Morning Update

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Hawkish minutes = liar's poker

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DGDF is back in style!  Sell USD!

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The dollar tanked almost a half point in an hour or so to avoid a gap-down open, the majority of that coming at the open to drive the market positive.  Pathetic. 

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Chill out man, you make it seem like the intentional dollar debasement is some kind of story.  Clearly you have some kind of ulterior obsession; I think it's time for a hit piece:


Wow.  I have to believe that 'they' have ZH on their radar, and it will be the next target when the heat gets turned up a notch.


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Yeah, I am just an obsessive.  We know Drudge sold all his DXY holdings at the open today.       :-)


Maybe the media will demand to know who the "unpatriotic" posters on ZH are as well.  Those who try to search out the facts are a dangerous bunch.

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Stocks higher on banks profits. How much longer do we have to hear that crap. Heres some other blank statements I would like to see attacked and exposed:
"We cant take away bonuses, we'll lose the best and brightest".
Ive always wanted to see that paradigm attacked. Who says they are the best and brightest? What makes them the B&B? Is it just that they learned how to screw up the worlds economy and they worked hard to inherit the rolodex of the other good ole boys willing to go along with "the plan"?
They are the root of our problems and they need to go. We need to re-shuffle the deck , maybe the best and brightest is someone right out of college with a new perspective.
I really would like to see that best and brightest bullshit taken on in the same way HFT was. If there was a test for b&b i think we would all agree they already failed it. Why cant we force a changing of the guard of the world's economy? Thats the real problem here. FIRE THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST.

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From the link of Gilgamesh" Any kind of coordinated attack on the value of the dollar could be seen as a national security threat, and defense and intelligence officials were curious about the source of the anti-dollar rumors that day. "So (politico)is hinting that some officials think that the Drudg report might be the culprit behind the dollar decline. Well it isn't stated exactley like that,rather it is one of those yes no maybe. However,the monetization of trillions of dollar got nothing to do with it. So to all of you traders out in lala land,check the drudge report before you buy or sell currencies(lol).