Mubarak Speaks, Dissolves One Crony Government, New Crony Government To Be Named Tomorrow

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The Egyptian president (?) is speaking liverecorded (unclear from where). Somewhere, the Bernank is rehearsing the very same speech. Long, meandering speech, whose conclusion is that government is at fault. The government will be sacked and be replaced with new government tomorrow. Long Riot futures.


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He's telling everyone to BTFD!  Bernanke running the Mubarak puppet.

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Now is that Burn The Fucker Down?


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BREAKING NEWS: Saudi demonstration planned for Saturday (today) to protest the corruption and lack of infrastructure in Jeddah after massive floods devastate the city this week!

The protest is being organized via Blackberry Messenger...

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After watching today's prezez "speeches" I have prediction.

Considering that obama crew said everything and nothing  - while holding their collective breath waiting for the grand finale, will the weather hold?

If it does some crazy rain storm in Cairo - a la cloud seeding - to keep the crowds at bay over the weekend, well that says something about what the US wants - a strong man.

Cairo gets about an inch of rain a year.  Strange plans left Omaha yesterday. If a freak rain storm quells the protests - a crazy short term pipe dream solution, Obama has shown his cards.

I am looking at the weather over the Med and upper Nile and not a cloud in the sky. 

If a monsoon, ...

I know that's a crazy stretch, but sometimes you got to think crazy.

As my mom used to say, Let the meshuggah speak.

The US helped make the Taliban. 

We made our Mubarak-Frankenstein-Golem.

Blowback bitchez.

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Hillary Clinton, January 13, 2011, Doha speech.


For example, a growing majority of this region is under the age of 30. In fact, it is predicted that in just one country, Yemen, the population will double in 30 years. These young people have a hard time finding work. In many places, there are simply not enough jobs. Across the region, one in five young people is unemployed. And in some places, the percentage is far more. While some countries have made great strides in governance, in many others people have grown tired of corrupt institutions and a stagnant political order. They are demanding reform to make their governments more effective, more responsive, and more open. And all this is taking place against a backdrop of depleting resources: water tables are dropping, oil reserves are running out, and too few countries have adopted long-term plans for addressing these problems.


C'mon ZH...put your thinking CAPS ON!

You think the Saudi wahhabis are gonna fund Their Qaeda forever, no accountability? Here it comes, the whirlwind. After Stuxnet, and before Iran recovers...and you think the State Department did not know the Palestinian Papers were about to be released.

Game on! 

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I own two myself. Word is Arafat gets his there.


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Careful there, Mubarak, trying to catch a moving train can result in getting your arm ripped off!

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broadcasting live:


from a van... down by the river...

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It doesn't look like he is going to stand down.

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Sure does not sound like it...on like donkey kong

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If they want their freedom they are going to need to step it up a notch. So we shall see.

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CNN is cheerleading it.  It seems the people will be amassing at the Information Ministry.  Seems they have grievances with their MSM!

What a jarring slap in the face that speech was.

Looks like the Army will have the final vote.  I hope that they'll weigh their decision on the number of bodies they face.  There's something of the beauty of democracy in that. 

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If Americans had been throwing rocks during our one (and only) revolution, the results might have been different.

But don't tell our media/government that. Our country was founded on peace and diplomacy.

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But our government abhors violent repression of the right of the people to free assembly.  That's the only real message I hear coming out of Washington. 

I have to say the hypocracy of that position stuns me.  I wonder what our government would do about demonstrations like that . . .

We have "free speech zones."  With beaten heads and arrests of those who "violate" this concession to free assembly.

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You obviously missed the 1992 LA street fest.

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Old school. 

2008 Republican Convention.  New school. 

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I was working in downtown Minneapolis during that little love fest, and let me tell you, for sense of entitlement royalty has nothing on these guys - our politicians and their minions. I can assure you I was appalled. They were not particularly welcome to begin with, the Twin Cities has always been a notorious bastion of Democrats, but Norm Coleman was so proud that he had snared this plum for the Twin Cities.  The church ladies at the Dorothy Day Center homeless shelter (located only a block or so from the convention center) were upset that the derelicts and panhandlers they served were rounded up and exported.  They were loud and vociferous in their complaints.  They hold a grudge to this very day and nobody can hold a grudge like a Norwegian.  The shop keepers and restaurateurs in downtown St. Paul, who were so anticipating the money that would be spent by the delegates, had their hopes dashed; and to add insult to injury, not only did they not receive the anticipated remunerative uplift, but lost their usual custom, and the money they had invested in laying in extra supplies.  I bet they will not make that mistake again. The delegates slept and partied in Minneapolis, not in poor, Podunk St. Paul, which suffers not only from failure to thrive, but from delusions of grandeur.  

The delegates were just returning to Minneapolis from their day's labor at the convention center in St. Paul at the height of rush hour, managing to inconvenience the entire Twin Cities with a traffic jam of such nightmare proportions it rivaled the sort we normally only see during a blizzard.  I was offended, I suppose in about the same the way those people who were made to wait on their plane while John Edwards got his hair cut were offended. I have never quite had the fact that there were people who were considered my betters rubbed in my face in such an blatant manner before.  Perhaps because I have never been near such a crowd of people who were considered elites.  It was an eyeopener.  Our society has always been more egalitarian than that in the past.

But I was truly astounded by the ugly behavior of the police - we got a little foretaste of the coming police state here during that convention.  Our police are surly, of course, but they generally confine the worst of their bullying to the poor and downtrodden who can't put up much of a fuss, not nicely groomed middle-class professional people.  During that convention they were aggressively threatening and ubiquitous.  I think they were frightened and I don't really blame them, but it made me frightened to be in the street innocently waiting for a bus.  It wouldn't have taken much to set them to cracking heads.  

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Our government makes me sick to my stomach.. Posturing on about how other countries should treat their citizens... Mother Fuckers!!

Hey Obama... how about putting a couple of bankers in Jail??.. And believe me.. that's just for starters.. don't want to take up too much space bitches.. but this is out of control..

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Ten four.  I found it interesting to hear our government repeatedly defining internet access, particularly to social networking sites, as a core element of freedom of association "in the 21st century."

Glad to know that . . . think I'll prepay my cable for three years. 

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You got that right!

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Cairo will burn. What a waste.

Mubarak is consigning is country to ruin.

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What do you think the Army is gonna do, cat?

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My guess is the Army will impose order when the Mubarak gov is toppled next week and all the heavies have flown. Probably take over for a few weeks as well. Then someone will volunteer to lead a temporary governement until elections can be held. It will be touch-n-go until then, but they might have elections in 90 days. If not, the Generals will take over for good (or at least for a few years) if only to keep the Canal open and reduce the risk of a total takeover by US/EU/UN (take your pick).

Keep in mind, the global economy will just get worse and worse over the next few months. There is no escape possible. Egypt might simply fall into ruin and resulting backwardness no matter who is "running" the show.

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You forgot the IMF/ECB/Monsanto

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So you expect the Army to refrain from mowing down thousands of citizens, Burma-style.
That is my hope.
I would say that if it's a just world, we'll be willing to pay them what they need to survive--a fair price, that--for use of their primary resource: The Canal.

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I really don't see a large loss of life as a result of all this. It may be a long time before you'll want to vacation in Egypt, however.

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That would probably facilitate the basis for a western military presence...  I'm guessing, despite knowing we're spread thin, that isn't anything they want to deal with...  shooting twenty somethings with water guns is one thing...  fighting storm troopers and laser beams is another.

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So the all-important Suez Canal still will not assure the existance of the Egyptian people?

Perhaps they're not properly playing their hand.  Yet. 

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Why would they give us a pretense for war?  To say that some country is going to go from a police state/dictatorship to a unified, harmonious government in the span of a day or two is absurd.  Faction after faction is going to be vying to fill the power vacuum, the united states included. 

If the canal is as important of a world trade, choke point, as we think it is (it is), then that necessitates united states involvment until a perfect (burden is upon the egyptians unfortunately) government arises (translation, favorable to western interests).

If TPTB are not prepared for this contingency...  if there is not a plan of action already being implemented, then we are lost.  The contagion has the power to really, really shape the world and it will be tantamount to the impotence of our policy and military to deal with the situation...  which, ultimately will lead to a removal of the dollar oil peg.

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All true. I don't think it is much of a stretch to foresee $130 oil from this within a month, no matter what happens with the Canal.

Anything over $110 held for long is just the end of the Western world.

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Or a sane restructuring thereof?

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Reports are that many protesters were happy to see the army, as opposed to the police forces.  Guess there is more trust there.  Who knows how well founded it is.

But they're burning down police stations, and the ruling party headquarters.  This is the real shit.  Good for them.

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Crown Prince Gamal, the son of King Hosni is extremely unpopular with the army. Probably due to his investment banking background back at Bank of America, well that and his plundering of the army's retirement accounts.

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He's blaming the cronies he hired. I don't think the people are going to buy it.

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Good God I hope not.. I will lose all respect for Arabs if they allow him to stay in power and he simply cleans house.. I guess that would be it for me, i've already lost respect for the West... Holy Fuck, that would just be a serious kick in the crotch..

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What do you think will happen when Mubarak leaves ?

Democraty and economic wealth ?

Never gonna happen. The Muslims Brotherhood are already on the way. They tried so hard to destroy tourism over the last years by making attempts. It looks like they're achieving their goal right now. Without Mubarak Egypt will fall into islamic violence and real poverty.

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Looks pretty darn good for 82.

Has he been mummified?

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New dermatologist. Botox and formaldehyde injections. Berlusconi and Hillary hooked him up. He looks magnificent.

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What vitamin supplements has he been taking - I want some!

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What he is saying is not going to fly anymore.  He is giving nothing.

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I would luv to see ben & co in a same situation, giving a speech in some bunker starting " I am 100% sure...that.." then fleeing the scene with helicopter

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"if you sit by the river long enough the bodies of your enemies will float by."

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Empty words. Similar ones we heard from our communist rulers for 50 years. Did mean nothing.

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Is he going to make any points???  Or is this just a diversion so the gold trucks can find their way to the waiting airplanes?