr. president of Zapata working for or with the CIA to overthrow Castro and Hunt working on the same objective. Kennedy wasn't cooperating and after the Missle scare involving Russia, he had agreed to not attack Cuba in the future if the missiles were removed.

 Hunt was also involved in the coup removing Arbenz (newly elected Guatemalan president) because he threatened U.S. business interests. Mainly United Fruit Co. ( also owned sugar interests in Cuba which were nationalized) which owned a huge amount of Guatemalan realestate. Arbenz confiscated 400,000 acres to be made available to citizens and increased workers wages by two fold. John Foster Dulles (Secretary of State) and Allen Dulles (Head of the CIA) were major shareholders. John had previously worked for Sullivan and Cromwell the law firm that represented United Fruit, and Allen was on the board of United Fruit.  There were many ties to United Fruit and the Whitehouse Administration too.

 The U.S. government is and has been working in the interests of Corporations using our tax dollars. Ousting democratically elected leaders and replacing them with puppets in the interest of big business. It doesn't matter if they are evil leaders or not just as long as they work in the interests of our government and corporations.

 BTW Eli Black bought United Fruit in a heated takeover battle with Zapata. They reportedly had less capital then he thought and the SEC was going to bring up bribery charges against UF ( 2.5 M bribe to Hondurian President Lopez) so he broke his 44th floor office window and jumped to his death. Suspicious?

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