Mrs. Watanabe - Meet Sovereign Bond Trading; Next Up - 10 Year Bond Circuit Breakers

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More paper...meh.  Not for me.

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Sounds like a retail proxy for CDS but with less counterparty risk.

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Only difference when buying CDS downside is limited. When shorting Treasuries not only is downside unlimited, but huge short squeezes can be created, causing price of underlying to surge, especially if someone dumps an infinite amount of vol at the right time (wink wink).

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Yeah (unfortunately) I think you're right about this turning into the tail (and tails of tails) that wags the dog.

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You betcha.  And guess who's positioning for that squeeze in the US 10-yr. as we speak:

That’s the message from the Treasury bond market, where yields on 10-year securities sank to their lowest level in almost a month this week on speculation that government budget cuts will slow the economy and encourage the Fed to hold off from raising borrowing costs, said Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive officer of Pacific Investment Management Co.

“The more fiscal austerity you get, the more likely that the Fed will stay on hold for longer,” El-Erian, whose Newport Beach, California-based company runs the world’s biggest bond fund, said in an April 19 interview on Bloomberg Radio’s “Surveillance” with Tom Keene.

But, but, but ... didn't Mistah Gross just tell us not to own Trashuries??  That's right, Skippy, the nice man lied.

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A little bit offtopic, but can anyone help me out, if the debt sucject to the limit is only $26B from the ceiling, how the heck can the Treasury issue $99B next week?


Is there $73B maturing till the settlement date?

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They need the spreadbetters' money (as in spreadbetting by individuals using spreadbetting companies).

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CME: turn spreadbetters into bedwetteres.

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I been spread betting for a few months now as I don't have the capital to go full retard on buying physical gold/silver/farmland and the more I learn from this site the less compelled I am to ever attempt to open an account with a broker.  What I'd love to know is how the spread betting companies work? (Not that I care too much as long as they keep giving me my profits :)

I asked my company a couple of times but keep getting fobbed of.


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with them you have counter party risk and  as they quote their prices, not the 'real' underlying market price, you start off  wrong footed, you loose on the spread they make up.  They prey on underfunded gambler types, looking for  highly leveraged products, these people are fast to stop their clients out in volatile markets, exaggerating moves with their spread, they make the spread and keep the book updated faster than your system, they can do this and create spikes to shake you out.   Its a fools game, go get a proper fully segregated trading account. Unless you know something they don't or are able to move the underlying in your favour and play with them rather than they play with you. (Jesse Livermore was good at playing with them, back then they called them bucket shops).

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Hey thanks for the reply :)


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the road to default is paved with globex derivatives.  the NWO and IMF nannies are gonna love this shit.  till they don't.  unintended consequences?  Guernsey and the Channel Islands end up ruling the world and use world debt to fill in the English Channel.

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the regulators took away the Mortgage backed securities they had to invent another one to play it is......soon this will crash and another world crisis will happen..and the banks profited from that very well last time...they are still in the power seat.....and the politicians will take all the cash they will give out in this next and silver boys and girls

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The Dollar / Eur is up and down like a whore's draws at the moment - volatility is back everytwhere - it's almost like there is massive indecision...

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I presume every single initiative in the financial products market from now on will be targeted at the lazy & naive Pension Fund Managers, until they lose it all (sorry, correction -it gets stolen from them/you).

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no new flavor/product thingy going to distract me from the precious metals.

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This sounds like the old Diff contract. I can still remember the broker standing in the Diff pit, between the Euro & Currency quadrant, presumably paid by the exchange to take orders that never arrived. He looked lonelier than the Maytag repairman.

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Paper seeks Paper (banking)

The Bernankasaurus model 2011 runs 24/7 creating ever more paper, and making existing paper options even uglier (toxic)

F/X & % markets dwarf Equity & Commodities markets (opening long oil positions can't absorb closing long USD positions w/o oil going to 4- digits) 

Bankers always feel the need for yield (unless hiding under their desks and avoiding their phones in a mass collective panic)

financial innovation & group-think leads to new products (sort of) since actually building something tangible would require work and time, and couldn't be leveraged for more paper (before happy hour)

Last time it was CDS, this time it is SDS (futures).

Rinse, Repeat