Musings On The Market As Brazil Clown Ruled Eligible To Sit In Congress

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German bank agrees $500m Chinese loan deal

By James Wilson in Frankfurt

Published: December 1 2010 18:13 | Last updated: December 1 2010 18:13

HSH Nordbank has agreed a $500m loan facility from China Development Bank and the German bank is in talks with the Chinese state-owned lender over how to further their business ties.

The announcement by HSH Nordbank raises the possibility of closer links with China Development Bank including a strategic partnership, and will lead to speculation about Chinese interest in eventually taking a stake in HSH Nordbank, although such a move is not thought to be under discussion at the moment.

HSH Nordbank is one of the more troubled of the country’s public-sector Landesbanken.

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Whats your point ? The Landesbanken are screwed, and have been since 2005 when the state guarantee was removed, and they all went on a mad dash for yield. Its inevitable they look wherever they can for capital...

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Awesome post as always Nic - unfortunately I am fixated on the Brazilian Clown story - I would propose the US elect the cast of 'Golden Girls' to the Supreme Court using the same tagline --> “It can’t get any worse.” - However I believe they would do a much better job!

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I had personally proposed running for the Senate several years ago using the line; "Can't be any worse than the other guy.", and proposed that I command Chair of the Newly Constituted Senate Hindsight Committee, figuring that there'd always be work a plenty to keep staff and sitting members out of mischief.  But alas, nobody thought it worth while enough  to finance the campaign since I sure as hell wasn't gonna put a damned thing into it other than my good looks an a few hours a week (Figured I could set an example for my then soon to be peers before I arrived.), so I just figured that I had to start smaller and every once in a while and much more happily than I'd probably be in the public spotlight, simply extend my insightful intellectual musings in other likely more practical and  influential venues.

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I think the stamped on Black Friday was because the only way people can afford to buy anything is if it is 95% off.  For the Average American it is probably the only way they can possibly have anything under the tree this year.  I think the rampage on Black Friday shows the desperation of Americans.

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Really, it all boils down to this:

Trade With The House

Which way does TPTB want markets to go?  Either they are deliberately crashing the tape in order to give their Wall St. cronies the chance to pick up bargains on the cheap, or they are jamming stocks up to attempt to create the "self reinforcing feedback loop".

Basically our job as traders is to determine which way the house's money is going and then ride with the house, long or short.

Think Like A Criminal

When sentiment reaches extremes, what directional change is likely to allow the Wall St. cronies to make the most money in the fastest period of time?  Must think like a crook, and say, which way is Goldman likely to turn the tape to blow out the most guys caught offsides?  Just pretend you are Blankfein when you are reading the tape, and seeing your biggest clients positioned the wrong way.


Trying to trade on macro themes, looking at fundamentals, etc. is  a total waste of time.  Unless you are interested in getting eaten in the jungle.

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99% of my time is spent on 1% probabilities..... - LB

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Ja ja, works like a charm. When it gets really ridiculous, petition to become a bank. Just don't be stupid enough to forget that it ain't reality, and it ends badly.

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In Hawaii, a comic named Bu'Laia ran and almost won.  Thank heavens for the ballot fixing....

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Actually, there were many reasons for the market to be up today - tons of data reflecting a slow growth trend is undeniable right now.

This afternoon we nailed down the final points on our international licensing agreement. This takes us from US/Canada to Europe/Asia starting in Q2 2011. 

These are smart business people and they all said the pickup that they've seen has been remarkable. The exact thing we are seeing. This means we can hire a few more people full time as we expand.

As a small business person selling consumer discretionary items I have a direct view into how the consumer is acting and how optimistic they are. Believe me, we were concerned two years ago when it all blew up but this fall has been phenomenal for many of us out in consumer goods. I and those I met with the past two days, see no reason for that to fade any time soon.

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You don't do your own grocery shopping, do you Harry?

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Harry, you really didn't start that dildo business you talked about on MW, did you?

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Harry...the real question is how were these guys acting two and a half years ago, just before everything blew up?

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Let me get this strait, you signed an international licensing agreement and that's why you believe the market was up today. Lmao.

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You sell licensing agreements?

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In Amerika, they are klowns; that's the misunderstanding.

'Clown' infers a knowledge of private enterprise.

Laughs vs laughable.

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Very interesting.  Do you see the EST after the date and time?

Any problem there?

It's  7:34 PM Dec 1 EST.

Aussieland ain't on EST.  Moron site.

Times on both are fooked.  Just post bouncing boobs; it's all you can handle.

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Those charts are straight off the Yahoo Finance page.

As long as I've used them, they are very accurate.  Keep in mind that the quotes are probably 20 minutes delayed.


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Must be a link to them?  The NZ time is now correct.

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Gag on hairballs much?

Keep your litter tray to yourself please.

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Yahoo Finance data needs a scrub son. Besides, now a dayz trust nothing.

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Clowns make you laugh, Al Franken doesn't even rise to that level.

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The clown can sit? That means he won?

Well, good news. The circus is in town.