Mubarak, Suleiman Step Down

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Update: ElBaradei has said he won't run for president. In the meantime, the Egyptian military has announced it will sack the cabinet.

Omar Suleiman has just announced that Mubarak has stepped down. And with Al Arabiya reporting that Omar Suleiman has also stepped down, this means that the military is now in charge. The countdown to peaceful revolutions all across the Muslim crescent is now on.

Watch the jubilation at Al Jazeera

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sure looks that way. 'Military coup' may not be what they had in mind. the VP step down was a surprise. I'm liking the dollar now..... dumped my longs and im content to watch what happens this weekend.

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I'm not sure I share Tyler's optimism that this ends peacefully.  This was the just the end of the 2nd inning.  There is still no government -- and that's where the real conflict lies.

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all your camels are belong to us

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I would like to thank all on ZH for their support of overthrowing the Egyptian regime.

I would like to thank all participants on this most prestigious Zero Hedge blog for helping plant the seeds of destruction of the globalist banking cartel new world order. There are many of you whose goal is to help establish a one world government. Most here are more interested in retaining our national sovereignty where we have a say in who runs the show. Not so with a global banking system that represents global governance.

I thank the Lib Cretins who troll here keeping us on our toes, keeping us entertained, and our minds active. You have helped us achieve maximum clarity of thought without which I could not have accomplished my goals. I have never and will never junk any of your comments. I need you too much.

My active quest to bring down the movement toward a NWO began with the Ron Paul movement where I was a group organizer for two towns in my neighborhood. Since then we planted the seeds that brought about the modern Tea Party movement. We have made major in-roads with our government and have drastically changed the way business is done in Washington. The old guard there is changing rapidly and will soon completely fall to our dreams. Patience is a virtue.

We defeated the eco-fascists goal of a global carbon tax, one of the cornerstones of the control mechanism of the NWO. Not much more needs to be done in that area. The Chicago carbon exchange has already fallen. We helped plant the thought seeds of righteous financial collapse all over Europe, the US, and have spurred the collapse of tyrannical regimes all over the Middle East. The bankster oppression shall come to an end. We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and victory will soon be ours.

All this we have accomplished in a short two years. I could probably add to this list, but will leave it here for now. Keep up the good work and again, thank you and thanks Tyler Durden.

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First in Tunisia after 23 days now in Egypt after 18 days, the people of this ancient civilisation have toppled the dictator; corruption, cronyism and police state have been overthrown. How proud they must feel to be Egyptian today, no longer the property of the state but having control of their own destiny. Let's hope that they find a good outcome with no meddling from outside and get their money back!


Ex-president mubarak how good does that sound? Let's hope they put him on trial soon before he dies.


It's time for the US to step up to the plate and confirm that all people deserve freedom, vow never to invade a foreign country again unless we are either attacked by that country or we are part of a UN-sanctioned mission. Offer friendship and our help to every country where basic human rights are upheld.


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When does Bernanke get tossed?

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As soon as you decide to go down to the Federal Reserve building with a few thousand of your friends and shut the whole damn place down.

What, you think it's just going to happen for you?  That someone else will take care of it?

How did a dictator entrenched for 30 years in Egypt get toppled in less than a month with under 1,000 fatalities (that we know of)?  How?  They made it happen for themselves, because no one else was going to do it for them.  Sensing they had little left to lose, regular People of Egypt finally said ENOUGH, withdrew their consent, and took to the streets.

Most Americans apparently still have something to lose.  Once a sufficient number of us have little to lose, perhaps then we get our shot.  And I regretfully regret to say we don't yet have an iconic martyr around whom to rally.  We are still a ways off from that stage.

Our spoiled and dumb-downed culture will need to experience a lot more pain before we take to the streets.  And the powers up top know this.  They know this all too well.  Which is why you got your bailout whether you wanted it or not.  And you got your EBT.  And you got your television.  They're desperately trying to give you everything they possibly can to keep you placated.  But the monster they created will never be satiated.  The American Electorate has a voracious appetite.  The more you feed it, the hungrier it gets, and it always wants something new.  But at some point they won't be able to provide it anymore, and the ungrateful American Monster will become restless.

But until then, enjoy your sad existence.  Let me know when you're sufficiently pissed, and then we'll march together down to the Fed and make some noise.

I am Chumbawamba.

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You are exactly right chumba. We must use the Egyptian model as our template. Use just enough force to make our point. It's OK if a few hundred of us lose our lives. They can't get all of us and your odds are very good they won't get you.

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The Egyptian pro-democracy people initiated hardly any force, just resistance such as throwing rocks back.


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Chalk the revolution up to the implementation of bread helmets.  You can eat them!

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Why? Because Mubarak was under pressure from the "international community" (i.e., the major western powers).  If we try to revolt, we'll get the G20 treatment.  Anyone trying to topple the major powers isn't going to get sympathy from the major powers.

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There is no reason to riot anywhere in the US. Just cut your consumption in half and watch the monster eat itself..

Long popcorn.



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[I thank the Lib Cretins who troll here keeping us on our toes, keeping us entertained, and our minds active. You have helped us achieve maximum clarity of thought.... I need you too much.]---Michael

Agreed. Never silence the minority voice. Therein may lie your salvation.



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When someone questions your view then ask yourself could they be right, have they got a valid point?

Think if the future of all human civilisation depended on me, what would I do, how would I be?
It's up to us to write what happens next.

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 A very Good decision from what I've read about GM and the surrounding destruction it causes not to mention the grip on monopolistic replacement seed sources, etc.

Herman Strand Schnecke 

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Kudos to Mexico, but it probably means that the US will identify "WMDs" being produced in Mexico and need to go there and "find" them... you know, it's for the children!

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You know it's sad when mexico is less corrupt than us. GMOs are the scariest shit man has ever developed. The GOAL of Monsanto (in a memo compelled by lawsuit) is to "have all food produced be genetically modified" and of course for "Monsanto to hold the patent." I recommend this guys lecture:

Jeffrey Smith  author "Seeds of Deception"

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Monsanto is one of the, if not THE most corrupt corporate organization in the world. They have produced Frankenseeds that no longer know how to germinate on their own in order to make you come back and buy more- but oh the irony! The plants have refused to work...

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. . . their plants in the Food & Drug Admin. appear to be thriving, like the weeds they are.

as to GMO corn & Mexico, genie is out of the bottle now:

His findings were finally corroborated this week by scientists from Mexico, the United States, and the Netherlands who looked at thousands of seed samples from hundreds of Mexican corn fields and found that around 1 percent of them had genes that had jumped from GM varieties. Even before this week, major detractors agreed with Chapela's main point. Corn disperses pollen easily, so one should expect that GM pollen carried by the wind has mated with local corn varieties in much of the world.

but good on them for taking some stand, if belated.

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How do you keep these contradictory ideas in your head?

You are an obvious Libertarian, yet you rail against Monsanto? Are you for the government regulating Monsanto? That's not a libertarian position, traditionally. In your mind, are some corporations part of the "nwo globalist conspiracy" and not others? Fighting against corporate abuse has always been a leftist position, yet in your posts you call liberals cretins. WTF, mate?

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You are dead wrong in assuming that anti-corporatism is the exclusive province of the Left.

Corporations are inherently vehicles of moral destruction. Their governing structure promotes amoral behavior and their size promotes that behavior at increasing scope and increasing scale.

This fact was widely recognized in the 18th century due to the shocking abuses perpetrated by the British East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries. These abuses were so abominable to human conscience that the corporate structure was deliberately hamstrung in a number of ways. Corporate charters were restricted to a narrowly defined purpose (i.e. "to build a railway from point A to point B), charters were given short lives (i.e. 10 years), and were subject to high degrees of scrutiny upon renewal.

Regrettably, these reforms were then gradually unwound throughout the 19th century, and even more regrettably, in the 20th century, corporations were subsequently given preferential treatment over natural human beings.

To sum up, there is very little about corporate behavior that is consistent with libertarian ideas. Libertarianism is about human freedom, not corporate freedom.

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The people with Capital demanded of the governments they owned the creation of the corporate form (and its renewal every 20 years or so).  

For what other purpose were they created?  

The EIC story, which you rightly identify, is but one example of the corrupt lineage.  The Royal African Company and South Sea Company (slave traders) were others - and that's just England.

Bottom line:  the rule of Capital (i.e., Capitalism) brought about the corporation, since it gave Capitalists a vehicle to limit their own liability and extract more surplus from those populations they sought to attack.

Michael's picture

Not on you mate. I only use that ad-hominem attach on the ones that actually egregiously display a propensity for stupidity after all reason fails. As you can see by all the junks I got on that comment, the tag team trolls are always out in force on this blog. I like to rattle their cages right from the start so I can identity their numbers.

Monsanto is evil and is guilty of crimes against humanity. Their sinister ulterior motives in their business model is obvious. Corporate abuse is now also a Ron Paul movement pet peeve. We have regulations for that, we just don't enforce the justifiable ones, opting only to enforce the regulations that make no sense.

We have a lot in common with both left and right. However we never compromise on our principals as we have vetted the Gods honest truth that can work for all of us, if we just give it a try. Look at our position on the illegal wars. Look what we did to Chaney at CPAC. You and I are not all that different. I try not to let the wedge issues divide us. We have a remedy for that. States rights usually takes care of most of them. I just want my country to survive for another 235 years.

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If you undertake the task of philosophical detection, drop the dangerous little catch phrase which advises you to keep an “open mind.” This is a very ambiguous term… That term is an anti-concept: it is usually taken to mean an objective, unbiased approach to ideas, but it is used as a call for perpetual skepticism, for holding no firm convictions, and granting plausibility to anything.

What objectivity and the study of philosophy require is not an “open mind,” but an active mind. An active mind does not grant equal status to truth and falsehood; it does not remain floating forever in a stagnant vacuum of neutrality and uncertainty; by assuming the responsibility of judgment, it reaches firm convictions and holds to them. Since it is able to prove its convictions, an active mind achieves an unassailable certainty in confrontations with assailants – a certainty untainted by spots of blind faith, approximation, evasion and fear.

If you keep an active mind, you will discover (assuming that you started with common-sense rationality) that every challenge you examine will strengthen your convictions, that the conscious, reasoned rejections of false theories will help you to clarify and amplify the true ones, that your ideological enemies will make you invulnerable by providing countless demonstrations of their own impotence.- Ayn Rand

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If you like pina colada.... and getting caught in the rain

if you're not into yoga.... if you've got half a brain

To see Ayn Rand in proper perspective please read up on the magnificent Murray Rothbard.

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Please try to transcend above your left right paradigm mindset.

downwiththebanks's picture

I wasn't the moron talking up a Republican.

Anyone who votes for either corporate party deserves what they get.

Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN.  So is his little boy.

So isn't it time to stop acting like he isn't?

Cathartes Aura's picture

apparently it's the moniker the Paul family chooses as their public identifier. . .

(disclaimer: I don't do sides, voting is an obvious distraction from the reality of the situation - Paulite worshipers a fine example. . . if you want leaders, you want to be led.)

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Says the spamming fucktard who uses terms like "Lib Cretin" least you finally learned how to spell.

Cash_is_Trash's picture

You can go and suck the long hard dick of the Austrian School of Economics.

First you can give Murray a hummer,

Lick Ludwigs asshole,

get fucked by Friedrich,

blow Schumpeter,

But you don't give a fuck because government has stolen your money and dignity and you don't stand-up for yourself, pussy bitch.

Michael's picture

Thanks for noticing I can spell.

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture



Fucking idiot. Both parties are just as bad.





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I just hope the Egyptians use the US aid to offset and lower taxes in Egypt, not for more military equipment.

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Do you know anything about the tax rate in Egypt? Is this whole revolution, in your mind, about taxes?


Dude, your kook is showing....

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Politics is the distraction.

Restore the barter system.

Eliminate the confiscatory and parasitic judicial hegemony.

Eliminate crony capitalism.

Eliminate the fallacy of social justice applied by self-serving centralized bureacracies.

End the Kleptoligarchy.