Mubarak Says Egyptians Have to Choose Between "Chaos" and Him ... Then Sends In His Thugs to Stir Up Chaos

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In order to justify staying in power until elections are held in
September, President Mubarak said on tv that the people had to choose
between him and "chaos".

As NBC notes:

Hosni Mubarak announced late Tuesday that he would not run for another
term in office, but whether Egyptians would allow him to remain in
office until elections in the fall was uncertain.


In a
5-minunte pre-recorded televised address to Egypt that was translated
into English, Mubarak said it had never been his intention to run for
re-election in September.



Mubarak said the protests that erupted Jan. 25 "force us to choose between stability and chaos."

Soon after Mubarak's speech was broadcast, clashes broke out between pro- and anti-Mubarak forces in Alexandria.

Reports on the ground say that the pro-Mubarak protesters tried to break into the peaceful protest to start a riot, chanting "We want Mubarak!".

But the anti-Mubarak protesters did not take the bait.

The army broke up the clash and ensured peace by firing a couple of shots into the air above everyone's head.

As Al Jazeera blogs:

Clashes between anti-government and pro-Mubarak protesters in Alexandria. Shots are fired in the air.

Once again, thanks to President Mubarak for educating the world about agents provocateur and false flag shenanigans.

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tony bonn's picture

the cia is advising the thug.

StychoKiller's picture

Egad!  Our fearless leader has feet of clay -- I'm sooo disillusioned! </sarcasm>

Aristarchan's picture him and welcome him back to finish his term of office and get things set up for his desires successor, or suffer chaos at his hands. Simple.

Jim in MN's picture

Seems like the general strike/sit down is the tactic to, er, run with.

Everything stops....until he goes.

chump666's picture

Murbarak doesn't exit quick, I'll bet some nut doesn some bad shit in the Suez canal...y'know blows a f****** pipeline up or somthing.

CustomersMan's picture

   The regime could pull a false flag event and blame the opposition,...and then call for international help to destroy the protest movement.


  Just thinking, desperate people do desperate things. You can't count on them for fair dealing, especially with you know who next door.

chump666's picture

I would reverse that, protests causing an incident to pressure Mubarak to go,  the US 'recovery' will slide backwards on 1. interest rates going up 2. oil blowout

...or a gasline to Israel is blown up. 

CustomersMan's picture


 If they are wise, the people of Egypt will not let up on their demands for immediate removal.


  To do otherwise means giving the authorities time to regroup,...and seek out and dispose of leaders of the protests. This is a last ditch attempt to re-group. Trusting the regime to keep their pledge is more than a long shot.


   Do NOT trust them or Israel behind the scenes to live up to ANY agreement. Tear down the Wall at the Rafeh Crossing and open it to trade, so immediately, or all the efforts, lives, will be in vain.

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The Tunisian guy tried the exact same thing.  He said I hear you I hear you my people.  And he appointed a new cabinet.  Same as the old cabinet.  Except it had a few new posts like Minister of Social Understanding with new faces, but all the same old faces in Interior, Finance, Defence ...

Great post!


Hedgetard55's picture

Our first down low Pres is thick as thieves with the Moslem Brotherhood in taking over Egypt, and he will ensure Iran gets Iraq. If you ZH libtards can't see that then don't bitch when they come for you and your family and offer you a choice - bow to Mecca 5 times a day or lose your head.

Bringin It's picture

don't bitch when they come for you and your family and offer you a choice - bow to Mecca 5 times a day or lose your head.

Hahahahahahahahaha Hahaha Hahaha.  Retard.  Go find a crowded theater to yell fire in.

Temporalist's picture

I know people dumber than you...but not much.

Shell Game's picture

Any idea how big a threat to American liberty you and your line of thinking is?  Thanks for supporting the Patriot Act you fearful, pathetic slave.

DaveyJones's picture

it's ok, there's nothing under your bed

Shell Game's picture

but, fear is the new patriotism.

Rastadamus's picture

Babylon is falling... That whore who sitteth upon the Nile waters...


Spastica Rex's picture

Uhmm, I think Babylon was on the Euphrates; a little East of the Nile.

snowball777's picture

Apparently the bitch sits on many waters...

Jeremiah 51:13, Revelation 17:1

ReeferMac's picture

Works in the Graphics Dept. of Fox News

nmewn's picture

A testament to government education...LOL.

merehuman's picture

i could see it from here but my island is tipping.

Milestones's picture

Wit abounds to-nite!!         Milestones

Rastadamus's picture

Babylon is falling... That whore who sitteth upon the Nile waters...


Zero Govt's picture

"Mubarak Says Egyptians Have to Choose Between "Chaos" and Him ... Then Sends In His Thugs to Stir Up Chaos"

Classic :)

You wouldn't get that headline on the front of The Times now would ya! 

nmewn's picture


Brian Williams had a nice fantasy while masturbating;

"Obama’s Cairo speech is in the DNA of the Egyptian revolt"

spekulatn's picture


Brian Williams had a nice fantasy while masturbating;

"Obama’s Cairo speech is in the DNA of the Egyptian revolt"


Well said.

Its quite long but worth a read,

Temporalist's picture

Never tire from saying thanks for good links and info so - THANKS!

kridkrid's picture

that was fantastic... thanks for linking.

nmewn's picture

Good read.

The Keynesians (the neo-facists...ummm, technocrats) made short work of their currency as well.


UncleFurker's picture


All taken from Mexican President Porfirio Diaz's methodology handbook...


Recommended reading - parallels found to the current bank practice of handing out free credit cards to people with no means to repay.


Dr. Gonzo's picture

If we loose Egypt as a vassal state will we have to take the pyramid of our dollar? 

Aristarchan's picture

No....just have to pay them royalties.

nmewn's picture

Budumpah (cymbals crashing)

Milestones's picture

hahaha-great comment!     Milestones

WTF2's picture

Mubarak is long commodities and needs time to get them out of Egypt...

Yardfarmer's picture

mu barack family flees to London with 35 billion pounds.

Bringin It's picture

Good atricle.

It may be too late to save Mubarak. The Sun from the UK reports that “The panic-stricken family of President Mubarak has reportedly fled Egypt for the luxurious refuge of their £8.5 million London townhouse.
The leader’s son Gamal, 47, is said to have spearheaded the move, flying to Britain on a private jet with his own family and NINETY-SEVEN pieces of luggage.  He owns the six-floor Georgian mansion a stone’s throw from Harrods in Knightsbridge, West London.

With 94 pieces of luggage do you think he means to stay for a while?

I didn't get this part though.

They key is –how does the US put in play “an orderly transition to a government that is responsive to the aspirations of the Egyptian people,”.

I don't think responsiveness to what the Egyptian people want is at the top of the US/Israeli list of issues.  Maybe responsiveness to what the Israelis want is more likely to make the top of the list.


palmereldritch's picture

There's no chaos like controlled chaos.

Zero Govt's picture

there's no chaos like Govt chaos,

and it only gets better after Egypt

andybev01's picture


"If I can't have you, NOBODY CAN!"

YHC-FTSE's picture

Saw the same shenanigans in Cairo too - quite a coincidence in timing. A bunch on motorcycles (I suppose they hoped for a quick getaway) hooting and shouting pro-Mubarak slogans and when nobody took the bait, running off into the night. My estimation of the average Egyptian just shot up a few notches. Admirable.

andybev01's picture

So thaaaaat's where their police got to...

lawrence1's picture

On Democracy Now several interviewed pointed out how the Western media whores are talking about Egyptian "unrest" rather than "revolt," how Egyptians are doing their own policing, how they are disappointed with Obama... of course he is taking orders from Israel, and how Murbarak opened the prisons to provoke chaos... which was prevented by the people and army protecting their neighborhoods.

Bringin It's picture

I appreciate your post, but just want to say about Democracy Now that Amy Whats-er-Face won't talk about 9/11.  I appreciate hearing about 'The Economic Hitman' for example on DN.  But on the whole, 2 planes three towers and she can't talk about it, so I avoid DN. To collect free-thinking outwires they need to be credible at times.   


ZH Rules!!  Thanks again Tyler!!

johnQpublic's picture

Bringin cant possibly expect amy goodman to bring up 9/11, though she did give the 'loose changers' a shot on her show awhile back


the only semi mainstreamer to get a true 'inside job' piece on the air was jesse ventura, and look what happened to his show...censored right off the air

think about it dude...lee oswald still is painted as the lone gunman ,even though the house select commitee on assassinations said it was a conspiracy...but you never get that little tidbit on any JFK show ever aired

to expect amy G to bring up 911 or you wont watch is unreasonable

we DO NOT have a free honest and open media

as napolean stated...history is a set of lies, agreed upon


911 fits neatly into that