Mort Zuckerman Laments "The End Of American Optimism", Takes His Criticism Of Obama To A Whole New Level

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Oy, vey!  Attack Iran, already, Mr. President! 

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No, no, no, we need a new cold-war, that's all.

The real translation: Mid-term elections are coming!

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in a sellout globalist nutshell...

"...will involve massive H-1B visas"

to hell with you Mortimer 

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you misquote him intentionally.  he has a point and a good one.  regarding the oy vey above, mort is not good on the zionist entity but he had the sense to leave it out of this essay.  would we rather have phd immigrants or illiterate ones?  we're certainly getting the latter.  

he's a member of the ruling class, no question, and his u.s. news and world report suffers from the myriad faults of most of the msm.  but his critique above is pretty accurate as far as it goes.  education is hardly the only answer to the weak median wage growth of the last forty years but it wouldn't hurt to improve it.  his larger point that the worst failure of the pathetic current administration is not to institute structural reforms is unassailable.   

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Cut off Wall Street credit lines, stop Gov spending, Cut Corp. and Individual taxes for a defined period of time, raise tariffs on all imported goods, Raise interest rates for a defined period of time, raise middle finger to China. Boom! Recovery.

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" "if the economic scene these days is daunting, the political scene is downright depressing. We have a paralyzed system."

This quote, from the article, actually highlights the problem. Everyone assumes that a paralyzed system is bad. That we need a leader who can unite left and right and "get things done." We saw what happened in the 12 months after Obama and the Democrats got complete control of the government. No paralysis at all. And what a disaster.

As you say, we need to cut gvt. spending dramatically. We're not going to get that regardless. But we might get a paralyzed government, which may be the best we can hope for. A group of paralyzed man have a harder time mugging you than does a healthy mob.

The author wants a healthy mob in congress and the white house. He is sincere, I think. But shares the delusion of the ruling class that the government is capable of doing much good if the parties would just hold hands and sing Kumbaya. The idea of a united congress terrifies me.

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He is clearly rascist republican.

When is his next clan meeting?

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Racism is the tool and heart of Democrats. Without racism how in the hell did this Obama idiot get into any position of authority? Obama is dimmer and less intelligent than fucking Bush.

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he's a bilderberger. if you don't know what that is, it will be worth your while to educate yourself on who really runs our economy.

If there is one great policy failure of this recession, it's that we have not used the crisis to introduce structural reforms.

the only structural reform we need is to nationalize the private banking cartel known as the federal reserve, which is a privately owned bank beholden to the international banksters.

mister zuckerman, please peddle your bilderberg crap somewhere else.

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We don't need no stinkin Middle Class. We have 300,000,000 Chinese slaves. If they ask for a raise then substitue with 300,000,000 Indian slaves.

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American British Imperialism bitchez

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Vietnam.  That's where the sweatshops go when the Chinese ask gets too high.

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"We have a paralyzed system".

Duh....You can't govern a nation of millions of square miles, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-everything people who don't much give a merde about one another.  

When in hell has it ever been done, but disastrously?? 

Bust the damned thing up into manageable pieces. 30-40 regions ought to do it.  The African/European model is light years ahead of us. Many nations on one continent.

No, it's not the most efficient, but if the people in France want to burn the cars and strike the Metro, they can do it in five minutes of organization.

Try that here.

We can take what we've learned reverse the Global Order New Order of the Bushies, Clintonites, and other power mad narcissists who can't govern their own personal behavior, let alone a nation growing to 400,000,000 diversified people.

Break the fucking country up or live with paralysis, global corruption, and chaos.


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I like this idea.

Personally, I no longer give a fuck what happens to Californians, New Yawkers, and coastal elites in general.  I'm happy to trade with them, but I'd really rather not have them writing my laws for me, telling me how to live my life, etc.


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You like it - I LOVE IT.  But how could we find roughly 30-40 administrative regions within our 50 states?  ???  Anyone?  Anyone?

Hey, I've got an idea.  FEDERALISM.  That thing that we had until FDR obliterated the Constitution.  50 states might be a bit much - we'll let the Dakotas merge (if they want) , ditto for true New England, maybe Oregon and Washington will want to cozy up, who knows.

I am in 100% agreement about not caring a fuck about NY and Kalifornia.  I feel more kinship with Ontario, Canada generally, and frankly even the UK than I do with those states.

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I second that. And I'm from the Northeast. Check out the number of federal dollars received and paid in between the states on the coasts and the the so-called freshwater states. You would be fucked. Sure you got the grains; we got the ports. Tariffs bitchez! I'm being very facetious and I apologize; I really don't think we should seperate.

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Most states would do just fine on their own, EXCEPT the New York-Virginia corridor of government and thievery.  The midwest can happily export its products in any other direction, or just establish a trade route by force.  It's not as if any large number of citizen-soldiers arise from the native population of the government corridor.  If you want to talk about force, it would be the SE and Texas that people would have to fear.

But, anyway, this is all just internet wanking talk...

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ok, but give me time to gtfo of glennbeckistan before you break the damn thing up

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Your own damn fault for moving there in the first place!  (Wherever it may be.)

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Gladly.  I'd really prefer not to have to share whatever ends up being my parcel of the country with fucktards like you.

You'll do better Federal Reservistan, anyway.

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yeah... call me crazy, but 'freedom' is subjective.


I'd rather do my years and have infrastructure than live out in the middle of nowhere...with my land and...livestock?

Who cares if it's all a sham, they reset things and after a while, we'll get to pretend everything's rosey again. I'll get old, and everyone will be pretending still, to hell with future generations if the ponzi unravels on them, so what: they face a couple of years/decades of tough times until there's a new system to draw the labor & wealth from the masses.


It's sisyphean in the grand scheme of things, but I'm not entertaining any illusions of making a better future for people who won't give a damn about me.

what... bust my ass improving society, so my great great grand-kids can look at photos of me, all teary-eyed?  Puh-leeze.

Take what you can out of it, screw those that didn't make it out... so sorry, better luck next time, pals.

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Ever thought of running for office?  You'd fit right in.

I can't determine whether you're a symptom or part of the disease that is eating this country. 

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Your spiritual house is not in order. Wherever you go, you will be miserable until you make some fundamental changes. Do that and be pleasantly surprised...

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"Bust the damned thing up into manageable pieces. 30-40 regions ought to do it."

Actually, America started as a federal republic. The states were a lot as you describe in your post. The federal government was small and weak. Obviously, the configuration was unstable over time in the face of an ever increasing and ever more powerful federal government.

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why not consider going back to the scheme of city-states of ancient Greece.? Maybe some of you might have picked this up from Naked Capitalism a couple of days ago. That was my first thought as well as the almost certain coming genicide due to demographics.  Milestones


Beyond City Limits Parag Khanna, Foreign Policy (hat tip reader John D). Today’s must read

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This is not nearly as direct an attack on Obama as his last article.  Clearly, both major parties need to act like adults/leaders and work to get rid of the unpayable debt ASAP.

What depresses me is that the partisan divide gets worse and worse.  If a problem is "bipartisan," nothing will happen until it is too late.

The government needs to make personal bankruptcy easier, and should put derivatives at the end of the line when it comes to resolution of bankrupt corporations.  In other words - embrace the deflation and get it over with already.

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But there is bipartisanship between the DemocRATS and RepubliCONS, to screw over America! That's what you're dear leaders are for. It ain't about left or right, it's about corporate power. And what the corporations want, they get. Without regard for the rule of law or justice. This is what fascism is, both parties are clearly working together to screw America over. Just grab some KY Jelly America, you're going to need it.

Serf's up!!

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Excellent VK. Could not have been said any better by anybody. The party of yes we can screwed by the just say no.

Bottom line is what the corporations want. They are the real power. What scares me is that now our Supreme Court has

decided that America is no longer for or by the people.

Corporations will now control the media, which the mostly do already, with the power of any amount of money than need to control the sheepies minds.

What's really scary is that foreign corporations or entities, such as the Saudi Oil interest, will be financing presidential

campaigns too.  We are now a real third world nation without hope or a voice.

But hey, Godman Shafts is doing well.  We paid for Lord Blankfeins 100 million dollar bonus.  Go Bankers.

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Rocker rocks!  You and VK are right on the money.  We're fucked.

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Corporate personage made man of machine and wants to rule. End the privilige. End corporate personage.

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"What depresses me is that the partisan divide gets worse and worse."

I don't get it.  The republicans have minorities in both houses.  There is no divide-dems can do anything they want to do.

So don't be depressed at the divide, it doesn't exits.

- Ned

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Thassafact.  And we wonder why politicians won't ever give a straight answer:  Obama's "promise" of that 8% unemployment rate was a big mistake!  It gets quoted right back to him every 5 minutes of the day.  If he had been wishy-washy and not given a hard number we would have to fall back on some other "fact" or "promise" to ream him about.  No wonder politicians never answer questions!

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It is hard for him to answer a question with so many lies to remember.

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It is hard for him to answer a question with so many lies to remember.

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Mort, you and your cousins need to go strangle some other nation

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...job opportunity for real leaders."   All real leaders have long since been outsourced or otherwise fled this sinking piece of shit.

I am too old to lead and everyone I know doesn't need a leader anyway.

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What do you expect?  You didn't need a college degree to work in a manufacturing facility or be a file clerk.  But those jobs are gone and aren't coming back.  So you want those high school grads (and dropouts) to go back to school?  They can't afford it.  College fees are skyrocketing and people can't take on any more debt.


Instead of bailing out the banksters, the government should have bailed out the average citizen.  Instead of making Halliburton richer with two wars, we should use the money to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure with all those idle construction workers.  There's a lot that could be done, but I doubt the corporate clowns in Congress will do it.

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How about NOT bailing out anyone...failure used to be an option, and a damn fine lesson in life

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Yes, in fact, the whole reason that college costs are skyrocketing is because the government is involved in the college funding process.  You can see it most clearly now in the for-profit colleges that are under the microscope these days, but it's the same scam in "real" colleges too.  Get the government out and let the market determine the value of college education.

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 Ya cant get thar from hare.

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Excellent plan -- Gridlock will help us all conserve on the KYjelly.

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Why not make job retraining a s part and parcel of unemployment pay. Training could take place in existing businesses locations as potential free trainees to learn the new skills needed.Everyone gains: The unemployed get some training and the busineeman gets leads on new potential employee's when help is needed.    Milestones

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@sharonsj:  Amen and hallelujah.  I would love to finish my degree, but I am not willing to end up $100,000 in the hole.  I have a family to provide for.


Short of winning the state lottery, I see no way of returning to school in the near future. 


The higher education system is a great balloon ready to burst.  The higher tuition rates are scandulous.  If the government was serious about making sure our citizens were receiving the best education in the world, they could have taken measures to stop this bullshit a long time ago.

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@sharonsj:  Amen and hallelujah.  I would love to finish my degree, but I am not willing to end up $100,000 in the hole.  I have a family to provide for.


Short of winning the state lottery, I see no way of returning to school in the near future. 


The higher education system is a great balloon ready to burst.  The higher tuition rates are scandulous.  If the government was serious about making sure our citizens were receiving the best education in the world, they could have taken measures to stop this bullshit a long time ago.

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Apologies to all for the double post.

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Not that I disagree with your comment, but just to add on:

First, going back to college is not only financially not on, it's not academically not on either. Today's high school kid is, for the most part, tragically unequipped to study maths or science or medicine; a significant portion can't read past a grade 6 level, let alone do calculus or trig. So what are they going to study? Anthropology? Literature? or (shudder) economics?

The only hope for North America to get back anything close to its former standard of living is a complete shake up of the educational establishment, from Grade 1 upwards. Crush the teachers unions, disband the NEA (that's the National Education Association, not the Nat'l Endowment for the Arts, though I wouldn't mind trashing that either), reintroduce such sticks as punishment, expulsion, keeping kids back, and load on incentives - scholarships, prizes, recognition, privileges, etc. - for kids who do well. It will take 20 years, but it's the only hope we've got.

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"Education may be the key economic issue of our time"


Amen. We're being ruled by a bunch of highly educated statist fools.

(intelligence + knowledge) != wisdom

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I guess experience is no longer applicable?

grunion's picture

I guess experience is no longer applicable?