Morgan Stanley Sees 34% Chance For JPY Intervention Risk, Sees Yen At 101 By End Of 2010

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If JPY continues at the pace it is on this early morning, it'll be at 101 by year end.

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Yeah I was thinking that. David Roche said the other day that when the dollar carry breaks the Yen will fall 5% on day 1, 5% on day 2, and 5% on day 3. That would be fun!

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Ah - currency management 101. maybe there'll be some currency-crisis respite afterall.

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Yeah? Wait till Benny starts printing again to make sure JPY never gets there. I read on AP last night that bozos in the house passed 1.3t (that's Trillion with t!) Spending spree. What a bunch of f'ing morons.
C'mon HR1207, end this circus

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USDJPY daily chart has just commenced it's uptrend.

It's bullish now.

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JPY will continue to rise, price target approximately 80...

The EURO will fall together, which will then take EURJPY to about 100...

I didnt say this would be beautiful