Morgan Stanley's Top Rates Trades For 2011 (Hint: Sell Treasurys)

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"After Morgan Stanley's call for the 10 Year hitting 4.5% in 2010 ended up being one of the worst calls of the year"

But the year isn't over yet! (Monty python skit: I'm not dead yet!)

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Houtson...there seems to be a problem with the 30 year US T bill....smoke in the cockpit...implode-0-meter sounding its bell...

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The 30 year is down 3 points....ts amazing what happens to securities when the government does not have its hand in manipulation


Only a matter of time till The Ben Bernak waives his hand buys Treasuries

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I'm almost certain their call was for 5 1/2%, not 4 1/2%.

Maybe they figure a stopped clock is right twice a day...